Castle charged at the apparition, but it only seemed to get farther away. He had a sick feeling that no matter how fast he ran he would never catch it. It didn't matter the adrenaline was coursing through him at thousands of miles an hour. He would not let Beckett be brought down by this. What ever it was. He was actually surprised himself when he had taken the courage to face this wicked. He had one for small burst of energy and he ran, but slipped on the loose gravel by the roadside and slipped into the water way beside him. The mud squelching beneath his falling body.

"Damn. That hurt." He tried to get up, but his side was in a fiery inferno. He grabbed on to what he could, but it wasn't much since it had recently rained only a day ago and the mud was still breathed heavily into his arm as he heaved himself out. His left arm wrapped around his chest. The pain was searing, but he had to press on. Come on Rick. What ever is scaring the hell out of Kate you need to make sure it can't ever again. Wait not need HAVE. It is not a need it's a necessity. Castle grunted and heaved himself up on two feet and gritted his teeth. His breathing came out in ragged gasps when he heard her yelling. He couldn't go back to her like this.

Castle had to smile at the way she handled situations. He was also glad she didn't give in to this thing. He looked up and it was like it was taunting him. Okay, besides being scared for Beckett, he was royally pissed. The pain seemed to dull and he threw a rock at it. It bounced off, but made the thing even more aggressive. Castle held his breath as it began to move side to side in spastic movements. "Oh shit." He tried to push the pain out of his mind again to run, but he already felt a frozen slice run down his back. A warm wet trickle began to run down his back. His voice caught in his throat and he couldn't call out. The freezing cold had numbed the pain, but he knew he was going to feel it later. His legs gave out and he hit the ground with a sickening thud. He coughed and although the light wasn't good to see in, he slid his hand across his mouth and it had darkened. He hand an arm across his chest again and tried to get up. The pain shattered through him and he screamed. His face hit the ground again and he tried crawling. Whatever was tormenting him decided he wasn't a threat anymore and was gone. He coughed again and tried to stand up. The pain was unbearable and He collapsed again. His eyes fluttered to stay open, but the pain did him in and his mind sent him into a dark, and cold rest.

Castle didn't know how long he was out, but it felt like years. His back was stiff and his ribs were sending flares of increasing pain the more he moved. He managed to get up and noticed his scratch on his back had stopped bleeding. Well that was a good sign. Maybe it didn't stop and he just lost feeling. He didn't care either way. He had to go get Beckett. He had to make sure she was okay. He got up through clenched teeth and began walking.