Han solo my guy

Princess Leia was sitting with her three best friends' winter that was her look alike, crysta who was her friend she met on the ord mantel mission, and Hana solo who was han solo's twin sister but for the moment she was not paying the slightest attention to them for this moment she stared at the Ex-smuggler in the lunch line talking to his three best friends Luke skywalker Jedi knight, Chewbacca wookie co-pilot and lando carelrissian the gambler who used to own cloud city on the planet bespin "hey leia… leia!" winter called to her "oh sorry girls didn't mean to ignore you" she replied "we all know you like my brother leia why don't you tell him" Hana asked "I'm afraid he'll reject me" she sniffled a tear "well I've got an idea leia" winter said handing her friend a poster of the wall of the corellian rebel base it read

Saturday night is Corellian talent night

Where: in the auditorium

When: Saturday night starting at 8:00 pm-10:00 pm

Sign up now

"So you point is" leia asked skeptically "you could express you love for my brother through song leia then you won't be embarrassed because we'll sing with you" Hana beamed


Leia stood near the millennium falcon in the docking bay as she saw han working with his other younger sister nova solo and Chewbacca when Hana went behind her "so how's my brother's little stalker?" Leia jumped a little "oh HANA! Don't do that you scared me" leia snapped "sorry leia" Hana replied "what are you doing anyway?" leia asked "well we want to know what song you chose" Hana smiled at her "the leader of the pack" leia said "oh man that totally suits han he's leader most of the time" she giggled "this better not get me in trouble with han" leia said with worry in her voice "it won't now come on let's get you ready let's go shopping!" Hana stifled another giggle

The next night…

"Welcome to Corellian night everybody!" Mon mothma said into the microphone "our first act is leia and the gold starlets" she announced leia peaked through the curtain to see Han's ghostly hazel eyes in the front row with Luke, lando, and chewie to his right side and general riekiean, wedge, hobbie, and Wes to Han's left side "oh winter, Hana, crysta I can't do this" leia cried "why not leia" the other's asked "I fear what Han's reaction will be" leia admitted "leia trust me han loves you just as much or more back I am his twin sister you know" Hana said cheering leia up they walked out on stage "this song is dedicated to a certain scoundrel who is a brave leader and a amazing man all around if you give him a chance" leia said as the song began

Winter: is she really going out with him?
Hana: well there she is let's go ask her
crysta: leia is that Han's ring?
Leia: mm hmm
winter: gee it must be great riding with him
Hana: is he picking you up after dance school today?
Leia: uh-uh
all: by the way where'd ya meet him
leia sings

I met him at the cantina
he turned around and smiled at me
you get the picture?
Hana: yeah we see
that's when I fell for…
all: the leader of the pack

My folks were always putting him down
all: down, down
they said he came from the wrong side of town
all: what ya mean when ya say the wrong side of town?

They told me he was bad
but I knew he was sad
that's why I fell for…
all: the leader of the pack

One day my daddy said find someone new
all: what ya mean when ya say better go find someone new?
I had to tell Han that we're through
he stood there and asked me why
but all I could do was cry
I'm sorry I hurt you…
all: the leader of the pack

Leia: then he sort of smiled and kissed me goodbye
winter: the tears were beginning to show
Hana: as he drove away on that rainy night
crysta: I begged him to go slow
leia: but if he heard me I'll never know

Leia: look out!
Hana: look out!
Winter: look out!
leia: I felt so helpless what could I do
remembering all the things we'd been through
Hana: at dance school they'd stop and stare
winter: I can't hide the tears but I don't care
leia: I'll never forget him
all: the leader of the pack

Hana: The leader of the pack - now he's gone
leia: The leader of the pack - now he's gone
winter: The leader of the pack - now he's gone
crysta: The leader of the pack - now he's gone

As the song ended leia and her friends went back stage leia found a note stuck to the cast members mirror and on the place where the desk was marked with her name she found a corellian white rose the note read

Dear leia,
good job with the song tonight I loved it Hana told me that you liked corellian white roses but if this is not enough to show you I love you come by the falcon later for I wrote you a song to let you know how much I love you

Sincerely, Han Jonash Solo

Later still…

Hana and leia walked back to the falcon where they saw han sit outside with his guitar which Hana sat down next to him on his left side and leia sat on his right "ready leia?" han asked "yup as ready as ever" she replied with a grin on her face "ok sweetheart but you have sing the first verse Hana you know what to do" han said to his sister

Han started to play his guitar as leia read

Leia: just a small town girl
living in a lonely world
she took the midnight train
it goes anywhere

Han: just a city boy
born and raised in south Detroit
he took the midnight train
it goes anywhere

Hana: a singer in a Smokey room
a smell of wine and cheep perfume
for a smile they can share the night
because it goes on and on and on

All: strangers waiting
up and down the boulevard

their shadows searching in the night
Streetlights people, living just to find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night.

Han: working hard to get my fill
leia: everybody wants a thrill
Han: paying anything to roll the dice
leia: just one more time
Hana: some will win
Han: some will lose
leia: some will learn to play the blues
Han: oh the movie never ends
leia: cause it goes on and on and on

All: don't stop believing
Han: hold on to that feeling
leia: street lights people

All: don't stop believing
leia: hold on to that feeling
Han: street lights people

All: don't stop believing
Hana: hold on to that feeling
both Han and leia: street lights people

After the song ended leia jumped into Han's arms and kissed him passionately "I love you" she said "and I love you" he answered "well looks like my work here is done Good night Han! Good night Leia!" Hana said stifling a yawn "thank you Hana" leia mouthed where Han could not hear "see you tomorrow" was hana's answer