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A girl took off running down the street towards her house. She was being chased by one of her best friends. She had long flowing brown hair and sharp brown eyes.

"Naomi, you little shit, get back here!" Jay yelled as he chased her. She giggled and turned around.

"Sorry, Jayden! I claim your beanie!" She yelled as she put it on her head and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Dammit, Naomi! Get your sexy ass back here!"

The boy was Jayden Moretti. He's one of Naomi's best friends. He had shaggy black hair and many piercings. The visible ones are on his eyebrow, lip and ears. He's tall, maybe 5 foot 10, and pale. Right now he was chasing Naomi because-

"Give me back my beanie! That's my favorite one!"

Naomi looked back to see anime tears pouring down his face. She giggled. Since she wasn't looking where she was going she ran into someone's chest. They caught her before she fell. She looked up to see another best friend, Tyler. He had red hair that was usually in front of his face and pale blue/purple eyes. He was very slim. He was soft spoken and shy. He was her absolute best friend.

"Are you ok, Mimi?" He asked softly. She nodded and grabbed his hand and continued running. "W-what are you doing?" He questioned as they ran.

"Sorry, Ty. Jay's pissed that I stole his beanie from him. So I'm running from him." She said as she grinned at him. He sweatdropped.

"So you had to drag me along beause...?" He asked with his eyebrow raised.

"I was lonely." She stated while winking at him. He chuckled as they continued to run.

They ran all the way to her house. They ran into the living room. Soon after Jay ran into her living room and tackled her on to the couch.

"You litte shit!" He said as he snatched his beanie out of her hands and put it on his head. He then started to tickle her. "This'll teach you to mess with me and my beanie!"

Naomi giggled as she kicked everywhere, trying to get him off of her. Soon after more people walked in.

"Oh shit. Naomi's getting raped by Jay!" The blonde girl, holding hands with a blonde boy, yelled. Jay stopped and jumped off Naomi as they both looked at the girl in horror. A few seconds later a black blur flung themself at Naomi and hugged her tightly.

"Jay, what did you do to Mommy? Daddy's here, sweet Naomi." He said as he nuzzled her hair. She growled trying to push him off.

"Oh come on, Kayde. Get off me!" She said as she managed to get him off. He pouted and he plopped down beside her on the couch. The blonde boy smirked.

"Sucks for you, Kayde. Looks like Naomi doesn't love you anymore." He said as he wrapped his arm around the blonde girl.

The blonde girl is another friend named Zoey. She's very talkative and a perfect shopping buddy. Naomi loved her to death even if she can't keep a secret. Her and her blue eyes. Her boyfriend is Oliver. He also has blue eyes and blonde hair. He's the calm and quiet smartass. The idiot that hugged Naomi and calls himself Daddy is Kayde. He's well...idiotic. He's a player but is very family oriented. He has black hair and gray eyes.

"Oh, Naomi! You're home. Your father and I need to talk to you."

Naomi turned around shocked.

'This can't be good. Both of my parents are home at the same the middle of the day. Some shits about to go down...'

Her friends all stand up to leave.

"Oh no! You guys should stay. You'll find out soon anyway."

'Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Not good.'

"Sweetheart, we're moving..." Her mom said as she rubbed Naomi's hair.

'What the hell is she doing? I'm not five...'

"Alright, to where? I'm sure I could drive to school I mean-."

" Japan." Her dad added softly.

Naomi froze in shock.

'It's official. My life is starting to suck.'

"What the hell!"

They all turned to look at Jay.

"I'm sorry, but why?" He asked. Naomi's parents sighed.

"Well Akemi got a job offer there to model a clothing line by Mrs. Hitachiin." Naomi's dad said smiling lovingly at her mom.

'Dad, she's cheating on you, she doesn''t deserve that look.'

"But what about your job, Dad?" Naomi asked. Tyler grabbed her hand. She glanced at him and saw he had a heartbroken face. She gave his hand a gently squeeze.

"I'm sure there's a law firm that would like my assistance." He said while smiling at her. She glanced at all her friends. They all had looks similar to Tyler's.

"Do Ryota and Sora know?"

Her dad nodded and motioned toward the stairs.

"They're already packing. We're leaving next week. You should start too."

After he said that, he and his wife exited the room. Someone cleared their throat. Naomi look to see it was Kayde.

"Well, if Naomi only has a week...let's make it the best damn week any of us have ever had." He said with a grin. She smiled at him.

"Um, Kayde are you sure this doesn't hurt?" Naomi asked. She wouldn't admit it to the others, but she was slightly terrified. He grinned.

"It'll sting a little, baby girl! I'll hold yur hand if you want."

She scoffed as she prepared for the needle to get closer to her skin. They were all getting matching tattoos. It's a bar code with all of their first intials. It was Tyler's idea. Naomi's was going to be on her left hip bone. Tyler's was on his left wrist. Kayde's was on his left peck. Jay's was on his left foot. Oliver's was on his left bicep. Zoey's was on her left ankle. Every tattoo is on the left side because that's the side of your body your hearts on. Each tattoo had to be where you can face yourself in the mirror and see it. Naomi told everyone it didn't hurt. She wouldn't admit it to any of them but...

'...that hurt like a bitch...'

Now they each have something to remember their years together. Tattoo or not, Naomi will never be able to forget her friends.

The night before Naomi had to leave, the whole group was at Oliver's since he lived with his brother. His brother was staying over at his girlfriends so they had the house to themselves. They decided the last thing they should do is telling embarrassing stories about Naomi.

"Oh, and do you remember that time when we went to that huge water park!" Zoey asked laughing. Naomi groaned and buried her face farther into the stomach of the person she was currently using as a pillow, which happened to be Tyler.

"Don't make me relive this...please..." She mumbled. Tyler chuckled as everyone else kept on laughing.

"Are you talking about when Mimi thought that life guard at the water funnel ride was hot and she thought she was a badass and was saying shit about her falling in the water and pretending to drown just so the life guard could give her mouth-to-mouth?" Jay asked while holding his sides, laughing.

Zoey nodded giggling. Oliver chuckled as he pulled her into his lap.

"And then she actually fell and did the splits while trying to get on the raft. Even the poor life guard was trying not to laugh." Oliver finished while chuckling and wrapping his arms around Zoey.

Naomi groaned.

"You guys didn't even trying to hold in your laughs to lessen my humiliation. You just let it all out on the way down the ride." She mumbled as she sat up and glared at everybody. "At least Tyler was nice enough to make sure I didn't break anything."

Tyler smiled and placed his head in her lap. She began to run her hands through his hair. He smiled softly.

The rest of the night was full of laughter and pillow fights.

'I don't know if I can bring myself to say goodbye to them tomorrow...'

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