Mark of the Beast

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Plot: In the lust for power a deal was made. The terms set generations ago. Now the time to collect has arrived! There are two new professors at Eden College and they're looking for two specific boys, boys that bare the "mark of the beast". Ciel bares one such mark, and so does Alois. What secrets lay waiting to be discovered about their families? And what exactly do the new professors want from them?

Rating: M

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Chapter 1: The New Professors

Heavy grey clouds hung in the sky as students filtered from the dormitories to their classes. Deep blue eyes scanned the crowds as he walked. It appeared that it was going to be another uneventful day at Eden. When Ciel was told he was going to be attending the prestigious private school he hadn't expected the days to be so dull. Tradition reigned supreme at this school, and he wasn't exactly one for standing on such needless ceremony.

"Ciel!" Pausing Ciel waited for the owner of the voice that called to him to catch up to him. Alois Trancy, a blonde with electric blue eyes, was Ciel's roommate. They also had a similar status; both were the heirs of their father's titles, Earls. Another similarity was that both their families ruled the underworld, controlling the shadows and making sure they didn't interfere with the everyday life of the country. "Did you hear?" Alois asked as he reached Ciel.

"Hear what?" Ciel asked in return. He hated it when people asked such vague questions. He wondered why people couldn't just get to the point! Why must they dodge around what they were trying to get at?

Alois smiled, he knew about Ciel's irritation with dodging and he liked to exploit it. "We're getting two new teachers!" he finally said after a moment of watching Ciel's impatient expression.

"Oh?" Ciel tried the best he could to seem interested. "I wasn't aware that any of the professors had left."

"It was a sudden transfer," Alois said with a wave of his hand as they continued towards the main building. "Anyways the new professors will be teaching Classic Literature and Art History. Kind of makes you wonder what they're like, right?"

"No it doesn't," Ciel answered plainly. He could care less what the professors were like. Any teacher was just like the next. What was the point of getting excited about something as mundane as a new one? Ciel just couldn't see the merit in such a triviality.

Alois frowned at Ciel's reaction. "You really are a wall flower aren't you?" he suddenly asked.

Narrowed dark blue eyes turned on Alois. "What does my reluctance at social events have to do with this?" Ciel demanded.

"Nothing," Alois chirped before skipping on ahead. "Hurry it up or you'll be late."

Ciel didn't respond to the blonde and continued at his present pace. He knew that he wouldn't be late so there was no reason to suddenly rush. As he walked he pondered why he seemed so detached from the rest of his classmates. Was it because of the position his family held? But if that was the case he should be able to at least relate to Alois, which he did not. Was it because he had higher scores than the others of his age? He doubted it. If they were really such petty people he felt sorry for them. Could it because of his own personality? Ciel didn't see anything wrong with him so he couldn't understand how that could be it.

Turning a corner deep in thought he collided with another person. "Ah sorry," he quickly said has he helped to collect the papers that had fallen.

"No it was my fault." At the refined voice Ciel looked up into deep red eyes. A strange smile was playing across the man's lips as he looked at Ciel. "Are you alright?"

Ciel blinked several times before he realized the man had asked him a question. "Yes I'm fine," he responded as he stood up and handed him the papers he had collected. "I haven't seen you before."

"I'm the new Classic Literature professor," the man said. Ciel's eyes widened. "The name is Sebastian Michaelis, and you are?"

"Ciel, Ciel Phantomhive," he answered as if in a daze.

"Ciel," Sebastian repeated his name, rolling it on his tongue as if it was something precious. The sound caused a small shiver to run down Ciel's spine. "I do believe you are in my class first period."

"Yes I am," Ciel answered.

"Then let us go," Sebastian offered as he stepped aside indicating for Ciel to walk alongside him. Silently he nodded and fell into step with the teacher. As they walked Ciel stole glances over at the tall teacher. He had raven black hair and a milky complexion. Ciel had to admit the man was quite the looker. Realizing his thoughts he blushed and focused his eyes forward. What was he doing finding another man attractive?

Sebastian smirked as he caught the sight of Ciel's blush but didn't let on that he noticed. The younger boy's black hair, porcelain skin, cupid bow lips, and blue eyes all combined to make quite the picture. Still Sebastian's gaze repeatedly returned to Ciel's right eye and each time it did his eyes narrowed slightly. Even though he couldn't see it he knew it was there. He could feel it calling out to him and it angered him that it was being covered.

"Where here," Ciel said as they reached the door.

"It seems we are," Sebastian responded. "I am sorry for running into you, are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes, thank you," Ciel answered with a light blush. He couldn't understand why he was so nervous around this man. It was like he was overly conscious of him, which was just weird.

"Hurry and take your seat," Sebastian instructed.

Ciel nodded and hurried up the aisle to his assigned seat next to Alois. The blonde boy was frowning at him as he sat down. "I thought you didn't care about the new professor?" he accused.

"I don't," Ciel returned with a bite to his words. "I bumped into him in the hall. After realizing we were headed in the same direction we walked together. That's all."

"Sure," Alois drawled before turning his attention to the front of the classroom. "He sure is attractive."

"You must be kidding," Ciel scoffed. "He's a man."

"So?" Alois asked. "You can't seriously be so narrow minded in today's age?"

"I'm not," Ciel denied. "But you shouldn't deal out such compliments so flippantly."

"Who says it was flippant?" Alois demanded.

"Okay if we could cease with the conversations," Sebastian called from the front of the class. "Hello class, my name is Sebastian Michaelis and I'll be the new professor for Classic Literature. I look forward to getting to know all of you." Ciel might have just been imaging it but he could have sworn that Sebastian's eyes had been looking at him as he said that.

xXx Mark of the Beast xXx

Alois sighed as he walked out of his first period class. It wasn't his imagination; the new teacher most definitely seemed to be watching Ciel very closely. Sure his observation was covert but it was still there. Alois just couldn't understand it! What was so interesting about a wall flower like Ciel? Perhaps he had done something when they first met to garner the new teacher's interest.

As Alois walked down the hallway to his second period class, Art History, he remembered that they had a second new teacher. With a new found spring in his step he skipped to the class and opened the door. Instantly he was met with a man that held a similar air about him as Professor Michaelis. The only real difference between the two was that this one was wearing glasses and had golden or yellow eyes.

"Are you coming in?" the man asked with a voice devoid of all emotion.

Alois snapped out of the small daze he had found himself in. "Ah yeah," he said walking into the room and heading towards his seat. Maybe he was just imaging it but the teacher's eyes seemed to be following him intently. Shaking the thought aside he turned and smiled at the professor. "So, what's your name?" he asked.

The man didn't seem ruffled by his haughty attitude. "Claude Faustus," he said as he nudged his glasses up with a finger. "And you are?"

"I'm Alois, Alois Trancy," Alois answered with a cocky tone.

"Alois," Claude repeated the name, and the sound of his name leaving the older man's lips caused a shiver to run down Alois' spine. The tone was nearly seductive, definitely not a tone a teacher would use when calling a student's name. "Please sit up correctly in your seat," Claude added.

"What?" Alois asked. He was a little surprised by the teacher's sudden change in tone.

"Sit up properly," Claude repeated.

Alois narrowed his eyes and stuck out just the tip of his tongue. Looking away from the teacher Alois didn't catch the narrowing of Claude's eyes. Being denied the sight of it had caused a slight rise in his temper. The mere idea that Alois would try and hide it was irritating, even if it had been an order from his father. Claude didn't have time to dwell on his distaste of the lack of visual confirmation because student's started to filter into the classroom.

Pulling his eyes away from the blonde Claude addressed the rest of the class, "Welcome. I am Claude Faustus and I'll be taking over this class from today on." His yellow eyes moved back to Alois and he said, "I'm looking forward to the next year with all of you."

xXx Mark of the Beast xXx

Ciel walked slowly through the halls to the exit. The day had been, well for lack of a better term, weird. First there was the meeting with the new Classic Literature professor, Sebastian Michaelis. After that was the strange Art History professor, Claude Faustus. If the way Professor Michaelis had spoke to him was odd then the way Professor Faustus spoke to Alois was downright unnerving. Of course it seemed no one noticed the peculiar behavior of the two new teachers. Perhaps it was just him than, and there was nothing wrong. Was he looking for something that wasn't really there? It wouldn't be the first time Ciel had chased a rainbow only to find nothing.

Releasing a heavy sigh Ciel stepped out of the old building and headed across the courtyard towards the dormitories. He would just have to put the day's happenings behind him. There was no purr in Professor Michaelis' voice has he called his name. Professor Faustus had not looked at Alois like a dessert waiting to be eaten. No, there was nothing in the new professors' behavior that would indicate the slightest interest in either him or his roommate. He was imagining it, all of it.

Ciel's hand came up and covered his right eye. Was he also imagining the way Professor Michaelis seemed to be concentrating on his eye? 'Does he know?' Ciel felt his breath hitch and his heart rate quicken with fear at the thought. Picking up his pace Ciel ran the rest of the way to the dormitory and to his room. Rushing to the bathroom he pried his eyelid apart gently and with a practiced ease popped out a colored contact lens.

There staring back at him was his true reflection, his real right eye. It was no longer the dark blue of his other eye but a deep purple with a pentagram scared into the iris. The Faustian Contract was what his father had called it once. Ciel had overheard a conversation he didn't understand. All he did know was that whatever this symbol meant it wasn't good.

Why had he been born with it? What purpose did it serve? Why would his family demand it to be covered, never to be revealed to outsiders? Ciel didn't have the answers to his questions, and something told him it would be a long time before he did.

"Ciel!" Alois' voice broke Ciel out of his thoughts. Quickly he placed the contact back into his eye, and left the bathroom. "Ah there you are," Alois smiled at him in a mischievous way.

"What do you want now?" Ciel asked, his arms crossed over his chest. He didn't want to put up with his roommate's games this evening.

Alois pouted, feigning injury to Ciel's curt words. "Can a roommate not request a moment of the other's time?"

"No," Ciel stated bluntly. "I have to study, so do not bother me tonight."

Alois frowned as the raven haired teen moved to one of the desk within the room. Shrugging his shoulders Alois went into the bathroom and closed the door. Looking at himself in the mirror he slowly stuck out his tongue until a golden pentagram was revealed.

xXx Mark of the Beast xXx

Sebastian frowned as he watched Ciel walk across the campus courtyard, pointedly keeping to the pathways and avoiding the grass. "Soon Ciel, very soon," Sebastian whispered in the empty classroom. Ciel's hand came up to cover his right eye and Sebastian smiled, he couldn't wait to unveil the precious gem hidden there. The knowledge that it was being kept from his sight was disgusting. "Do they think to hinder me by keeping it hidden?" he asked no one with edged wrath in his voice.

"You shouldn't talk to yourself." Sebastian turned and glared at Claude as he closed the classroom door behind him.

"So, you are here too," Sebastian sighed. "The Trancy boy, correct?" he asked turning back to the window.

Claude's eyes narrowed at the dismissive tone Sebastian used to address Alois. "He's far superior to that short boy," Claude returned as he came to stand beside the other Professor.

Sebastian's eyes narrowed. "I highly doubt that. I've waited a long time for Ciel," he stated.

"As I have for Alois," Claude finished.

They looked at each other, their eyes glowing a pinkish red for a brief moment before they turned to continue watching the two boys cross the courtyard. It wouldn't be long now. Soon the pledge would be completed and they would have their prize. The hour was swiftly growing nearer. The time to collect was upon them.


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