Chapter 14: Taichi and Yoshino

Couple- Tai from Digimon 1-2 and Yoshi from Digimon Data Squad/Savers

"Damn it Agumon, why the hell didn't you wake me up earlier?" asked Tai as he struggled to pull up his trousers.

"Well, I was planning on it but you told me that whenever your mom told me to do something to listen or I'll face her wrath" explained Agumon.

"What does that have to with anything?"

"She told me that you were sleeping so peacefully that I shouldn't disturb you"

"Fine, let me rephrase that, only listen to mom when Kari's wrath isn't involved"

"Um, what does Kari have to do with this?"

"I'm supposed to pick her up from cheerleading practice today you idiot! Now she's going to be angrier than that day Davis accidentally walked into the girls' locker room"

Tai ran around frantically as he threw his blue overcoat on top of Agumon. He grabbed his car keys and pulled Agumon outside.

"Well, if Kari's going to be that mad can I stay inside then?" asked Agumon as fear set in realizing what Kari might do to them.

"No! You are not going to leave me alone with her! Now get in the car and make sure you're not seen" ordered Tai as he opened the back door of his car so that his partner may enter.

Random street in Odaiba…

"Damn that old man, why do we have to be working if we're supposed to be on vacation?" grumbled Yoshi from inside her police car.

"He just wants to make sure that we don't slack off" said Megumi through Yoshi's earpiece.

"Yeah, don't blame Samson. Although I do agree, I mean we're in Odaiba, not Hokkaido. Yet he has us patrolling anyway" complained Miki, also from the earpiece.

"Well it's completely stupid. The police branch here is capable enough to handle any crime that happens here, so why are we needed?" said Yoshi.

"To ensure that nothing wrong happens" said a deep male voice.

"Ha! That sounds exactly like him Megumi" grinned Yoshi.

"Um…That wasn't me. I was hoping it was you" said Megumi.



"Yes sir!" was the reply of all three female officers as Yoshi turned off her earpiece.

She sighed in relief as she imagined her partner next to her. "These patrols were so much more tolerable and enjoyable back then" 'Lalamon…'

Back with Tai…

"Tai…aren't you going over the speed limit?" asked Agumon.

"What does it matter? If we're late picking up Kari then it's going to be like that Christmas party last year" said Tai.

"But wasn't it Mimi and Yolie that got angry not Kari?"

"That's beside the point. And besides Kari's anger can give even them a run for their money. Not to mention it could also make Myotismon pee his pants"

"I admit since Kari's barely angry that all her anger comes out whenever she is but I do believe that the Myotismon thing wouldn't happen"

Tai groaned. "It was an exaggeration Agumon…"


Just then you could hear sirens and see red and blue flashing lights.

Tai slapped his forehead as he pulled over. "Oh…no…"

"I told you not to go over the speed limit"

"Shh, just shut up and hide. I'll handle this quickly so don't worry" whispered Tai as the police officer stepped out of her car.

The police officer stepped to the driver's window just as Agumon covered himself with the blanket they kept in the back just for moments like these. Tai rolled down the window as the police officer came down to talk to him directly.

"Can I help you officer?" asked Tai nervously as the red haired cop looked him in the eye.

"Were you aware that you were speeding sir?" asked the cop with a voice that reminded him of Sora.

"Yes, but I'm just really late. You see, I have to pick up my sister from school and I overslept" explained Tai quickly.

"You could just call her to explain why you would be late. Or at the very least explain when you get there. It is no reason to break the law"

"Well I tried to call but I couldn't seem to reach her so I just assumed that her phone was dead. And my sister just gets really angry whenever I do something stupid like being late"

The officer sighed as she mumbled something under her breath.

"What was that?" asked Tai.

"Huh? Oh, I just said that you reminded me of an old friend of mine. He was always being irresponsible and late. He was also afraid of his little sister like you are" said the officer.

Tai blinked, he was sure he saw a faint smile. "I keep hearing was, what happened to him? If you don't mind me asking officer…Fujieda"

"Hm? First off, don't call me officer Fujieda, that just makes me feel old. Just call me officer Yoshino. Second, it's not your business what goes on in my personal life" said the officer.

"Yes ma'am. But, if you don't mind my asking, your badge says Hokkaido division, but this is Tokyo. So what are you doing here?"

"Well…I was supposed to be here visiting a few friends. But my boss made me do some additional help by assisting the Tokyo division, so here I am" explained Yoshi. "Now, back to business, I'm going to have to see your license and registration"

"Oh right" he said as he gave her the items she asked for. "You know, you look very young. How old are you?"

"Don't you know it's rude to ask a woman her age? But since you ask and I can see how old you are from your license, five years older than you, Taichi Kamiya" she answered.

She gave him back his belonging before noticing how he was looking at her. "What?"

"Nothing, you just seem to remind me of an old childhood friend. Your voices sound the same, you both have red hair, and you're both really pretty"

Yoshi was taken aback as she blushed. "Thanks…Well, this old friend of mine…To be honest…I'm not sure where he is. He…travels a lot. But if I had to guess he's probably visiting all the places his father did"

"Hm…I see"

"What about this old friend I remind you of?"

"Huh? Oh well…She's more of an old childhood crush. She's now in college with her boyfriend slash my best friend"

"Wow, must suck"

"Not really. I love them both as my best friends. And I'm fine with that, their perfect for each other, just like how their perfect best friends for me"

Yoshi looked surprised by this statement. "Hmph…Seems I pegged you wrong. You're not like my friend if you're able to admit something like that to a stranger like me. Go and pick up your sister…Taichi"

Tai blinked twice before giving her a huge smile. "Really? Thanks, and you can call me Tai by the way. I hope we can meet again"

"Oh wait!" said Yoshi as she scribbled something down and handed it over to him.

"You're still going to give me a ticket?"

"Take a closer look at it"

"Your number?"

"Call me sometime" said Yoshi as she winked at him and walked back into her car.

Tai smiled as he began to drive away. Agumon took off the blanket.

"Wow, no ticket and her number. Smooth…" said the orange dinosaur like digimon.

"Yup…I know"

Yoshi blinked as she watched the car drive away before shaking her head. 'I've got to be imagining things. Agumon…'

After Tai and Kari made it back to their apartment with their partners…

Tai looked as if he might collapse and die. Kari on the other hand was tapping her foot with surpressed anger. Agumon and Gatomon just watched them, waiting for a reaction.

"Let me get this straight…You rushed out to pick me up because you overslept. You were caught speeding by a cop and yet you weren't late. But…You forgot to bring the house keys so now we're locked out of our own apartment until either mom or dad get home" said Kari through clenched teeth.

Tai nodded.


Just to clear a few things up…Yes, it is okay for Tai and Yoshi to be together despite the fact that Yoshi is five years older. They're adults now; people get married to other people that are ten years younger. Also, Yoshi knows his name because she looked at his license. Please review! P.S. I don't know the next chapter or if there will even be a next chapter so just bare with me.