Chapter Two - In the Hearts of Man

Left Behind

Draco is not bitter. He vaguely knows he should be, has every right to be, for so many reasons. Because if he hadn't sided with Potter, he might still have his magic, might have been better able to protect Luna. But, then again, he can't blame Potter. After all, he had saved them both. Luna, he had snatched straight from Voldemort's stronghold with no backup, helping her piece back together parts of her shattered mind after a month of torture. Draco, the week before, because he had tried to stand up for his wife when he had found her, and Potter had been the only one willing to take in and save the now magicless and marked man. (And that still hurts sometimes, the complete absence of magic and the feeling of it being ripped away.)

So, no, he isn't bitter. Because Potter still entrusted Luna to him after everything, had trusted him to keep them, his family, all together, and that is more than anyone else has ever done.


"Being brave isn't not being afraid. It's knowing you are afraid and doing want needs to be done anyway."

Neville isn't quite sure who originally said that, but he knows that it is his motto, his family's motto. Because he can remember the day they were all afraid of dying and Harry saying those two simple sentences. That was the day he began to live by those words, even years later when his body began to wither. Even now that the greatest thing he had to be afraid of is the plants in his garden and Luna disappearing. Because Harry had been brave once, and had sacrificed himself for all of them, all of the people he had gathered, trusted, and protected.


Luna is lost in a land of inbetweens. Or, as she prefers to think, she is wandering these inbetweens. After all, not all who wander are lost. It is there that she catches glimpses of Harry as he is now, as he could be, and what he might yet, or might never, become. She vaguely knows that Harry would want her to tell someone what she has seen, but she can't remember who and as she get lost in new betweens, she forgets what she wanted to say. Still, as she peeks in on her guardian angel - she never entirely sure why she calls him that, has always called him that - she has to laugh, and it echoes in the calm silence of Grimmald Place.

Separate, not Equal

Hermione was a brilliant witch. She still is, sometimes, because she did manage to develop a spell to mimic sight in less than a day, but most days she loses track of who she is, what she is, because she forgets. She spends days, weeks, lost in a haze of not quite dreams she cannot escape, sometimes forgetting she even exists. But when she is awake, she is so much like she used to be.

But it gets harder every day. Draco, and even Neville, tries to take care of her, to bring her back, but they are not so much beacons as a pair of flickering candles trying to guide her back to herself. Then again, compared to Harry, everyone was dull, because he shone like the sun, a nimbus of pure energy that could blind if looked at for to long. (but it had been so much easier for Hermione to retain her sense of self when Harry had been alive.)


Sometimes, Castiel dreams. Even though he shouldn't even need sleep, sometimes he has these waking dreams. Dreams of a brown haired girl who was his first, most faithful friend. Dreams of a shy boy with the heart of a lion and love of plants. Dreams of a blonde girl who danced along the winds of the fey, not caring what anyone thought. Dreams of a blonde boy trying so hard to stand alone. Dreams of him and them on a battlefield and a broken home - leaving them, needing him.

But these dreams are disjointed, don't make sense, and soon enough they slip away from the grasping fingers of his memories. Because the harder he fights to keep them, the faster they slip away.

Forever and a Day

In the end, they are all waiting. Waiting to be needed. Waiting to be brave. Waiting to be guided. Waiting to be awakened. Waiting to be called. And they are willing to wait forever if need be, but when they stop, not even God could keep them apart.

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