Emma tried to suppress her surprise. Even though she was taken off guard she didn't want to hesitate, "yeah, okay, um… sure."

She cringed at the words coming out of her mouth even as she was saying them. Your girlfriend's only birthday wish is to bang you with a huge dildo and your response is 'sure.' No wonder Regina doesn't often open up and share. She pondered Regina's request and realized some things were starting to make sense. Regina, so tightly controlled in her day to day, giving that up was her way to display intimacy. Tonight she wanted to dominate.

Emma handed Regina the toy like she was presenting Christmas dinner. Regina wordlessly took it and tested the weight, looking it over. Emma sat back and watched as Regina got up and lifted each of her elegant legs to step through the harness and pull it up around her hips. She paused, fastening and tightening it just so.

"Will you get me ready for you, dear?" Regina asked, her voice low, a mischievous smile on her lips. She reached for the forgotten tub of frosting and smeared some onto the tip of the dildo, presenting it to Emma and making her request clear.

Emma scooted to the edge of the bed and eagerly began to lick and suck the cock, wetting it with saliva. Regina watched silently, as Emma turned her wide eyes up to meet Regina's. She pulled it out and Emma lay down on her back, spreading her legs. She was always ready for Regina, and the anticipation was driving her mad. Regina gracefully positioned herself between Emma's legs and began to slowly and tortuously rub the tip of the cock against Emma's sex. She dipped it ever so slightly into her wetness bringing it up to spread the arousal over her clit, the smooth silicone gliding effortlessly through her folds.

"Relax," Regina purred, bringing her hands to Emma's thighs and spreading legs even wider. Emma felt vulnerable and open, as she did as told and took a grounding deep breath.

Admiring the sight before her, Regina licked her own lips, and gently pushed the head of the cock into Emma.

"You can take it, don't worry," Regina said absently, distracted by her task as she worked it in inch by inch. Emma felt herself stretching as she was invaded, her body protesting deliciously. She trusted Regina implicitly, but even still she'd never had anything like this before. Her body slowly accommodated, the walls of her pussy enveloping more and more as Regina slowly sunk in deeper.

Regina circled her hips and Emma reacted instantly, groaning in delight as every bit of her was filled. She was still teasing, fucking her at an agonizingly slow pace, but it was torture Emma could happily endure forever. She watched Regina's face, determined jaw and blissful serenity encapsulated her features. She suddenly lifted one of Emma's legs, changing the angle just so. The move caused Emma to dig her fingers into the tangled sheets as her body flooded with pleasure. Pulling her hips more forward and resting the Emma's ankle over her shoulder she got even deeper. Emma's mouth opened and closed as she panted and let out fitful gasps. Regina was all the way inside her, hitting Emma's back wall with every thrust.

Regina pulled out without warning, and Emma deflated and empty as she twisted and writhed on the bed. Regina's eyes bore a hard glint as she grabbed Emma's hips urging her up, and over onto her hands and knees. Emma's head spun from the quick transition, her legs unstable beneath her. From behind, Regina took her all over again. She ran her hands over the sheen of sweat shining on Emma's strained back muscles. Emma pushed her ass back into Regina as she pushed her hips forward. Emma's breasts bounced, as the bed creaked softly in time with the perfect push and pull of their bodies.

Sharp, shallow thrusts sent rivets of pronounced sensation through Emma. The muscles in Regina's ass clenched, as one hand held Emma's hip steady, the other tangled into her long hair, pulling like she was holding horse's reins. Emma loved every second. This position was perfectly hitting her g-spot and the more Regina got into it, losing control, humping her harder, pulling her hair, smacking Emma's ass cheeks, the more heat seared through Emma's body. Overwhelmed by it all, she felt her orgasm grip her, her body shaking, she couldn't hold herself up for a second longer on her arms weakened from passion. She flopped forward, the room spun and she didn't even hear her own scream until moments later when her mind caught back up with her senses like an echo.

Regina struggled with her own breathing as she slowed her thrusts and reluctantly pulled out. She rolled over next to Emma, lying on her back and staring at the phallus between her legs: ever ready, and covered in Emma's essence. Regina scanned her partner's body. Emma looked serene and sleepy, but Regina wasn't ready for it to end just yet. Leaning over to coax Emma back to the conscious world by peppering kisses against her sweaty temple, Emma looked up in a daze.

"On top now," Regina instructed simply, and Emma just nodded, rising as quickly as she could and straddling Regina's hips as she positioned herself over the toy. Looking down at Regina, sweaty from exertion and body humming with arousal, Emma hoped she could find the energy to please Regina. Sliding the toy between her legs she bore down, watching Regina's delighted face as she set a rhythm. Finding her second wind, she rode her effortlessly, Regina enjoyed Emma's beauty. Regina took Emma's right hand and directed it between her legs; Emma nodded in understanding as she rubbed her fingers over her own clit.

Emma felt her hips grabbed roughly, and looked down at Regina a bit confused. Regina held her in place, driving her own hips up at a breakneck pace, creating the most powerful vibration inside Emma. Pounding into her until she couldn't take it and climaxed, falling forward and landing on Regina's chest. Dragging herself up she kissed every bit of skin her mouth could reach, while Regina gasped in satisfaction and stroked her hair soothingly. Emma rolled off and landed once more on her back, where she tried to catch her breath.

Regina got up, making short work of removing the harness and then crawled back onto the bed, an urgent hunger burning in her eyes. She scrambled up Emma's body, knees coming to rest on either side of Emma's head.

"Please…finish me," Regina's voice went from soft to a commanding growl and Emma, amazed at her confidence, blindly sucked at hot, swollen wet flesh as Regina ground herself into her mouth. She gripped the headboard, her head lolling with pleasure. Coming with the loudest cry and hardest jerk Emma had ever witnessed. The little golden crown tumbled off her head and landed on the bed next to Emma's head. Riding out a few more aftershocks, Regina finally stilled and quieted, her limbs heavy and aching. She used the last of her energy to lift off of Emma and slide back down on the bed, pressing and wrapping her hot body around Emma.

"Happy birthday," Emma mustered weakly.

"Hmm, yes, dear…thank you for making my wish come true."

"You could not have possibly wished for…that?"

"I'll never tell," Regina murmured, drifting off as her breath evened out. Emma shook her head in disbelief; she caught sight of the crown on the edge of the bed. She picked it up and studied it, smiling as she stretched out; her body satisfied and sleepy. She placed the crown back on Regina's head, resting it in her fluffy mussed hair. Smoothing a wayward strand behind her ear, looking at her with reverence and love, 'My Queen' she murmured, taking a breath before closing her heavy eyelids. Unwittingly, her wish had come true too. Emma Swan had been resplendently, impressively, illustriously, royally screwed.