Chapter 1: My love story It all started like this. It was the first day back to school, my friend had bought me and her some beautiful diamond necklaces' from Tiffany. There was this new guy at school named Jared. He was the kind of boy with a scary personality, but looks sweet. When I was at my locker he passed me and smelled like death like my friend Marissa tells me, but I smell like that because I'm a vampire. It's not a curse I was just born that way. So either he's been laying down with dead people, or he's a vampire. He's at least 6feet 4inches and his eye's are blueish greyish color. He was like a elementary school bully, but 20 times worse. He and his crew walk around terrifying people. Just because no girl is crazy enough to ask him out. He's been dumped 35 times in the last month.