Hey, guys.

I know that I haven't updated in a long while. However, quite frankly, I have lost interest in the Percy Jackson fandom. I haven't read Blood Of Olympus and I don't feel the need to. Maybe I'll read it some day. Anyway, I've decided that I want to be a real author. Not just a fanfiction writer. So, I've decided to delete my fanfiction account because I will not be here anymore. I'm rarely on as it is.

I've moved to Wattpad, where I'll start a couple of my own stories.

There's a Percy Jackson inspired story of mine called Crashing Waves on there. Check it out if you want.

You can still stay in contact with me. I won't be missing. I'll just be writing about other things.

Twitter: AmirahTheOwl

Tumblr: mischievouslittleowl

Wattpad: mischievouslittleowl

Instagram: mischievouslittleowl

I love you guys. You've given me so much support last year. I want to make you proud but in my own way, okay?

See you around :)


I won't delete my account. I'll leave it here.

However, can I count on you guys to tell me if you see someone stealing my stories though?

I don't want people getting credit for what I spent days to write.

Thank you xoxox