My favorite type of crossover in digimon, is Season crossovers. Davis meets Rika, Kari sees Guilmon, Terriermon has eyes on Gatomon!...allright, ignore that last bit.

Although many others have done so before me, this is my own version on what might happen. Hope I was effective enough.

Disclaimer: I dun own digimon. Gezse, I see why authors are put out with these, this is my third, and already it's tiring...

Dimensional Dreaming...

It was faint...

but there Was a noise.

He couldn't exactly make it out...

It sounded somewhat like...digging?

"-u-lm-n, wh-t ar- you do-ng?"

There's something new. A voice...what little he heard, he could make out that it was a boy...younger than himself...

"I Was t-ying to make my h-use bigg-r, b-t now I'm t-o sma-l!"

Laughter followed that statement, and sight was finally granted to him...

He was looking inside of a stone structure, and a boy was waving a finger at...a red dinosaur. A digimon? Not like any he'd ever seen before...

"G-i--on, yo- really sh-ould'nt -e tr-ing to do th-ng wit-out as-ing first..."

"I pro-ise, I-ll be mo-e caref-ll fr-m -ow on -ak-to!"

What? Names were being spoken, but he couldn't make them out...

The boy turned his head toards the entrance, and our viewer finally saw him.

Unkempt brown hair, red eyes, and a cheerfull face, he was obviously not experienced in what he was doing...but he did it with the utmost diligence. As his vision started drifting away, he was only able to discern two more things...

That the boy was wearing yellow goggles...

He put on a puzzled expression.

"Gu-lmo-...Did you f-el that?..."


He bolted upright in his bed, the last few memories of the dream scattering from his mind. He couldn't lose it though, no way he could lose it!

Dashing from his bunk, a child of courage grabbed a pencil and paper, and started scribbling furiously, untill he recalled a fair amount of the dream.

He sighed, and ambled back to was way too creepy and real to be an ordinary dream, and since he was the eldest leader of the team, he considered it his job to jot down or draw anything that was too crazy for the real world...or the digital world.

Turning out the lights, Tai Kamiya rolled back to sleep.


"No Terriermon, I won't le- you!"

Terriermon? He'd met Terriermon before, that was back in america, when all the other digidestined were dissapearing. He'd met both Willis and his digimon at the same time...

But the voice he was hearing was not that of Willis...

"C'mo- -en-y, I wa-t to see it!"

"NO! We a-e not go-ng into that -igit-l fi-ld."

What's wrong with the reception? Oh wait, it's clearing up...

Pulling on the rail of a walkway staircase, a Terriermon was trying to go down it. Looking to the side, he saw a great pink fog covering an entire street intersection...

Pulling on the rabbit's ears, trying to keep him away from the fog, a dark- blue-haired boy was filled with desperation. He was trying to avoid a battle, he saw, but it was entirely least he thought so...

"Terriermon, you're my friend, and friends d-n't let oth-r friend- get hurt. Besides..." the boy turned his head, he got a good look at the detirmination in his grey eyes...

"I-'s begin-ing to fe-l weird. Lik- we'-e being watch-d..."



The young blonde-headed boy sat up right in his sleep. The dream had been too detailed for his liking, and he seemed that he could relate to the boy in the dream...he hadn't wanted to fight, but it was unavoidable sometimes. That he knew himself...

He hadn't noticed it, but while he was thinking, he had sketched out Terriermon on his notepad. Chuckling to himself, Tk decided not to babysit anymore Zerimons for quite a while...


"No goggl-he-d to dea- with, an- no -inste-n eit-er. Th-s on-'s to oursel- ves."

"R-na-on, W-lk All O-er him."

She was scared by the pure lack of softness in the voice. Whoever had said that had no regard to what happened to others, and was obviously centered towards a goal...

"L-ave it t- me R-ka."

Although she did not want to look, sight came to her. Surrounded by a pink haze, a lone girl stood still in the middle of a battlefield.

A huge digimon stood before her, Nothing friendly written on it's face. She recognized it as a Mekanorimon, but the digimon fighting it was a mystery. But it didn't stay that way.

The agile form landed right in front of her vision. A giant golden fox! She was swept away with the sheer beauty of it, but froze when it looked...directly AT her. It did not say anything though, and returned to the battle.

"Time t- finish th-s." The girl spoke. Orange-red hair, it was tied up in a spiked ponytail. Her clothing looked downright boyish, and she wore a leather belt...which she drew something out of.

She gasped. This girl had a digivice! And she was reading a card of sorts...the fox digimon waited for something...



In a single flash of light, the fight was over. The viewer was on the verge of collapsing...

And then the girl turned. She saw her face, a soft yet stoney expression, and cold violet eyes...she was smiling...


Almost on the verge of screaming, the girl leapt from her pillow, and dashed into the kitchen.

It would NOt leave her. She tried so hard to forget, but the images of the fox, the slash, and most of all, the dream girl's face. She had seen battle, yes, and she had seen killing, yes. But she had never enjoyed it...

This girl, with the fox digimon, did. She seemed the type that just sat out to fight battles, no matter the concequnces.

And she had a digivice too...does that mean she's a digidestined? Ken used to be like that...but...that card thing? Where did That come from?...

Deciding on a case of insommnia, Kari stayed up for a few hours...


Daytime. Time to get a-shakin'.

Tai strolled towards the school computer room, intent on meeting the other digidestined there. He had his scrawlings from last night with him, and he wanted to tell them about his dream. He knew it had something in store for them at least...

"Hey Tai."

He looked up. He was at the doorway to the lab, and Matt was right in front of him.

"Oh, hey Matt."

"How's it going?"

"Fine. Was gonna talk to the guys about something."

"Oh? Coinsidence, so am I."

"Really? About what?" the Kamiya boy cocked an eyebrow.

"Belive it or not, about this weird dream I had last night."

Tai backed up a step. "Not too hard to belive...I had one myself."

"Really? What was it about?"

" had a boy and a digimon in it. Kid had yellow goggles, and the digimon was a red dino with all sorts of markings all over it...forgot what they were doing, I think he was scolding the digi for doing something bad."


He laughed. "Digging a hole in the house or something like that."

"Ooh, Bad digi!" Both young men broke into laughter for a bit, then Matt calmed down.

"My dream didn't have those two. Had a Terriermon, and a dark-skinned kid...imagine Ken with Tk's haircut."

Tai winced. "Ouch, do I have to?"

"No, but it describes him pretty good. He didn't want his Terriermon to fight, and I can understand that."

They finally entered the computer lab, where all six children were gathered about, discussing on how to tidy up sections in the digital world.

They looked up at the entrance of the two elder digidestined. "Hey there Tai!" Davis called. "Gonna help us with the clean-up?"

"That's not a bad idea, but me and Matt came by to ask a question..."

The older Ishida boy stepped forward. "Have any of you had weird dreams last night?"

A deafaning silence dominated the room, with a fair amount of the members looking nervous. Only Cody and Ken had looks of confusuion.

Finally, Tk spoke.

"Yes. I dreamt of a blue-haired boy, trying to keep his Terriermon from fighting."

More puzzled looks, from everyone except Tai and Matt.

"Your brother had the same dream." the large-haired boy said. "Anybody else dream of something?"

"I don't really want to talk about it." Both Yolei and Kari said at the same time. The gave each other sudden looks after that.

"What was it about?" Matt asked.

Both girls sighed, and began speaking in turns.

"Our dream...was of this orange-haired, purple eyed girl."

"She had a large fox digimon with her."

"And she...liked to fight."

Various gasps ecohed across the room, and the child of light began to break down. Yolei, more of the world, supported her and finished telling them.

"They were fighting a Mekanorimon, and it looked mad. The girl...she had a digivice, but it looked different." She held up her own. "Not like the older ones, nor like the D-3s."

"And...she slashed a card through it. I think it made the fox digimon stronger, because after that, it attacked only once, and it deleted the Mekanorimon...Grrr, that girl! She was like it was all in a day's work!!"

Ken looked down in shame. "I wonder...if she's like me..."

"She might as well have a Dark Spore inside her, she sure was acting like it. Ooooh, I wish she were real, then I'd give her the one two!!" The teenaged girl was now up, tossing punches in the air.

Tai, in the posession of a large sweatdrop, spoke up. "My dream was of a brown-haired boy with red eyes, and he had a red dinosaur digimon...the boy was wearing goggles."

Davis instinctively reached up to touch his own pair, but Tai turned to him. "Have any of you dreamed of him?"

"Ummm..."Davis scratched his head. "I think I have...didn't see the dino though. Yellow goggles?"

"That's right. What was he doing?"

"Oh, I dreamt he was conducting an orchestra, filled with these little purple digimon wearing red scarfs. I think the song was 'Edge of Seventeen'..."

"Trust Davis to get a vision and get it dreamt wrong." Cody sighed.

The sweatdrops even larger now, Tai stepped forward. "I tried to draw the kid, but you all know I'm no artist. I was Hoping Davis could try, since he's the only one here who can draw a lick, but after hearing his version of his dream..."

"Hey, I can do it!" the goggleboy cried, grabbing pencil and paper off the countertop. "Just gimme a sec..."

The group waited in anxious silence as the Motomiya kid scrbbled with fury. A minute later, Davis whirled around and presented the picture with a flourish.

Tai's eyes widened. "That's him! That's the one!!"

Kari was confused. "Which one, the one with the cards, or the one at the bandstand?"

"They're both him, the bandstand one was how he looked like conducting." Davis defended.

"Then how did you know how the other one looked like?"

"It was funny...I kept getting these images in from the sides. I also kept seeing...hang a sec."

He took the paper back and sketched in quick lines. Then he held it back out.

They all gasped. Some of them had somehow seen it, but only the girls had seen it in action.

On the paper was the image of the digivice all three visions had been using.