-Epilogue and junk-

The silver ring passed around his fingers like a dancing coin, thin and light but durable. It was a simple band, not really something he would wear but it had feeling behind it and that was what mattered.

Still, the sight of the object reminded him of the past, though it wasn't all that similar to the one in question. For a few moments he found himself staring at it, his brain drifting off to a darker time.

Then a hand reached up and took hold of the silky red tie that was around his neck, straightening it. "Don't think about it," A voice said and he looked up into the face of Bubba Gumball, smiling softly. "This is a big day."

Marshall gave a small nod and let himself grin. It was a big day, and there was no point in getting worked up about the whole thing.

It had been a year since he had been rescued from Ice Queen's hold and things had gotten much better. Although Marshall still had trouble remembering a few things about his life, things slowly came back. At first, he couldn't even remember Fionna, but now he couldn't imagine life without her.

"Are you ready?" Gumball inquired as he straightened his own tie and finished fixing his bubblegum hair in the mirror.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Marshall replied, earning him a smile from his partner.

He felt his stomach flutter a bit when the pink-haired man leaned in and kissed him with one quick, encouraging smooch, before he left the room. Sparing one last glance at himself – primed and pressed, thanks to Bubba's touches – the black-haired vampire slipped out of the room as well, floating toward the entrance way of the alter.

There were a line of various people ahead of him, most of which he only knew because of Fionna. Still, it was nice to see them there and he gave them all a devious grin. A couple of them laughed and smiled, while some just waved and turned back toward the doorway.

Inside the room, the music began and he straightened his shoulders, letting out a slow breath. 'Here we go', he told himself, spotting Fionna and giving a soft smile – the kind he reserved for her and only her.

The doors opened and one by one they started down the walkway, covered in red carpet and silky decorations. The whole thing was a bit ridiculous to him, but Gumball had gone crazy with his planning and decorating, so he'd just let the man work.

The crowd was all smiles, a few of them crying loudly. Most of the attendants were Fionna and Gumball's friends and there were a few people there he didn't know at all, but it didn't really bother him. So long as everyone else was having a good time, he would too.

As he reached the alter, the pink-haired prince gave him one of those gentle, loving smiles that he only gave when he remembered the past and thanked glob that things had turned out well. The kind of smile that spoke in volume that he loved Marshall Lee and that he always would.

Returning this wonderful smile with a secret one of his own, the Vampire King stepped to the side and turned to look down the walkway as the music switched to a quicker, more up-beat tune.

Although she hated dresses, Fionna looked beautiful in her white gown. She seemed uncomfortable, but an encouraging smile from Cake eased her fears as they walked down the aisle, arm in arm. In her hand she had a bouquet of miniature scaled swords, which was all too fitting, although it had confused the groom's parents.

A bundle of nerves stood in front of Gumball as Flame Prince played with the cuffs of his sleeves. His eyes were on Fionna and in turn her eyes were on him, a smile on her face that spoke in volumes of her happiness.

She joined her groom at the alter and Gumball cleared his throat as everyone sat down. He lifted up the book of Grob that he held in his hands and began to speak, unable to wipe the proud smile from his face.

Marshall paid attention to every word, watching Fionna's happy face from his place behind Flame. When the pink-haired prince called for the rings, he stepped up from behind the aflame young man, holding out the silver objects with a grin.

"Thanks," Fionna said, her cheeks pink as she joined eyes with her groom once more.

The crowd burst into cheers as they finished the ceremony with a soft kiss. Even Flame's father had a smile on his burning face from inside of a protective shield that surrounded him.

More music played and the couple ran out as people clapped. As the group began to flood out after them, Marshall hung back with the prince as he watched the scene with a blissful expression.

"Never thought I'd see the day when that kid walked down the aisle," The vampire commented, putting an arm on the pink-haired man's shoulder and leaning heavily on him. He lifted his feet from the ground and up behind him until they were almost over his head, idly hanging beside his companion.

"I know, right?" Gumball laughed, turning to look at him. "But she's happy."

Marshall gave a nod, before he turned and grinned at the other. "Ready to par-tay?"

The prince laughed and took the king's hand, heading after the departed crowd.

Bubba Gumball laughed as Fionna grabbed hold of her shy newly-wed husband and pulled him onto the dance floor. They began to scoot around awkwardly, laughing and having fun. Cake was shuffling with Mo-Chro and various other people were gathering to join in.

Marshall's song was as distasteful as ever – at least in his opinion – but it seemed everyone was enjoying it. The prince himself was just happy to see his boyfriend doing something so… normal.

Not that the other hadn't been acting like himself again. The King was so like his old self that sometimes the prince wondered if he'd ever disappeared at all, but then those moments would come where Marshall would pause or flinch at something that seemed so harmless, and Gumball would be reminded once more of the traumatic ordeal that the other man had gone through.

And the nightmares… oh, the nightmares.

It had come to a point where, during his treatment at the Mental Hospital, Marshall hadn't been able to sleep without the use of some sort of sleep aid. And even then, he would wake up during the night in a fit of fear, alarmed and confused. At first, the prince had felt a little awkward when Doctor Prince had asked him to stay in the room with the dark-haired king, but sure enough the man's call had led to the first restful night the other had in weeks.

From there, the vampire moving in to his place wasn't much of a stretch. He'd given Marshall his own room – both to keep his stuff in and for appearance – but they both knew it wasn't going to be used much. His own room was given upgrades, which included dark curtains for the windows and the doors, as well as a change in decoration because Marshall refused to sleep in 'such a girly room'.

The staff seemed happy. They had to put up with various pranks and scares, but all in all, they enjoyed the company of the ancient man.

Something caught the prince's attention and he turned to see Flame taking a seat beside him, looking a bit uncomfortable. But if the groom was sitting there, it meant he wanted to talk, which Gumball was happy to do. After all, it was the man's big day, so he wasn't about to tell him to buzz off.

"She's very happy that he's here," The aflame prince stated, nodding toward the stage, where Marshall had brought Fionna up to dance as he sang his distasteful song. "And… I am too."

"It took a lot of time," Gumball hummed, smiling as he watched the two friends ham it up in the spotlight. "But he made it. And I know he's glad to be here, too."

"I wanted to thank you," The red-skinned young man continued and the candy prince turned his attention to him in surprise. "For getting me out of the fire kingdom."

Ah, yes. A year ago, the fire prince had agreed to go back home to stop a war, so that Gumball would have the time to focus on Marshall's recovery. After the dark-haired young man had made a bit of progress, he'd turned his attention back to the flame kingdom and marched in, demanding the prince be released once more.

The fire king had agreed on one condition – if he released the prince, Gumball had to make sure he didn't destroy anything. Apparently the man didn't understand that his destructive, so-called 'evil' son was already much tamer thanks to the five years he had spent dating Fionna. The guy was entirely delusional, but the pink-haired royal had agreed none the less.

Flame's father had been delighted upon hearing the news of his son's engagement and had even offered to host the party, but they'd turned down the offer. No one wanted to catch fire, after all.

"Of course," He told the flame royal with a smile, reaching over to awkwardly pat his shoulder. Although they were on closer terms, he wouldn't call them 'friends'. "And I can't thank you enough for what you did for Marshall. Or rather, for Fionna."

Flame Prince gave a small nod, smiling at his new wife as Marshall lifted her, laughing, off the ground and began to float toward the ceiling. "I would do anything to see her smile."

Letting his own eyes drift once more back to the laughing Vampire that now had his feet on the ceiling, carrying the blushing bride upside-down, Gumball let a smile cross over his face once more. "I understand that one. Trust me."

The pink-haired prince let out a relieved breath as he fell back onto his bed, the plush surface cushioning his fall. He laughed for a moment, before rolling around on the surface.

Marshall couldn't help but grin, knowing that he was the only one that Bubba would act in such a way around. Completely relaxed and unafraid of appearing anything less than royal. Even Fionna, in all her years of knowing him, had never seen the Prince act so carefree (save for those few days he spent as a thirteen year old).

"That was quite a night," The Vampire commented as his companion began to loosen his tie.

"Quite a night, indeed!" The prince laughed, sitting up and sending a warm smile his companion's way. "But a good night. A great night!"

Lifting his feet up, Marshall let his body float over to the pink-haired man's with a grin. "Mmm, but it's not over yet."

Gumball's pink face flushed red as the vampire hovered over him, only to change to a look of confused surprise as the dark-haired man landed in a kneeling position in front of him. "Marshall, what the glob?"

"I tried like math to write some fancy, big speech here," The dark-haired boy started as he took the prince's hand in his own. "But we both know I'm not really the speech-writing type." The prince rolled his purple eyes and nodded. "And I tried to write it into a song but that just seemed a little too cheesy." Another eye roll. "So instead, I'm just going to ask."

The prince's purple eyes lit up in excitement and anticipation and Marshall felt his heart fill his throat with nerves. He couldn't do it. There was just no way.

"I'm hungry," The Vampire stated, grinning. "Can you get me a snack?"

"Marshall Lee!" Gumball cried in disappointment, grabbing hold of the black-haired young man's shoulders and pulling him off his knees. They both fell onto the bed and his frustrated groan gave way to an onslaught of giggles as the vampire began to tickle his sides. "You butt! No, I won't get you a snack!"

His smile growing wider, Marshall reached into his pocket. Yes, this was much more like it. Much easier, much kinder… so much more like them. "Oh," He pretended to be disappointed, before pulling the object from his pocket and holding it out for the other to see. "Then how about you marry me, instead?"

The prince's laughing face froze into one of surprise and shock as he stared at the simple purple band. Nothing flashy, but still one of the man's favorite colors, even if it wasn't your 'typical' wedding ring. Still, it seemed the other was impressed because sugary tears began to well up in his eyes as he alternated looking between the Vampire and the object.

"Are you… serious?" Gumball asked and the sound of caution in his voice almost made Marshall frown.

"Of course I'm serious, Bubba!" The king laughed, still crouched over his pink-haired companion.

Each second that ticked away made his heart ache more. Was the other going to say no? Was it because he had been married in the past? Was he tainted? Did Gumball hate that he'd been touched by Ice Queen? Was-

"Shhh," The candy prince whispered, reaching up to touch the young-looking vampire's face. He knew… of course he did. He always knew when thoughts of those five torturous years were starting to surface. "Of course I'll marry you, Marshall."

Before he could respond, Gumball pulled him down into a gentle kiss and the dark-haired man melted into it, letting his body flop onto the other's, earning him a groaning laugh. "What, am I heavy?" He teased, wiggling around as the other man giggled beneath him. "You want me off you? Never!"

"Marshall!" The other protested, trying to push him off, hiccupping from the force of his laughter.

"I claim this gum in the name of Abadeer~!" The King cried before he was finally forced off, landing at the other's side with a loud snicker. "Awww, I was dethroned!"

"You're impossible!" The candy royal declared, but he smiled none the less and reached out to brush some of the other's black hair from his face. "But I love it."

"And I," Marshall retorted as he leaned into to kiss the other's nose. "Love you. Now off to bed with you!"

And with that said, the couple prepared for bed, sharing one last kiss before drifting off into dreams of their future together.