Mah first fanfic for another fandom. . .Tried. :)

Hurt, pain, I want more'

Watching the blood drip onto the floor

Memories flood from my open scars

Wide awake, broken heart

Love or death, that's all I ask

One or the other, make it fast

Sorry mother, it's too late

Too much problems on my plate.

Cry more tears, hysterical tears!

Even more stress is all I fear..

I mean, I'm famous! My life should be perfect!

But it isn't, I'm dying inside. . .just hurting.

Everyone knows my name and my face

Billboards of me all over the place

High expectations to be the best

Why? Why did they pick me over the rest?

Just. . .let me feel this familiar pain

One more time, and then again

Chug the alcohol, lose complete sight

Of this remote and monotonous fight

Smile, I'm victorious! And long into the night

Pass out...and do it again the next day.