Lurking within the shadows, hidden from the view of others, and longing for which he can not have. The urge to taint the innocence that radiates off the other man and claim him as his own drives him to reach his hand out to try and grab his prize, but to no avail. Second guessing himself, he retracts his outstretched hand because of the fear of being rejected. Afraid to be looked upon with disgust by the one he loves most; the one who always looks at him with the eyes of friendship and respect, not with the eyes of lust or desire. Once again, he is not brave enough to grasp the possession he wants most to be displayed on his mantle.

Turning with a smile plastered on his face with the familiar eye crease, he leaves before that man can even realize that he was there.

He walks through the streets filled with people to get to his destination. Right, straight, right again, then continue down that road to wind up at a woman's house where he left not half an hour before. Nothing was accomplished as usual because talking to him would be just too painful. Socializing with someone when you have to act as if they are nothing more than a friendly companion isn't as simple as it used to be. It takes effort to conceal emotions and thoughts, and that is effort that isn't worth being put forth.

It's much easier to avoid the problem and stop gazing at the unattainable, but for some reason, it's enjoyable to keep going back. To relish in the suffering of being ultimately alone, to dwell on your fear, and to experience the hurt of watching another who will never notice you for who you really are. They will never pull off the invisible mask that covers his face because the other does not pay enough attention to even suspect a shadow of anything other than a content human being.

There is an obligation to be there for the boy, no man, because he was once his responsibility. A responsibility that he used to take very lightly by abandoning him when he was needed most. Tossing him aside to further another who threw it back in his face and cloaking himself in a fa├žade acceptance at his mistakes that continue to be made.

Ripping the clothes off the pink-haired woman because she throws herself at you to try and earn your love that will never be given to her and she knows it. Taking advantage of another student's kindness because she knows that you will never have what you truly desire.

Everyone believes that the teacher and the female ex-student are happy together, even the blonde fox that he wants more than anything else in this world, but the couple knows the truth. They both know that they can never attain what they both want, that they can't have the love of the people who they love most.

She hopes that he can come to love her as much as she loves him, but she is anything but stupid. She tries to ease your suffering by leading you to release and throwing all of her affection at you, yet it does nothing, actually it only adds to the guilt of ruining another life.

Underneath the masks and the porn lies a man who taints anyone he touches, and yet the only one who has not succumbed to his caress of poison is the one who he wants to infect the most.