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All I Want
Chapter 7


Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Make Engagement Official!
(a Special by Rita Skeeter)
Early this week Hermione Granger, war hero and best friend of Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy issued
a public statement informing the wizarding world of their upcoming nuptials. The couple seems young
and in love as they held hands and smiled at each other, "I love her," Draco Malfoy, current Hogwarts
Potions Professor states simply, "I've loved her since I was little; I don't think I'll ever stop loving her."
Granger's eyes were filled with tears as she nods her head at his words, "Getting married is a way to
make our love a permanent thing. We will be holding a bonding ceremony in September to seal our
souls together for eternity…I love Draco more than I ever thought possible, I can't wait for the
world to know he's mine forever."
(For more on this story see page L3)

Harry Potter Makes Official Statement about Dating Rumors
Rita Skeeter
In a letter to the Daily Prophet Harry Potter has spoken out regarding rumors about his relationship
with one Lexi Allen. He says, "Lexi and I have been together for three months, and at this time we
would like to ask the public to please allow us some privacy. If for any reason there is something
the public needs to know about our relationship, we will be the first to inform them."
He goes on to request reporters leave him alone and allow them the time to get to know each other.
But what of Harry's former love Ginny Weasley? For more information, tune in next week for another
interesting scoop!

Weasley Scandal Revealed!
Rita Skeeter
Following malicious remarks made to the public by Ronald Weasley, Chudley Cannon's Keeper, regarding
his break up with Hermione Granger and the resulting fall out, Granger has decided to speak up, and
put rumors to rest once and for all. In her interview, Granger gives details regarding rumors Weasley
spread about her in their work place, and the conniving of his siblings and mother in a misconstrued
attempt to protect one of their own. (For the full story please see page G37)

Luna Longbottom Spotted Hexing Ginny Weasley in Hogsmede!

Ronald Weasley attacks Daily Prophet Reporter Rita Skeeter in a Fit of Insane Rage!

Neville Longbottom Gives Ronald Weasley a Well Deserved Punch in the Nose!

Weasley Siblings Reunited?
Roger Balding
Bill and Fleur Weasley, the oldest of Arthur and Molly Weasley's children, were spotted outside the Hogsmeade
Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes store. They were handing out hugs to George Weasley, owner of WWW, and his
fiancé Angelina. Has everything been made right between these two brothers? What was wrong in the first place? For more
on this story, please see Rita Skeeter's article on page F12.

Further Sibling Fences Mended?
Roger Balding
Charlie Weasley was spotted attending his brother George Weasley's (owner of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes)
wedding. The brothers were laughing as they slapped each other on the shoulder and tousled each other's hair.
Has this broken fence also been mended? To see photos of the wedding reception, please go to page P9, for
more information about the Weasley/Granger conflict see Rita Skeeter's article on page F14.

Malfoy Wedding Date Announced!

Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson: Together Again?
Rita Skeeter
A sobbing and broken hearted Pansy Parkinson was spotted outside Dragon Place (home of the Malfoy heir).
She entered the beautiful mansion looking as if she'd never smile again, and came out on the arm of Draco
Malfoy, grinning broadly. The two shared a long hug before Parkinson apperated away. What has occurred
here? Is Malfoy cheating on the lovely Hermione Granger who was so wrongfully betrayed by the wicked
Ronald Weasley? Is Granger aware of the affair? Stay tuned for tonight's edition of the Daily Prophet to find
out! (For more on this story please see N15)

Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini Marriage Announced!

Narcissa Malfoy Seen Out Shopping With Future Daughter-in-Law Hermione Granger

Narcissa Malfoy Photographed at Local Ice Cream Shop Holding Teddy Lupin on Her Lap- Black Family Reunited?

Black Family's Happy Reunion, Sisters Once More!

Lucius Malfoy Caught Holding Teddy Lupin with a Look of Distain while Boy Turns into a Demon!

Lupin Boy Part Demon?

Harry Potter Makes a Statement about Godson: Lupin Boy is a Metamorphmagus, Not Part Demon

Harry Potter Proposes to Girlfriend Lexi Allen!
Rita Skeeter
Harry Potter proposed to his girlfriend of nine months Lexi Allen after the win of his favorite Quidditch team
Puddlemere United in their game against the Chudley Cannons. Spectators were wowed by a spectacular
fireworks show, put on by Weasley's Wizarding Weezes, and a flurry of rose petals that transformed into
hundreds of butterflies as they rained down from the sky. The grand finale came along and spelled out the
words "Will You Marry Me Lexi?" while Potter's godson pulled out the ring. Potter held the ring out to his
beloved and she said yes!
The irony of the moment was not lost on Ronald Weasley, Chudley Cannon's Keeper, who stormed off the
playing field in a huff. Ginny Weasley and Molly Weasley, who were also in attendance, were seen crying their
little hearts out after the show, saddened to know that their claws will never again be sunk into
The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Save-Us-All. A celebration was held after the party by family and friends of Potter and
Allen. I was able to get a once in a lifetime interview with Potter and Allen following this party. The interview
will be published this coming Wednesday, stay tuned!

Chudley Cannons Lose Again! Is Weasley More of a Detriment than a Help?

Molly Weasley Spotted trying to Break Into Son's Store

Angelina Weasley Spotted Hexing Molly Weasley First Out of Fright, Then Out of Spite!

Fleur Weasley and Angelina Weasley Seen Mingling Together at Café with Baby Magazines, is there a Baby in the Making?

Bachelor Party for Draco Malfoy Gets Out of Hand! Blaise Zabini and Ronald Weasley Brawl!
Roger Balding
Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zabini, and George Weasley were all spotted at the local pub this evening.
Things appeared to be going fine with free flowing alcohol and much laughter, when Ronald Weasley (former
Keeper for the Chudley Cannons) walked into the pub and started yelling at Malfoy. Words were said, though many
were too slurred to understand, and fists wound up being thrown between Zabini and Weasley, starting an all-out
All of the men were kicked out of the pub, Weasley found himself in St. Mungos with a new scar and a lost tooth that
reportedly will never be grown back.
All in all the night appears to have been a good one! For more about this story see page T7

Bachelorette Party for Hermione Granger Full of Fun and Laughter
Rita Skeeter

Tonight was the night to be out on the town. The who's who of the female wizarding world were all spotted at the
Wizarding club Wolves Den, dancing and giggling up a storm. Granger, for whom the Bachelorette party was being
thrown was sporting a large pink witches hat from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes that shot confetti into the air every
time someone yelled any words related to a wedding, such as bride, married, wife, husband, single, fiancé or rings.
She also wore a sash that communicated to the world that she was the bride to be and tonight was her last night
as a single woman.
Unlike her fiancé's night, Granger's party went off without a hitch. We can only hope to say the same about her
wedding day! The author would like to express her apologies to the bride-to-be for articles previously written that
falsely showed her in a negative light. She also wishes Hermione Granger a good life and luck for her wedding!
Congratulations Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy!
For more about the wedding of the century, stay tuned for next week's paper!

It was a loud thud followed by the jiggling of the door handle that first caught her attention. The sound was followed by the door swinging open and a small boy appearing. Hermione smiled to herself, eyes full of confusion, as Teddy rounded the side of the door and quickly slammed it shut behind him. His back pressed flush against the door as his hands spread out, palms down on the wood paneling behind him. His wide purple eyes scanned the room quickly before landing on Hermione where she stood next to Luna, Angelina, and Fleur.

"Hide me!" he panted, "Don't let them take me away!" he squeaked as a knock sounded on the door behind him and his head jerked to the left before he dive bombed for a nearby cloth covered table. He disappeared beneath the table just as the door pushed open to reveal a mischievous looking Lexi.

Lexi walked further into the room, her dark green dress swaying around her knees as she closed the door behind her, "Oh Teddy," she sing-songed, "I know you're in here," she winked at the other girls as she flipped her green fringed bangs out of her eyes. She scanned the room, spotting the tip of Teddy's shiny new shoes at the same time the rest of them did, "Come out come out wherever you are!" she took a few quick steps towards the couch and peered over it dramatically, "Are you over here?" she asked, "nope," she sighed, "Hmmm, maybe…here?" she looked behind a chair, "nope," she paused, "hmm, I wonder where my little Teddy Bear could be?"

They all grinned as a small giggle was heard from under the table where Teddy hid, "I think I heard him!" Lexi exclaimed, "Did you girls hear that?" she looked around at us dramatically, "That was the sound of a giggling…" she stepped closer to the table, "Little…" another step, "Teddy bear!" she cried as she jerked the table cloth up to reveal a crouching Teddy.

His eyes widened comically as Lexi discovered his hiding place and he launched to his feet and hurried out from under the table. He made a mad dash for the door, but was stopped by Lexi snatching him around the waist and pulling him up to her, "Now now," she mockingly tried to sooth his struggling, "All Daddy wants to do is put a little noose around your neck," she cooed, and Hermione couldn't help the laugh that escaped.

Today had been filled with nerves and tension from the moment she woke up and remembered today was her wedding day. She'd been worried about the flowers and the caterers and whether George had actually followed through with his threat to put fireworks in the cake or not. Luna, Angelina, and Fleur had all been trying to calm her down as best they could, but it hadn't been until the moment Teddy first appeared eyes wide with terror that she began to feel relaxed.

"I don't want a noose!" Teddy whined, and Lexi nodded with a sympathetic pout on her face.

"I know sweetie, but Daddy insists, it's for Cousin Draco and Aunt Hermione's wedding, so will you put it on? For me? Please?" Lexi gave her best puppy look to the young boy.

He looked at her with an unsympathetic expression, "Not even for you, Lexi, would I put a noose around my neck," he stated seriously with the wisdom of a full grown adult.

Hermione took a step towards him, her long lace covered dress lightly swishing as she moved, "Teddy," she caught his attention as she crouched down to look at the silver haired boy, "You know how today I'm getting married?"

"To Draco," Teddy nodded.

Echoing his nod, Hermione smiled, "Well it would mean the world to me if this day could be just perfect," she breathed, her eyes sparkling, "And do you know how you can help me make the day perfect?"

Teddy stared at her with wide eyes, completely entranced with her words, "How?" he asked shyly.

Hermione took the dark green tie from Lexi's hands and lightly tossed it around Teddy's neck, "You can wear this," she began tying the tie nimbly, "Up until the moment you hear Harry say the words, 'now introducing Draco and Hermione Malfoy," she smirked at him, "Then you can take it off and run amuck to your little heart's content," she finished tying the tie and tightened it a little before smoothing it down just so, "Can you do that for me?" she asked, watching him carefully.

Teddy hesitated a moment before heaving an exasperated and resigned sigh, "Fine," he groaned, "But I better get something awesome from all of this!" he warned, his finger pointing at her menacingly.

"How about lots of hugs and kisses?" Hermione teased, tugging him into her arms and covering his giggling face with kisses.

"Ew!" he shrieked, squirming in her arms, "Can I go back to Daddy and Draco now?" he asked once she finished, "Even if Draco was being stupid and walking back and forth and back and forth, he was still more fun than this," he gestured to where the other women were all standing or sitting around the Hogwarts waiting room.

Rising to her feet Hermione stared down at Teddy in surprise, "Draco's pacing?" she repeated, looking over at Lexi for confirmation.

Lexi gave a nod, "Like a caged lion," she agreed, "He's got it into his head that you're going to change your mind and up and run out on him or something," Lexi shrugged as if it were no big deal.

Hermione frowned and grabbed a piece of parchment, she scribbled something onto it and handed it to Teddy, "Will you give this to him?" she requested kindly.

Teddy frowned, "What, do I look like an owl?" he demanded, but accepted the parchment anyway with a long suffering sigh. He turned and walked out of the room without another word.

It wasn't long after he left that Hermione uncovered her wand and quickly summoned the twin journal from her room. She carefully sat down in one of the large armchairs and absently scratched at the off the shoulder lace cap sleeve of her dress as she thumbed open the journal. She found a blank page and quickly wrote: "Do you want this?" and added the stars that would send it to his journal. There was a small pause before the response came, "More than anything." She smiled and tilted her head before replying, "I want this too. More than anything."

"Yeah?" was his reply.

Hermione nodded with a small smile and a bite to her lip, "Yeah, so stop worrying. You and I are getting MARRIED today."

"I love you."

"I love you too!" Hermione sighed in contentment as she closed the book. Everything would be fine. Even if the flowers were wrong, and the caterer messed up, or even if George managed to sneak in his fireworks (which she was pretty sure Angelina would kill him for if he even tried), one way or another she was marrying the man of her dreams today. Everything else would just have to fall into place. She smiled. It was all going to be fine.

Nearly half an hour later, her hair and makeup were done to Fleur's specifications and she was waiting anxiously just inside the Hogwarts door for her signal. George appeared, looking dashing in his black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows and gray slacks, "You ready Granger?" he inquired, a wide grin on his face, "Last chance to run."

Hermione laughed, "Not a chance George," she smiled, "He's my forever," she told him softly, glancing down at her bouquet of green, purple, and silver roses, before looking up to meet George's eyes.

"I thought you might say that," George replied gently, his eyes kind and warm, "Well then," he straightened up and put on a jaunty expression, "what do you say we get this show on the road?" he held out his arm for her to take.

Looping her arm through his, Hermione took a deep steadying breath and followed him through the large doorway and out onto the grassy area where the people were waiting. She and Draco had chosen the spot as it had been a place they'd both liked to escape to during their Hogwarts years. She smiled brightly as she caught sight of Draco watching her intensely from where he stood next to Harry. The walk towards him may have been long, or it may have been short, Hermione couldn't remember; all she knew was once her eyes met his, her world stopped. All she could see was him.

Harry smiled at her once she finally came out of her daze, "Please take each other's wrists," he ordered gently. Hermione turned to Draco, absently wondering when George had left her side, and reached out to grasp his right wrist with her right hand, and his left wrist with her left hand so that their hands crossed in an 'x' pattern between them. Draco locked eyes with her and she gave him a small tremulous smile as Harry began to speak.

Most of the words she didn't hear, she knew from reading up on wizarding weddings that he spoke of love and devotion, of binding two souls into one, never to be parted in life or in death. He talked about making this vow, so similar to the unbreakable vow, and how it was the most sacred vow a wizard or witch would ever make. But she didn't hear the exact words. She didn't hear anything, actually, nothing really reached her except the realization that this was actually happening; she was about to bind her soul to Draco's. Forever.

Draco blinked, severing their staring contest and glanced away to look at Harry. Hermione did the same and found Harry moving closer with a white ribbon woven from unicorn hair and laced with the golden hair of a unicorn foal. He smiled at them both and spoke, "This ribbon comes from unicorn hair," he started as he began to loop the ribbon around Hermione's wrists first, "The unicorn is known for bringing health, strength, longevity, beauty and loyalty to those who are deemed worthy. As it is now used to bind your hands together, it will also be used to bind your souls," he finished wrapping the ribbon around their hands and wrists and let the excess ribbon hang between them connected by an infinity knot.

"Added to this connection is an unbreakable vow," he performed the proper swishing movements that wrapped their wrists in gold, "Symbolizing their everlasting oath of love and devotion to each other and only each other," he smiled at Hermione as he noticed a tear leak swiftly from her eye. She managed to smile back before she glanced back at Draco. He squeezed her hands and winked at her before returning his attention to Harry as he went on.

"Do you, Hermione Jean Granger, swear to love, cherish, honor, respect and care for Draco Orion Malfoy?"

Hermione nodded quickly, "I swear," the magic gold band thickened then split into two, allowing the first band to absorb into the ribbon, giving the ribbon a golden glow.

Harry smiled at her and looked at Draco, "And do you, Draco Orion Malfoy also swear to love, cherish, honor, respect and care for Hermione Jean Granger?"

"I swear," Draco's voice was firm and solemn, he was making the greatest oath a wizard could ever make and he took it very seriously. The band doubled again, and the first band was once again absorbed into the ribbon with his words.

Harry nodded and refocused on Hermione, "Do you swear to laugh when he laughs and cry when he cries, to be a shoulder in times of trouble, an anchor in times of need, and to share in all happiness and joy together?"

Again they both nodded and agreed, "I swear," they both answered and two more vow bands fell to the ribbon which was now beginning to glow faintly.

"Do you both swear to guide each other when direction is needed, to challenge each other to be better people, to listen when an ear is needed, and to speak to and in defense of one another?" the golden vow bands grew and multiplied as they bonded with the ribbon at their solemn agreement.

"Do you swear to stand united in all things and keep sacred your marriage bonds from now and through the eternities?" Harry's wand extended once more as they swore to do so, "Do you swear to keep your vows and to share your souls in a bond more sacred and binding than anything in this realm of being?"

"I swear," Hermione nodded, squeezing Draco's hand in a quick movement as he echoed her sentiments.

Harry nodded and tapped the knot hanging between their clasped hands, "Then with the burning of this ribbon I seal your wedding vow and by the power of the sun, the moon and the stars I bind your souls together," there was an odd shift and pull from somewhere inside her, and she watched in awe as Draco seemed to begin to glow and his eyes took on a golden fire burning from within them. A quick glance down revealed that she was also glowing a little, and that the silvery ribbon was slowly burning around their wrists in a white and gold fire, though she felt no burn. The pulling inside grew stronger and stronger as the ribbon burned until it at last was completely lit, then the pull snapped at the same time the ribbon incinerated into golden dust that exploded around them, coating the both of them in golden ashes.

"You may now kiss your bride Draco, and seal forever your souls together," Harry winked at them, and Draco smirked before separating their hands to grab her head as he swooped in for a kiss that was literally soul-searing. Hermione felt something in her shift and break over her as Draco kissed her, creating the sensation of a trickle of warm water being poured over her head that spread slowly through her. Once the trickle reached her toes she felt Draco pull away.

He pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead before taking a deep breath and staring down at her, "Your mine now Granger," he whispered to her with a small smirk.

Hermione laughed lightly, her fingers moving up to brush a stray strand of hair back from his forehead, "Actually it's Malfoy now," she murmured back, feeling a wide grin splitting her lips.

"Now, for the first time, I introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy!" Harry proclaimed, his arms out spread, and suddenly the loud clapping around them broke into their small bubble. Hermione pulled back from Draco to glance around, seeing the tears of joy on Angelina's face, and the bright smiles on everyone else's. Narcissa and Lucius were clapping politely, but Hermione could see the bright sheen in Narcissa's eyes as she watched her son.

As their eyes caught, Hermione nodded to her, glad that she'd gotten the chance to get to know the older woman over the last few months. Though she didn't know if they'd ever be good friends, she knew that Narcissa wasn't as stuck up as she'd once thought. As long as Draco was happy and safe, Narcissa would be content.

Draco grabbed her hand and tugged, guiding her down the petal covered isle and back towards where the reception area had been set up. Hermione sighed in contentment, "I love you," she spoke carefully, her lips brushing against his ear as she leaned into him.

He smiled down at her, "I love you too, Princess," he bent and pressed a quick kiss to her temple.

Life couldn't get any better than this, she thought as a feeling of happiness and peace flooded her. Knowing it wasn't only her own, Hermione attempted to send back her own feelings of love and joy through their new connection. Draco smiled when he felt it and squeezed her hand.

Hours later the reception party was still going full swing. After spending the last three hours chatting and making small talk with the not so insignificant group of people they'd invited to attend, Hermione and Draco were finally taking the opportunity to sit down at the wedding table at the head of the festivities for some food. They sat close together, and their bodies were never out of contact for longer than a minute, but rarely even that. Draco was taking every opportunity he could to kiss her, and she was constantly looking for ways to touch him and keep him near.

They laughed together as they watched Teddy drag woman after woman out onto the dance floor with him, dance after dance. Even though the boy was barely five, he had the ladies wrapped around his finger. Any person of the female persuasion he saw was soon asked to dance, and they all went eagerly with a giggle and some coo about how adorable he was. True to Hermione's promise, the second Harry had introduced Hermione and Draco as a wedded couple, Teddy's tie had mysteriously disappeared; Harry simply could not find it. Lexi knew of Hermione's promise, and Draco saw that Hermione wasn't concerned about it, so neither made a big deal about looking (though Hermione suspected that if they had it still never would have been found for the simple reason that Teddy had some pretty strong magic when he wanted, and if the wanted the tie gone, it would be gone, never to be seen again).

The cutest dance Teddy had shared, however, had been with Bill and Fleur's daughter Victoire. He'd grabbed her hand and pulled her tottering form out onto the dance floor where he gathered her in his arms and swayed and sashayed them around. He took every opportunity that presented itself to twirl her around, making her beautiful green and silver dress swirl out around her legs. She giggled and laughed and Teddy smiled broadly at her before doing it again.

A tall form blocked her view as she sat watching Teddy and Victoire share their ninth dance of the evening. She looked up and found herself staring into the familiar eyes of George Weasley, "Dance with me Malfoy," he snickered to himself as he held out his hand to Hermione.

Hermione glanced over at Draco to find him laughing as well at George's little joke and rolled her eyes, "Sure," she agreed, taking his hand and following him to the dance floor. Of course the music chose that moment to change to something upbeat and quick, causing George to grab her and swing her around in a hilarious attempt at muggle swing dancing. After several flips that Hermione hadn't been expecting and quick stepping that had her tripping over her feet and George, the song ended and Hermione politely declined a second dance seeing as how they were both panting and red in the face from laughter.

She barely made it halfway through the floor before the current song faded to an end and Neville appeared asking for a dance. She agreed and they both smiled as the dance from their fourth year Yule Ball wound up being the next song playing. Neville pulled her into the proper hold and guided her through the step lightly and efficiently.

He smiled down at her and spoke, "Are you happy?" he asked, "Because I can't tell with all the smiling you've been doing," he chuckled to himself sarcastically, "But really, are you happy?"

Hermione actually laughed, "I've never been so happy in my life Neville," she admitted.

Neville spared a glance to where Draco was dancing with Luna, "I've never seen him smile like he's been smiling all day today," he told her. He paused then and then smirked down at her, "You realized that this means I was right all along, don't you?" he asked then, "I mean, I told you he was in love with you way back before the two of you got your act together."

"Yeah, yeah," Hermione lightly hit his shoulder before gripping to him tightly as he picked her up and spun her before setting her back down on her feet, "Rub it in Longbottom," she teased, "I should have listened to you, I know."

He chuckled, "Turns out I know what I'm talking about sometimes," he joked. He glanced at Luna and Draco again, a look of adoration for his wife on his face, "I think Luna's pregnant," he blurted out, before blushing to the tips of his ears, "I mean," he hurried to add after he'd heard Hermione's gasp of surprise, "She hasn't said anything, but I think…I don't know if she knows or not," he shrugged a little.

Hermione glanced at Luna and then back at Neville, thinking back. They'd all been drinking at her Bachelorette party, but she couldn't remember if that included Luna or not, though the more she thought of it, the more she believed not, "And how do you feel about that?" she decided to ask.

Neville cleared his throat, glanced away and then back at her with a shrug, "I think I'm actually pretty excited about it, you know?" he answered, "I've always wanted my own family, kids, a wife, maybe a dog," he laughed with her at the thought, "So whether she's pregnant now or not…" he hesitated a moment before nodding, "I think we're going to start trying."

"I'm excited for you both," Hermione told him gently, "You'll be wonderful parents."

Neville's eyes twinkled as he stared down at her, "So will you and Draco when the time is right," he winked at her and pressed a kiss to her cheek before bowing as the song ended.

"Me next," the familiar voice of her almost brother sounded from behind her, "I want to dance with my sister."

Hermione turned and smiled happily at Harry, "You realize that makes you and Draco brothers right?" she loved to tease them about their closeness. Neither one of them would admit to it out loud, but they both appreciated their odd bond to one another.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Just had to go and ruin it didn't you?" he groaned with fake exasperation. He pulled her into his arms and smiled down at her, "Though in all seriousness, while I'd never thought I'd be saying this about Draco Malfoy, you could actually do a lot worse."

"I know, it could be Crabbe or Goyle," Hermione snickered, then out right laughed at the thought and the expression on Harry's face.

He laughed with her, "I was thinking more along the lines of Cormack or Mundungus, but your picks were definitely worse," he grimaced as he thought about it some more before shaking his head, "But I'm actually glad you chose Draco, he's an alright guy, and I know he'll take care of you."

Hermione smiled softly up at him before ruffling his hair with a small giggle and leaning forward to lay her head on his chest, content to spend the rest of the dance in silence. The song they were dancing to ended and Hermione found herself being jerked out of Harry's grasp, "My turn," a female voice declared, spinning Hermione around to pull her face to face with a broadly grinning Lexi.

As the next song came on, Hermione found herself in the traditional tango position, and without much further thought, she followed Lexi's lead as she led them both through a dramatic tango dance, full of quick spins, side to side jerking that had them both tripping, and lots and lots of giggles. Their dancing was so dramatic a whole section of the floor was cleared just for their use. The song ended on a dramatic note and Hermione found herself dipped into a low dip staring at Draco upside down. Lexi pulled her back up and they laughed as a grinning Draco bumped her out of the way.

"It's my turn to dance with my wife," he commented firmly, his eyes locking with Hermione at the use of the new title. Hermione smiled and accepted his offered hand, humming slightly to herself at the static charge racing through her veins as their skin connected.

He pulled her firmly into his arms, one hand cradling her own against his chest while the other wrapped tightly around her waist, holding her so closely to him a piece of parchment could not have fit between them. He pressed his nose into her hair, and she rested her forehead against his neck. They danced in quiet contentment for several beats before Hermione spoke softly, "I don't think I've ever been so happy or at peace in my life," she murmured just loud enough for him to hear.

Draco gave a soft laugh and pressed a quick kiss to her head before humming his agreement low in his chest, "Me neither," he nodded just a little, "I never thought I could ever be this happy," he squeezed her hand, "Only in my dreams did I ever actually manage to keep you," he admitted.

"Well, this is more than just a dream now isn't it?" Hermione tilted her head to lay a quick kiss to his pulse point.

Again he squeezed her hand, and his arm attempted to pull her closer, "Yes, somehow almost all my of dreams have managed to become my reality," he sighed in contentment as he felt Hermione's hand slide lightly into the hair at the back of his head.

"Almost all?" Hermione repeated, pulling back just a little to peer up into his steel grey eyes. When he nodded to confirm her repetition, she tilted her head with a small smile, "So what other dreams does my husband have? Am I a part of them?"

He actually chuckled at her question, "Of course you are Princess," his eyes twinkled down at her, "don't be silly, who else would give me the curly haired children I dream of?"

Hermione choked a little and stumbled, "Children?" she repeated, her voice a little higher than normal, as if the idea hadn't even occurred to her.

Draco threw his head back and laughed, a loud, deep, pleasant sound that made her smile—even through the slight twinges of panic she felt, "Not right now, of course," he reassured her once he'd contained his mirth at her expression, "But I do want that someday, with you," he added, just in case marrying her didn't make that clear enough, "You do want kids right?" he checked when she didn't respond right away. His own concern was beginning to grow and he began to second guess his assumptions about their future; maybe she really didn't want kids?

"Of course I want children!" Hermione exclaimed, "I just…I guess I really hadn't thought about it until just now," she shrugged and giggled a little when Draco took the opportunity to spin her out and pull her back in, "I mean, we are kind of raising a couple hundred children already," she nodded to the castle behind them a short distance away. She went quiet after that for a few minutes before remembering the day they'd first become engaged, "Actually no, I have thought of children before, back when we first admitted our feelings to each other," she recalled, "I thought of a little boy and girl both blond with curly hair running around Dragon's Den," she referred to Draco's new manor by its new title, "And a dog," she added, just because she was being honest.

"A dog, huh?" Draco nodded slowly as if a pet hadn't really been something he'd thought about. A slow smile slid across his face, "Well I guess we have plenty of time to think about that don't we?" he lowered his voice seductively, "First we have to get started on the practicing," he wiggled his eyebrows at her then let out another hearty laugh at the dark blush that spread across her cheeks at his words. He'd waited a long time to have his wife, but he hadn't held back on the innuendo and jokes. Between him and George it was a wonder Hermione still found anything to blush about.

"Thanks a lot, Charming," Hermione grumbled as she buried her face in his shoulder to try and hide her blush, "Now everyone is staring."

Draco held her tighter to him, "Let them stare," he stated firmly, "I'm holding the most beautiful woman in the world in my arms right now, and today I made her mine and she made me hers. I think they have a right to be a little jealous, don't you?" he waited for the expected giggle to answer his comment and in seconds his smile grew as it did, "You and me, Hermione," he murmured softly as he pressed his lips to her ear, "We're going to be alright."

"Forever," Hermione agreed, pulling her head back to press a kiss to his chin and then his lips.

They were interrupted by a small form colliding with their legs. Pulling apart they glanced down simultaneously to see a wide eyed not-so-innocent looking Teddy clutching a giggling Victoire's hand as they both stared up at Hermione and Draco.

"Whatever they say we did, we didn't do it!" Teddy declared, hedging around Hermione's legs until they were blocked from his godfather's view.

Draco sighed in amusement and shook his head, "What did you do this time?" he asked.

Teddy and Victoire shared a look before they both spoke at the same time, "It was Uncle George," Victoire stated at the same time Teddy spoke, "It was the Nargles." They shared another look and their answers changed, "It was the Nargles," Victoire corrected, while Teddy told them, "It was Uncle George's idea."

They glanced at each other again in exasperation before Teddy sighed and looked up at Hermione and Draco with all the frustrated innocence the boy could muster, "It was Uncle George's Nargles," he amended, as if that was what he'd intended to say all along.

"Uh-huh," Hermione nodded, as if she believed them, "and what did…Uncle George's Nargles make you do?" she inquired.

Teddy peered carefully around Draco's legs before jerking abruptly back behind them, "Nothing," he tried to deny, but it was too late, Hermione and Draco had both turned to see what he was looking at.

Standing there at the edge of the dance floor, his face an unbecoming shade of red, his hair changed from its normal platinum blonde to an ever changing rotation between different shades of green, purple, silver and black with the occasional clashing streak of red and pink, was Lucius Malfoy. The older Malfoy was scanning the dance floor intently with a scowl, his gaze searching for the little demon who had hexed his hair.

Draco couldn't help it. He snickered, then he guffawed, then he laughed so hard his sides ached and he was bent over at the waist, "His face!" he gasped between laughs, "Merlin I hope someone puts that memory into the Pensieve!" he chortled some more as he watched his father storm off to where his mother sat primly, her hand covering her mouth to keep her smile hidden.

"He was being a party pooper," Victoire told them seriously, her eyes wide, as if trying to communicate her earnestness.

"So we decided to liven him up a little," Teddy added, "We talked to Uncle George…'s Nargles…" he shot a quick uncertain glance at Victoire, "and they gave us the…necessary things to complete our plan," he gestured to Lucius carefully, not revealing himself to the older man, "and Ta-da! A masterpiece!" he sounded truly pleased with their work.

Hermione giggled a little, as she watched Lucius rant at his wife, his hair changing color rapidly in an attempt to keep up with his words. Before she could say anything about what they had done, whether to congratulate them or berate them, Harry appeared, "Theodor Remus Lupin!" he exclaimed, "What did I say about pranking people?" he grabbed Teddy's hand, shot Hermione and Draco an apologetic look and hauled the petulant looking boy away, unintentionally dragging Victoire along behind them.

"Oh," Draco gasped for breath, "That was the best thing I've seen all year!" he chuckled a bit more before glancing over at his father with a shake of his head, "Merlin, I love that kid," he stated. They watched his father continue to rant for a few more minutes before Draco turned to Hermione with a serious expression on his face, "Promise you won't let me treat our kids the way my father treated me," he requested softly.

Her eyes searched his and found real honest fear hiding in his eyes at the very idea. She smiled softly at him and trailed her fingers down his arm to lace them with his own, "I won't," she agreed, because she knew it was what he needed, "But I already know I don't need to worry about you being a father, Draco," she continued, "You're a good man, who would never hurt an innocent person," she saw him open his mouth to object and rolled her eyes as she cut him off, "Not anymore," she amended, knowing his argument before he even used it.

Draco rolled his own eyes in return and lifted her hand to his lips to press a kiss to its back, "You know what Hermione Jean Granger Malfoy?" he asked.

Hermione turned to face him, "What Draco Orion Malfoy?" she returned, her eyes twinkling.

"I love you," he murmured, bending forward to kiss her.

She smiled brightly back at him, "Well, you know what, Draco?"

He smirked, his head tilting a little, "What Hermione?" he echoed her earlier words.

"I love you too," she told him, leaning up to press an even longer kiss to his lips with a contented hum, "And you know what else Charming?" she whispered against his lips, her lips spreading in a small grin against his.

"What else Princess?" he answered in turn, his lips following hers as she teased him with small barely there kisses.

Hermione let her lips press firmly against his as she tried to communicate every emotion she was feeling in that moment, peace, contentment, joy, elation, passion, need, want, love, "You are all," she pressed a quick kiss to his lips, "I," another kiss, "Want," she pulled back just a little, "All I could ever want. All I have ever wanted. And now you're mine."

Draco grinned a wide grin that crinkled his eyes and lit his whole face up, "And now I'm yours," he agreed, "and you are mine."

"And now I'm yours," Hermione echoed, feeling a sense of absolute perfection fall over her in that moment, she curled her fingers in his hair, "and you are mine."

Draco grabbed her into his arms and spun her around in a quick twirl before pulling her into another dance, "So about our honeymoon…" he trailed off.

Hermione tilted her head back to stare up at him eagerly. Their honeymoon location had been a closely guarded secret over the last few months, and he hadn't given her any hints, "Yeah?" she prodded, her excitement shining through.

Ducking his head to press a quick series of hot open mouthed kisses to her neck Draco reached her ear and paused, "What do you say we ditch the party and get started?" he asked gruffly, his voice low and full of hidden promises.

Unable to help the shiver she felt race through her at the tone of his voice Hermione just nodded, "I think that sounds like the perfect plan."

"It's what you want?" Draco checked, pulling back a little to meet her eyes so that he could read her better.

Hermione laughed brightly, "Draco," she smiled with a small shake of her head, "Right now, it's all I want."

Draco searched her eyes a few seconds more before looking up and catching sight of Neville's knowing glance. He gave the other man a quick nod and then glanced down at his bride, "Then let's get out of here, Princess," he stated, tugging her close to him. He smiled a quick smile as he caught sight of Harry and Lexi waving at him and Hermione before closing his eyes and turning on his heel with a loud CRACK.

Their future was only getting started.

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