Title: She's Always Gone Too Long

Rating: Rated 'Yikes! for darkness"

Summary: Prompt: Angsty, unrequited/one-sided SQ, in which one of them ends up using the other for sex/revenge/other purposes. Happy ending not required. Bonus points if set in FTL post-curse, but it's all up to you. X

A/N: Reveal yourself to me Anon. It's your angst and you want it now! Regina's perspective, 2nd person, Poem-ish. Title from "Ain't No Sunshine"

You've explored every smooth plane and rough jagged peak of your limestone prison. Creeping along each wall in a slow endless circle. Feet dragging, you claw at rock until your hands bleed. Spent. Exhausted from endless attempts to summon the magic that once coursed and pulsed through your veins like blood. Nothing. Useless. Dying. Smoking. Fizzle.

You once underestimated her capacity to inflict pain, just as she once underestimated your capacity to produce love. You hold the fading memories of warmth, interaction in your mind. Your lips against the crown of his head. A small delicate hand held firmly in yours. Clinging to a life that has long since expired. Even Daniel's face has become unrecognizable to your mind's eye.

Precious paper thin remembrance.

Henry's toy left carelessly at the foot of the stairs. The first step was accidental. The toy could be salvaged. No. That wouldn't teach him what you needed to impart:

You never abandon what you hold dear.

You stomped until the limbs were dismembered from the twisted plastic torso. You scattered the broken pieces on his bed. His favorite destroyed. He never did learn the lesson.

You never abandon family.

You wait for change. No change. Once craving endless stimulation. Drama. Revenge. You now no longer know night from day. You pine for her to come to you. The berating tone of her voice. Ache for the sting of her leather whip against your thighs, back. You no longer possess the decency to act ashamed. You both know this is deserved.

Nothing. No change.

Then her. Her anger never ceases. You flail and cower, as she grabs your thin, sore arms and shoves you against the cool hard wall. Your hands flex as she binds your wrists in chains. You smile. Delirious on your own poison brand of happiness.

One last crisp bite of apple. One last tangy sip of cider.

Your cries echo off the walls in time with her wet and heavy breaths. Sharp strikes. She's so close to you.

The sting expands like a frost. Covering. Expanding. Reaching. Hollowing you out.

You flinch and gasp at her roughness. She pulls at your belly, her voice beckons you back from the brink of the blissful unconscious. Hands hot. Taking. You give. Nothing. Everything. What it means doesn't matter.

You love it, love her. Touch. Something. She unbinds your hands. Twists you to face her. Eyes unfocused. She presses her forehead against yours. Molten tears drip down cheeks. Splash you. Emotion. She never kissed your mouth. She kissed everywhere else. Wounds. Breasts. Hands.

You don't deserve her. You do deserve this. Pulling away. Loss. The last of her heat evaporates.


A drip. A crack. A stomp.

You break.