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Chapter 4

When Kurt stepped into the coffee house he was greeted with the site of half a dozen boys in Dalton uniforms, who all stood up looking hopeful.

"Well, any news?" Blaine asked grasping Kurt's hand and dragging him into the crowd.

Kurt grinned, "Gentlemen and Gentlemen, Kurt Hummel is coming to Dalton!" Kurt had to shout the last word over the cheers of the crowd of boys.

Blaine couldn't help himself he lifted Kurt off his feet and spun him around in excitement. "That's wonderful Kurt; you're going to have such a wonderful time. I'll show you everything and we'll have classes together and you can be a Warbler. You'll make lodes of friends and everyone's going to love you and…"

"Blaine stop impersonating a puppy," Jeff teased.

"Shut up," Blaine blushed heavily.

Kurt giggled blushing slightly himself, much to the amusement of the others who grinned knowingly. "I'm looking forward to everything. My Dad's going to help me move in tomorrow after I work at the garage and I start classes on Monday."

"Are you going to work on my car?" Mikey asked.

"I'm not sure; I'm training someone tomorrow, so I may work on a less expensive car. Unless you don't mind me using yours. I'll make sure it's all done right," Kurt promised.

"It's fine, I trust you."

"Thanks, Noah will love to work on that beauty. Look guys, my Dad wanted to go out to celebrate tonight, he wants to know if you'd all like to come and celebrate with us," Kurt offered.

They all agreed readily to join and after getting directions all headed to the restaurant. Blaine stayed behind.

"So, this Noah, is he your boyfriend?" Blaine asked trying to sound casual.

Kurt sniggered. "No, he's only recently become a friend, but he's a good one."

"Glad to hear that Princess,"

Kurt and Blaine spun guiltily around to see Puck grinning at them.

"Noah don't do that to me," Kurt put his hand dramatically over his heart.

"You going to introduce me to your boy?"

"Blaine Anderson, this is Noah Puckerman, and vice versa. There you're introduced. Now we're going to breadstix."

Puck looked vaguely disappointed. "Oh, well, have a good time."

"I mean you too you dufus. Now get in the car and stop arguing."

"Is he always like that?" Blaine asked in a mock whisper.

"You mean scary in a; 'I want to keep you happy so you don't kill everyone,' kind of way? Yes he is," Puck whispered back getting a snigger in response.

"Oh hush the pair of you," Kurt opened his car blushing, he was doing a lot of that tonight.

"Kurt if this is to be a celebration for your move to Dalton; shouldn't you invite the rest of your friends?" Blaine asked innocently as they drove the short trip to the restaurant.

"I was going to call Noah on the way, but he's the only one I'd want there. Especially after he stuck up for me today."

"Yeah well, they were being morons. I know better than anyone what you put up with all the time, they never listen to anyone other than Finchel," Puck growled angrily.

"What do you mean you'd know better than anyone?" Blaine asked turning in his seat to look at Puck.

Puck laughed. "Up until a year ago I used to bully Kurt, I like to think I've grown up since then."

"A hell of a lot," Kurt reassured his friend.

"I'm gonna miss you man," Puck said as they pulled up. "You were one of the only people not afraid to call me out on my shit."

"I'll miss you too, I know you beat the crap out of that jock that threatened me last week. You're a good friend."

"It's a shame you can't come to Dalton with Kurt," Blaine said offhandedly opening the door for Puck, both of them missed the look of Kurt's face. They probably would have been interested in what it meant.

The rest of the Dalton boys were already there and had introduced themselves to Burt and Carol, Finn was sitting sullenly at the end of one of the tables Burt had reserved, not talking to anyone. When he saw Puck, he came over hopefully."

"Dude, come sit with me, if they see you with me they might not try and get me."

Puck looked at him in disgust. "What are you talking about?"

Kurt sighed. "Finn only one person in this room is gay, and he's not interested in you."

"Um, two," Blaine corrected.

"Two what?" Kurt asked confused.

"Two men in this room, who are gay and no interested in him. Although I'm not sure about that waiter, he keeps staring at Wes' butt," Blaine smiled, Kurt had obviously forgotten his comment about 'It takes one to know one,' back at Dalton.

Kurt and Puck burst into laughter leaving Finn looking embarrassed. "But it's an all boy school, they have to be, you know, like that."

"Wow, you're as dumb as you look aren't you," Blaine said cocking his head to one side. "I think there are six boys who are out in the school, and at least one teacher. Just because it's an all boy school doesn't mean it's a gay school."

"Dude, you seriously need to grow the fuck up. And just so you know, there are four. And the waiter's name is George and he's the pushiest bottom you will ever meet," Puck smirked at the looks of the other three boys.

Kurt couldn't remember the last time he'd had this much fun. They had all gotten on very well. Burt had enjoyed learning about the school his son was now attending. By the end of the night even Finn was laughing with the rest.

"I'll see you all Monday," Kurt waved goodbye.

"Don't be silly, we'll see you over the weekend to move in. Well I will anyway, that lot don't get up before mid-day on weekends unless there's a fire drill," Blaine joked.

"We'll see you Sunday morning then kid," Burt interrupted effectively finishing the conversation.

"See you Sunday then," Blaine waved from the back of one of his friends cars.

"He seems to be a nice kid," Burt commented slyly.

"Yeah, he's nice."

"Good looking too," Burt teased.


Burt and Puck laughed. "What, don't you think so?"

By now Kurt was blushing heavily. "Yeah, I guess he's kinda good looking, can we stop talking about this now please."

"Just as long as you know that before you get married he has to ask my permission and be in a position to keep you in clothes," Burt continued to tease.

"I hate you so very much right now."

"I better get home before my mom locks me out; I'll see you both tomorrow."

Burt looked uncomfortable. "We have a spare room, you can come stay with us, at least you know you won't be late for work."

"I don't want to put you out Mr H."

"You won't be, come on you can catch a ride with Kurt, I'm sure he'll have better music."

"That would be really great of you Sir thank you," Puck grinned thankful he didn't have to go home.

That night when everyone else was asleep Kurt was tapping away at his computer sending emails marked urgent, and, much to his surprise, getting responses.

By three in the morning Kurt closed his computer with a wide smile on his face. "Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day all around.