Kurt stood on the Grand staircase of Dalton Academy. Okay it wasn't a Grand staircase, Kurt had 'possibly' been re-reading Harry Potter last weekend.

"Excuse me," He called as a boy hurried passed on the stairs. "I'm new here, and I'm a bit lost. Where's everyone going?" Kurt asked politely, trying his best not to stare at the boy's lips.

"The Warblers are going to perform," The boy said simply.

"The Warblers?" Kurt asked.

"Come on, I'll show you," The curly haired boy reached for Kurt's hand.

"I don't even know your name," Kurt said looking warily at the offered hand.

"I'm Blaine," Blaine introduced himself, his hand still out.

"Kurt," Kurt responded tentatively taking Blaine's hand to shake it.

A wide smile spread across Blains face. "Come on then, new boy, I know a short cut," And he ran off pulling Kurt along by their still clasped hands.

They came to a room full of uniformed boys, Blaine let go of Kurt's hand and took his place at the front and started singing, a group of boys backing him up, the whole school clapping.

Teenage Dream never sounded so good.

Chapter One.

"So you know I'm not a student here then," Kurt asked.

They were now sitting around a table in the corner of one of the more empty common rooms, each with a coffee in hand.

The three boys sitting opposite him sniggered.

"You were kind of obvious," One said with a smile.

"And instead of kill me, you bought me coffee?" Kurt asked confused.

"You thought we were going to beat you up if we worked out you were a spy? Firstly, JHC you have balls of steal, if you thought that and came anyway. Second, what kind of school do you go to?" The one who'd introduced himself as Wes asked.

"The non accepting judgmental kind," Blaine answered for him. "Especially if you're gay I'm guessing."

Kurt blushed. "Am I wearing a neon sign and no one's told me?"

Blaine smiled. "You know that old saying, 'it takes one to know one."

That made Kurt blush even deeper.

"Why don't you transfer here?" Dave asked. "We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying. You'd be safe here."

Kurt had no idea what to say, he knew his father could never afford the tuition. But to be able to go to school without fear would be wonderful.

"Not everyone can afford Dalton Dave," Wes told his friend, sending him a disapproving glare.

Blaine cocked his head to one side as if thinking quite hard. "There are a few scholarships you could go for, they are really hard to get, so a lot never get claimed, or people don't know about them. You could try for them." Blaine suggested.

"Which one's?" Kurt asked eagerly, if there was a way to get here, he was going to take it.

"Wes can get you a list of all the one's that havent' been claimed, including all the little known ones," David joined in enthusiastically, Wes nodding his agreement.

Kurt's eyes were bright with hope now, "Can you tell me which one's I should apply for?" he asked, wanting to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

"Apply for all of them, that way if some say no you should still be covered," Wes stood up, "How about Dave and I go get everything you need. You can take it home, as it's Friday, you'll have all weekend to start filling them in. if you brought them back Monday, I'll bet they'd be possessed quickly, then you could start."

"Thanks guys," Blaine grinned at his friends. "I'll show Kurt the dorms and meet you in your room."

Wes and Dave nodded and waved as they rushed off.

Blaine watched them go, "They won't take long, no one, not even the staff know the school as well as the Warblers," He said proudly. "Come on then follow me. The Dorms are in a separate building, on the far side of the car park.

They finished their coffee and walked together back towards the car park.

"Huh, that's strange," Blaine commented, seeing a large crowd of boys standing around a car they couldn't quite see.

"What is?" Kurt asked, at Mackinnly it was perfectly normal to see boys hanging around cars.

"It's Friday, a lot of the boys go home after the Warblers performance. Do you mind if we go and see what's going on?" Blaine asked, he was the most polite person Kurt had ever met.

"That's fine," Kurt smiled, he was doing a lot of that here.

"It won't start." Someone yelled from the back of the crowd.

"Congratulations Mr State the obvious, you win gold again," The driver sarked, making the others titter.

"Crank it again Mikey," Someone yelled from the front.

Mikey did and Kurt cringed. "STOP," he yelled urgently. "You'll flood her,"

The crowd parted and Kurt walked nervously to the car. It was an old classic, but by the sound of it wasn't cared for very well.

"When was the last time this car had a service?" Kurt asked the driver.

"Um, I don't know, a year or so ago I guess."

"And when was the last time you checked the oil or plugs?" Kurt asked taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves neatly.

"You plug cars in?" Mikey asked confused.

"Pop the bonnet," Kurt demanded incredulously.

"Um..." Mikey looked at the dashboard as if he was looking for inspiration.

"There should be a leaver by your feet on the side of the door," Kurt explained resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

With the bonnet open, Kurt lent into the engine bay and started running though a basic diagnostic. When he finally came out, the crowd had grown and seeing him stand they all fell silent.

"You were very lucky, the head isn't damaged, but your plugs are shot, and you have literally no oil, that's not why it wouldn't start but if you had got it started I would have given this car under ten miles before it went bang and was unsalvegable. There is no petrol smell in the chamber, when was the last time you put fuel in?" Kurt asked.

Over one hundred heads turned to Mikey. "Last week I guess, but the thing says I'm full."

Kurt came around and lent inside the car enough to flick the fuel display, hard. It immediately dropped to empty.

"You have some faulty wiring too. Give me a few minutes I'll call my Dad, he can pick it up. It's going to take some work, but we can get this car restored properly for you, and give you a schedule for when the important things should be done."

Mikey shot towards Kurt making him flinch, but he hugged him anyway. "You're brilliant, please tell me you're coming here."

Kurt didn't know what to do, so he patted Mikey awkwardly on the shoulder. "I hope so. I'll call my Dad now."

After a quick phone call to his Dad, promising explanations as to why he was at Dalton later. He turned to back to Mikey and the remaining crowd. "He's on his way; he was in the area anyway dropping off a car, he should be about ten minutes. Do you have a way to get home?"

"I'm staying here this weekend, I was just going to go for a ride. I guess I have no excuses not to do my French homework now.

(((in French))) "Good luck, if you get started tonight you'll have plenty of time over the weekend to relax." (((end French)))

"Wow, god I hope you come here," Mikey gushed getting a lot of noises of approval from the crowd.

Mikey went to sit in his car and Kurt went to get his jacket back from Blaine. "Can you hold it for me for a bit, I have some moist towelets in the car, I need to get the oil off my hands."

"Sure," Blaine followed Kurt and waved towards Wes and David who were hurrying towards them.

Kurt wiped the oil off himself using a special cream, and then put on some moisturiser from his emergency kit. Blaine, Wes and David waited, looking at the emergency kit that also included two changes of clothes.

"You do realise that you're now the most popular kid in school don't you?" Blaine asked, "And you haven't even started yet."

Kurt scoffed, "Don't be silly,"

"He's right, on the way here we heard people talking about some boy who was a miracle worker with cars." David agreed.

"And that group over there," Wes gestured, "Are calling you a French prodigy."

"Me? Popular? I've only ever had friends in my Glee club.

"YOU CAN SING TOO?" David asked getting a touch over excited.

"What's your range?" Wes asked, only slightly calmer.

"Counter tenor," Kurt told them proudly, he was very proud of his voice.

Blaine said nothing, just picked him up and spun him around.

"Everything alright Kurt?" Burt shouted getting out of his truck.

"Everything's fine Dad," Kurt giggled.

"Mr Hummel, You're son is amazing," David said still bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Tell me something I don't know kid," Burt beamed. "I'll go load up the car."

Wes handed Kurt a briefcase, "All the forms you need are in there, including the transfer papers. And our numbers. God I'm glad I put in the musical grant papers too, I almost didn't."

"Okay, great. Thank you, all of you. I'll text you I promise." Kurt put the case gently into the passenger seat of his car. He did it with such reverence that Blaine was almost sure he was going to buckle it in too.

"You better," Blaine teased hugging Kurt again. "We could go for coffee on Sunday if you like, we can look over everything together."

Wes and David nodded, not quite getting the hint they hadn't been part of the original plan.

"Great, okay then. I'll text you tonight with the details. I better go tell my Dad what's wrong with the car. See you all Sunday."