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Chapter 21

It was nearly 10 o'clock when Evey Hammond finally made her way out of her office. It had never been her intention to stay so late, as she had been hoping to spend her night in the Shadow Gallery. However, those plans had been dashed when several deadlines had been moved up, and Evey became engrossed in her work. Evey had lost all sense of time, and when she had finally glanced at the clock, she audibly gasped. It was no wonder it was getting harder and harder for her to keep her eyes open and actually focus on her work.

The cold December air was a welcome relief from the stuffiness of Evey's office, and it wakened her considerably. Evey stood outside the building for a few minutes, simply breathing in the air, before the cold finally started to seep through her coat, reminding her that she should be moving along.

Evey was halfway to the parking lot when she suddenly remembered that she had walked this morning, as she had spent the night in the Shadow Gallery. Usually, whenever Evey spent the night with V, she would walk to work, as there was a relatively close tube station. Normally it would not have been a problem, because she usually had plans to return that same evening. However, with her plans of going to the Gallery gone, Evey let out a sigh when she realized she would have to walk to her flat. Although the walk wasn't terribly far, it was far enough for an exhausted Evey Hammond.

At least Evey was no longer afraid of walking down the streets at night. Evey recalled how only two years ago, the idea of walking through the streets of London at this hour would have been terrifying. Of course, her fears had been justified that fateful night of November 4th. But it retrospect, Evey had always been glad that she decided to take the risk that evening.

Using that memory to spur herself into action, Evey set off down the sidewalk at a brisk pace. Despite no longer having a curfew set in place, no one was out walking or generally lounging around the streets. Evey was not surprised; in addition to being bitterly cold out, staying indoors was a hard habit for people to break. In time, the streets would become active once again.

After walking in solitude for several blocks, Evey suddenly heard a pair of footsteps behind her. Before, this would have scared her senseless, but now, Evey paid them no mind. She didn't even bother to turn around and cast a suspicious glance at them. Perhaps it was simply someone out enjoying their freedom, or walking a dog. For the briefest of seconds, Evey even considered that it might have been V, trying to scare her so that she would not walk alone at night. She remembered how he had pulled a similar stunt when he snuck into her flat to remind her to lock her windows. But Evey simply concluded that it was a fellow citizen, out for a stroll.

Evey was only a few blocks from her flat when she turned down a small alley that she knew to be a shortcut. Evey had hardly taken ten steps into the alley when she suddenly noticed that the sounds of footsteps behind her had not faded, as she had expected, but had actually grown louder. It had not bothered her that whoever was behind her had followed her for several blocks; after all, it was a main street. But now, Evey knew that she actually was being followed. She doubted that this person just so happened to use this very same alley as a shortcut; as V always told her, there were no coincidences.

Once Evey came upon this realization, she knew that she needed something to protect herself. Almost imperceptibly, Evey reached into her bag and produced a small canister of pepper spray. Adrenaline was pumping through Evey's blood stream, getting ready for a fight or flight response. Evey kept her eyes trained forward, and increased her pace, hoping to at least escape the secluded alleyway.

It was when the footsteps suddenly quickened that Evey could not maintain her composure, and she wheeled on her follower, brandishing her pepper spray.

"You'd better stop following me, or you might regret it!" Evey snarled.

The man that stood before her was currently shrouded in darkness, so Evey could not make out his face. But she saw that he was only a few inches taller than she was, and had a very slight frame. When the man stepped into the light, Evey was able to make out his facial features. He had an enormous handlebar mustache, which seemed to be almost too big for his small stature. Underneath the greasy brown mustache, Evey saw a set of equally brown teeth. He reminded Evey of one of the fingermen who had attacked her almost two years ago, although she knew that they had very different intentions.

"Now, isn't that sweet?" The man laughed. "I'm terrified."

"I'm warning you, if you don't back off, you'll regret it!" Evey warned again.

The man before her laughed once again, before responding, "Oh, I don't think so."

With that, the man advanced, and knocked the pepper spray out of Evey's hands before she even had a chance to react. Once Evey realized that she was disarmed, she spun on her heel and sprinted towards the end of the alley. She had almost made her way out when she was grabbed roughly by the arms and yanked backwards. Evey instinctively let out a scream, and tried to fight off her attacker. However, it was to no avail. Although the man wasn't much bigger than she, he harbored incredible hidden strength.

Now, Evey's attacker had her forced against the brick wall. Perhaps if adrenaline wasn't coursing through her system, Evey would have reflected upon the bitter irony of the entire situation. But now, Evey was only focused on warding off her attacker.

"It's such a shame, really," the man began. Evey's eyes widened as he took out a small knife, and her desperate struggling was renewed. "You've got such a pretty face; it's a shame I'm going to have to carve a nice, big X into it."

"A wise man would rethink that proposition."

Evey let out a gasp of recognition and relief when she heard the deep, resonant voice of her masked vigilante coming from behind her assailant. The luminescent smile of Guy Fawkes loomed over the assassin while the moonlight gave the mask an eerie, ghostlike pallor.

There was a brilliant flash of steel, and Evey suddenly noticed a familiar blade pressed forcefully against her attacker's throat. The man's eyes were wide, and the color had flushed out of his face. However, he still maintained a firm grip on his blade, and held it uncomfortably close to Evey's face.

"Perhaps I was not clear. Release her." V's rich voice snarled. Evey saw the pressure increase on the knife; the skin drew taught, until a small drop of blood escaped.

"Who are you?" The assassin managed to ask. He still had not dropped his knife, which greatly angered V. He was losing his patience entirely with this piece of filth, but he knew he needed to restrain himself. This man had information, he was certain of it.

In one swift movement, V spun the man around to the opposite wall, making sure that he never spotted him. The man let out a yelp, but V quickly silenced him by pressing the tip of his dagger firmly against the small of the man's back. The man fought against V, although after a few moments, he realized that it was futile.

"You are not in a position to be asking questions. Now, where are the remaining cells?"

Despite his predicament, the man managed to laugh. "You think I'm going to tell you, mate? You might as well kill me."

V pressed the dagger harder into the man's back, causing him to gasp in pain. V leaned close to the man, before whispering, "Do not tempt me. I would take your life without a second thought."

Again, the man managed another breathless laugh.

"Bollocks! I know you won't with her here." The man sneered, managing to tilt his head towards Evey.

V glanced over his shoulder at the woman leaning up against the wall. Although he knew she wasn't afraid, he knew that she was undoubtedly shaken. He had made her brave, but he had not removed her instincts. No matter how brave a person was, being attacked in a dark alley could be a traumatic experience.

Now, Evey's eyes were wide, not with fear, but with concern. V could see the conflict playing out in her eyes; he saw the desire for this man to suffer, but also the desire for him to face justice through the government. It was the constant turmoil that played out inside of him, and V had never before seen it inside of Evey's eyes. Perhaps he truly had influenced her more than he knew.

But, despite the half of Evey that wanted the man to die, V knew that the man was indeed correct. He simply could not bring himself to kill this man in front of his beloved Evey. However, it was not the idea that Evey would not be strong enough that held him back. Evey had seen unspeakable things, many of which had been at his hand. V simply did not want this to be another addition to the long list of black marks of his that Evey had witnessed. He did not have to force Evey to watch him resort to the image he was trying to separate himself from.

"Of course not. I would never do something so heinous in the presence of a lady." V began, lightly tracing the dagger up the man's spine. "But I certainly would harm you. Perhaps torture you to within an inch of your life. So I ask you again. Where is X?"

The man simply remained silent, which only enraged V all the more. He applied more pressure on the knife, causing the man to actually cry out in pain. V steadily began to increase the pressure, and saw a dark stain of blood suddenly blossom on the fabric of the man's shirt.

"Must I continually repeat myself?"

V was just about to thrust the knife deeper still, when he suddenly felt a small hand on his shoulder. V turned slightly, still keeping a firm grasp on his victim, and saw that Evey had approached him. The conflict he had seen earlier seemed to have quieted some, although traces of it could still be seen. However, when Evey spoke, her voice was still and sure.

"You should let Finch handle this. I understand; truly, I do. But he isn't talking, and I don't want you to lose your temper." Evey suggested calmly. She watched as V let out a sharp breath, and quickly sheathed his knife.

Once the man heard their exchange, and no longer felt the pressure of V's knife, he let out a cruel laugh. "You're all full of talk; I knew you wouldn't do anything." He taunted.

This was enough to unleash a small bit of V's infamous temper. V suddenly lashed out, dealing the man a devastating blow to the head. The man crumpled to the ground, and V made no move to stop it. He had made sure the blow was strong enough to knock the man out, but not so strong that it would have killed him.

Evey stared at V for a few seconds, while V stared down at the man at his feet. They remained in silence for several minutes, until V finally straightened himself up to his full height, and turned to Evey.

"Evey, are you alright?"

"We really must stop meeting like this, V." Evey quipped, trying to put V at ease.

"Evey…" V began. Now was really not the time for humor.

"Yes, V. I'm alright. Just a bit shaken, is all." Evey responded.

V nodded, and took yet another glance at his victim. He was almost certain at this point that the man was suffering from a concussion, although that suited V just fine. V looked at Evey once more.

"Call Finch."

"Evey, are you alright?"

Those were the first words out of Eric Finch's mouth as he stepped out of his car. After Evey had called Finch and explained the sensitivity of the situation, he had rushed to the scene as soon as he could, alone. Evey had explained that V would be there, and therefore, they did not need police swarming the scene for the time being.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you Eric."

"What on earth happened?" Eric asked, spying the dispatched assassin lying on the ground. Currently, the man was still unconscious, but was beginning to groan, indicating that he would not be for much longer.

Now, V stepped out of the shadows to greet Finch. He nodded at the man before he began to explain: "Evey was walking home, and I noticed that this man had been following her for several blocks. When she turned down this alley, presumably as a short cut, the man confronted her."

"I gathered that much. What I really want to know is why he is lying unconscious." Finch replied, giving V a pointed look. He certainly hoped that this man would eventually be coherent enough for questioning and ultimately a trial.

"When the man refused to talk, Evey wisely suggested that we detain him. Clearly, it is a priority for me to remain hidden. Therefore, the only logical solution was to render him unconscious." V explained in a very matter-of-fact manner.

"Did he say anything that stuck out at either of you two?"

Evey finally spoke up, "His original goal was to carve an X into my face. I think that might be fairly telling."

"Although X was the most obvious suspect, the question he refused to answer was where the remaining cells were." V added. "With time, and other methods, I could have retrieved this information. However, it now falls to you."

"Thank you, V. Really." Finch gave him a small, knowing smile, before he and V hauled the man into Finch's car. After they had shut the door, Finch turned to Evey.

"You're sure you're alright?" He asked once more. Evey nodded.

"Could you do me a favor, and stop walking down dark alleys at night?" This earned him a playful scowl from Evey. "In all seriousness, Evey, please be more careful. You are everything to this revolution. V, thank you for watching out for her."

With that, Finch turned on his heel and got into his car. Evey and V waited for him to drive out of sight before they turned to one another.

"Shall I escort you home, Evey?" V asked, gesturing to her flat, which was now in view. Evey followed his arm, but then looked back at V.

"Would it be alright if I stayed in the Gallery tonight?" Evey asked, seemingly shy. V was slightly shocked to see her so timid, especially about something she knew he would not mind in the slightest. Perhaps she was more shaken up than she had let on.

"Of course, love. You are always welcome, you know this," V replied. In reality, V was relieved that she had suggested this. He would have offered regardless, as it made him feel much better that he would be able to personally see to her safety that night. "Come, we should be on our way. You can take a nice hot shower while I prepare you a cup of tea."

Evey nodded, and they set off down the street, sticking to the shadows to avoid detection. It did not take long for Evey to twine their fingers together. This simple act always brought a broad smile onto V's face, and now, it provided Evey with a sense of comfort.

While they walked, V noticed how quiet Evey had become. Normally, their walks together were fairly devoid of idle chat, but Evey would occasionally sigh or hum slightly in the back of her throat. To an untrained observer, this would have gone unnoticed. But V most certainly took a notice in the changed silence that hung between them. However, V did not feel that it was an appropriate time to bring it up. Perhaps once they were in the safety and seclusion of the Gallery, Evey would open up to him.

"Shall I prepare you a cup of tea, love?" V asked after helping Evey out of her jacket.

"Yes, please. That would be lovely." Evey responded quietly. "I think I'm going to go take a shower like you suggested. I won't be long."

V nodded, "Take all the time you need Evey."

Evey smiled softly at V and then made her way to her bedroom. She selected her usual pajamas, consisting of one of V's shirts, and a pair of shorts. After Evey found these items, and a few other toiletries, she went to the bathroom and started the water.

Once the hot water began to sooth and un-knot her tense muscles, Evey was able to think. She wasn't entirely sure what had her so upset; after all, she was fearless Evey Hammond. She had sneered in the face of her kidnappers, and even orchestrated an escape. She had been threatened by government officials, and nearly killed in an explosion. She had been tortured, and was now leading an entire country through revolution. Nothing fazed her; so she wasn't exactly sure why she was so shaken up by a simple minded thug.

Evey certainly knew that her adrenaline was not helping the matter. No matter how fearless she claimed to be, almost being killed would leave a person a bit flustered. But still, that wasn't what was really troubling Evey. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that what she was really struggling against was an internal conflict she had been struggling with for a long time.

Evey had wished death upon the man who had attacked her. She could not deny the fact that when she was watching V, slowly impaling the man before her very eyes, she almost did not stop him. The only thing that had compelled her to step forward and stay her beloved's hand was the thought of lying to her people. This man needed to be tried for his crimes, and the people needed to see that the threat was being handled. They would not be satisfied with the secret murders of rebel fingermen.

This had been a constant turmoil inside her mind, especially in the aftermath of the attack on the Fifth. When V had left to kill those responsible, Evey realized that that was wrong. She could not allow V to quench his thirst for revenge by killing the men who needed to be put in prison. But when he had returned that night, Evey could not find it in her heart to be angry at him. She was not sure if she had been relieved, or upset by his choice.

Evey sighed. The water was beginning to run cold, so she turned off the tap and quickly wrapped herself in one of the plush towels V kept in the bathroom. Evey could faintly hear the sounds of V tinkering away in the kitchen, and for a brief moment, Evey thought she could hear either the Wurlitzer or the record player. V would be waiting for her, so Evey quickly toweled off and slipped into her pajamas. Perhaps V would have some answers for her.

"Sorry that took so long, V." Evey said as she emerged into the main room of the Gallery. She spotted V perched on the chaise, a book in hand. This was a common sight in the Gallery that always brought a sense of calm over Evey. It was an image that had become so ingrained into Evey's mind, that she always associated it with the comfort of being with V in the Gallery.

V turned to look at Evey, who was wearing that shirt of his. When she was in this state, freshly showered, messy haired, and slightly vulnerable, V found Evey to be absolutely breathtaking. Now was no exception, except now V did notice the weariness on Evey's face.

"There is no need to apologize, Evey. Please, come and sit. I'll fetch your tea from the kitchen." V responded, rising to head to the kitchen. When he returned, he found Evey curled into the arm of the chaise, staring at him with her large hazel eyes. He handed her the tea, which she accepted with a smile, and then sat next to her.

They sat together in silence for several minutes while Evey slowly sipped at her tea. In truth, she wasn't really in the mood for tea, but it warmed her considerably. V said nothing; he only watched Evey carefully, waiting for her to say something.

Evey felt V's patient gaze, along with the weight of his anticipation. She wanted to say what was on her mind, but she truly wasn't sure where she should begin. Thankfully, she wouldn't have to, as V suddenly broke the silence:

"Is there anything else I can get you, Evey?" V asked softly.

"No thank you, V." Evey sighed.

"Tell me what is really upsetting you, Evey."

For a few moments, Evey remained silent, trying to formulate her next words carefully. She stared into the black eye screens of the mask, wishing she could see a faint glimmer of emotion. Currently, the tilt of the mask betrayed nothing about the man underneath. Finally, Evey let out another deep breath before she began.

"It isn't the attack that is bothering me. You know what kind of person I've become, and everything that I've seen. Something like that isn't really going to affect me terribly."

"It would be understandable for you to be upset about that, Evey. I would not fault you for it." V offered, in case Evey was trying to hide her true fears. But Evey just shook her head.

"Of course I was frightened in the moment, but I'm alright. I've already moved past it, and accepted that it is just another thing that has happened to me."

"Then what troubles you so, love?"

"I think it's something that you can relate to. I've been very conflicted about this for a long time, but more so after the attack at Gordon's party." Evey paused, and closed her eyes, sucking in a deep breath. V slowly reached out and took her hand to offer her some comfort and support.

"I wanted you to kill him, V." Evey finally admitted.

V furrowed his brows, "What?" He wasn't quite sure he took her meaning.

"That man, who attacked me. I…I wanted you to kill him. I know that it was wrong of me to wish death upon him, and I know that he really got the justice he deserved. And the justice the people deserve. But in that moment, I almost couldn't stop you from hurting him."

Now, V recalled the conflict he had seen in Evey's eyes while in the alley. He had no idea that it had been playing out to this extent. Evey was correct in saying that it was something he could relate to; it was the inner strife that had been plaguing him ever since he had come back into Evey's life.

"I do understand something about this conflict, Evey. It is difficult to balance this…insatiable desire for revenge and delivering justice in a way the people of England can benefit from. It is especially difficult for me, given my past experiences with vengeance." V replied.

"The line is constantly blurring," Evey sighed in agreement.

"O, vengeance! Why, what an ass am I! This is most brave, that I, the son of a dear father murdered, prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell, must, like a whore, unpack my heart with words, and fall a-cursing." V quoted, bringing a soft smile to Evey's weary face.

"Do you ever feel like Hamlet, V?" She queried.

"Oh yes, I do find him to be quite relatable. Sometimes I fancy myself to be a reincarnation of the poor prince. I am both committed to this revenge, and repulsed by it. I am trying to move on from twenty years of anger and hatred, filled only with revenge. It is a difficult transition, and it is only recently that I find myself so akin to Lord Hamlet." V lamented.

Evey took this opportunity to scoot closer to V's side, so that he could welcome her into his embrace. She nestled close to the warmth of his side, resting her head on his chest. They stayed frozen like this, Evey listening to the strong beating of V's heart, while V instinctively matched his breathing to Evey's.

"How do you do it, V? How do you manage to keep the balance?" Evey asked softly.

"I simply remind myself of everything that I have sacrificed for this revolution, and all the work that you continue to do for it. I try and remember that I resigned myself to die so that I would not influence the world, and that I was not given a second lease on life to go back on that promise." V paused for a moment to think. "Usually, I simply think of you, Evey. And what you would want me to do."

Evey laughed, "I thought I'd made it clear that even I don't know what I want to do."

V chuckled alongside her, "Oh, I think you do, Evey. Deep down, you would have regretted me killing that man. You would have wanted me to stay my blade, so that he could be taken in for questioning, in order to find the rest of the cell. It was for the greater good. You did the right thing, and I trust you will continue to do so."

"Thank you, V." Evey replied in a hushed whisper.

"Evey, you should know that I am trying to live by your example. I too wish to make the right choice, although for me, it is difficult to move past what I feel to be right, and what the people feel to be right. I will try Evey; but, I am not perfect, and you know who I am and all that I have done. There may be a time, some day, when I simply cannot bow down to that. I hope that day never comes, but know that it might." V sighed. "I promise to try, Evey. But I can promise you no more than that."

Evey righted herself to look more closely at V. He was looking straight ahead, and his posture betrayed nothing. However, Evey could feel the emotions rolling off of him in waves, and she had heard all that the mask could not portray in his words. She was touched at how sincere his soliloquy was; Evey knew that this was incredibly difficult for V, given his past.

"I know you will, V. And that is all that any of us really can do; is try to be better. I know that this is going to be hard, but we'll work through it together." Evey made sure to emphasize the last part of her statement. Evey thought she could feel the shift in V's attitude, and could have sworn she saw the corner of Guy Fawkes' mask twitch slightly into a smile. Satisfied with that, she settled back down into V's side.

After a few minutes, a thought crossed Evey's mind, and she suddenly spoke up against the silence.

"You know V; you said a long time ago that you stayed hidden because you didn't want to influence me." Evey stated, looking up to the mask to look for a reaction. She knew that it was a tender subject for them both, and she hoped that she wouldn't upset him.

The mask dropped slightly, and V frowned slightly beneath it. He sighed softly, "Yes, I remember."

Evey sat up then, so that she could better look into the eyes of the mask. She gently rested her hand on the cool enamel, causing V to raise his head to look directly at her.

"You made me who I am today, V. Without you, who knows where I would be today or who I would be. All I'm saying is that you influenced me a long, long time ago." She smiled softly. "But I'm glad you did."

She leaned forward then, and pressed a soft kiss onto Guy Fawkes's unmoving lips. Evey heard the sharp, familiar intake of air that came associated with one of her kisses. It brought a wide smile to her face to know that even now, V still had that reaction.

However, V suddenly gave Evey a new reaction that she had never experienced before. As she was pulling away, V suddenly reached out his leather clad hand and rested it on Evey's cheek, halting her retreat. They stared into each other's eyes for a brief moment; Evey's full of curiosity, while behind the mask V's were full of growing confidence.

"Close your eyes," V whispered softly.

Evey blinked her eyes in bewilderment at V's sudden request. She was about to protest when V's intentions suddenly dawned on her. She flashed V a gentle smile before obeying. V's hand only left her cheek for a moment, and was quickly returned once Evey heard the thick clunk of the mask on the table. Before Evey could even think about resisting, her hands had alighted on V's scarred flesh, sending a shiver of excitement down Evey's spine.

Evey could not help exploring the deep ridges of his face once again, trying to build on her mental image of his true visage. V remained frozen, forcing himself to breath slowly and relax while Evey gently feathered his face with light caresses. His heart beat was slowly regulating, and after a few tense minutes, V was finally able to begin enjoying Evey's tender strokes.

Slowly, Evey traced V's bottom lip with the tip of her finger, smiling in delight as she felt V's breath tickle her soft skin. For her, actually feeling him breath was one of the most incredible experiences. It was something that she was always denied, because of the mask. Evey knew that she would never tire of the feeling.

Finally, the anticipation reached a boiling point for them both, and Evey gave in to the strong desire to kiss him. As with their first kiss, when their lips first met, they were both tentative and unsure. But after a few seconds, V suddenly shocked himself and Evey by cradling her cheek once more, and pulling her in for a deeper kiss.

Any of V's doubts about offending Evey or being too forward were erased as she wrapped her arms tightly around him, trying to be as close to him as physically possible. Evey continued to caress his face, memorizing the feel of being this close to her beloved.

When they finally had to break apart for a breath of air, Evey let out a breathy, contented sigh. V wasn't sure exactly what struck him as humorous, but he suddenly began to chuckle softly, with Evey joining in. Perhaps it was just an emotional release; they had both been waiting for so long to feel a kiss like that.

After their moment of laughter, Evey settled herself once again into V's side, resting her head in the crook of his neck. The deep, black wig tickled her cheeks softly, but they did not deter her. Casually, Evey placed a soft trail of kisses along V's defined jaw bone, stirring up a powerful desire inside him. Just that simple touch left V breathless, and almost caused him to crumble and kiss Evey again.

V resisted, however, feeling that the moment after their kiss was just as sweet as the kiss itself. He could still taste Evey's soft, malleable lips on his tough, scarred ones. The familiar volts of electricity were still coursing through his veins, making him feel alive with excitement. V couldn't recall ever feeling this euphoric, except for after their first kiss. Evey's simple acceptance eased his worries, and each soft peck along his neck dealt a harsh blow to the snarling voice in the dark recesses of his mind. V could feel it weakening, day by day.

Despite this, V was growing nervous. Evey could feel him start to fidget slightly, and she knew that he was uncomfortable about having the mask off for so long, especially in the light. She did not dare open her eyes, but she knew that V was undoubtedly staring at the mask, willing it back onto his face. Evey felt as though they had taken a huge step; this was an incredible show of trust, which she knew that they were continuing to build.

"It's alright V," Evey whispered, nudging her head towards where she thought the mask ought to be.

V let out a quiet sigh of relief; even with her eyes closed, Evey was perceptive. And as usual, she was also caring and empathetic. V reached out slowly, trying not to disturb the lady while she rested atop him. He secured the mask quickly, with a practiced set of movements. Even without a mirror, V could restore the mask to the proper alignment almost perfectly each time.

"Can I open my eyes now?"

V chuckled, "Yes love, you can."

Her arresting hazel eyes suddenly peeped out behind her long lashes, causing V to catch his breath once again. The smile in her eyes was almost as bright as the one that graced her supple lips, and V was almost tempted to have her close her eyes once again so he could kiss her. But he restrained himself; he could feel the exhaustion seeping into Evey's muscles.

As if on cue, Evey let out a soft yawn. V had noticed her trying to subdue it out of the corner of his eye, but she failed miserably. V tilted the mask down to look at Evey, who was now staring back up at him with a pout.

"Alright, I don't want to argue. I'll go to bed." Evey sighed, slightly surprising V. He had expected her to put up far more of a fight than that.

"You stole the words right out from under me, Evey." V chuckled as he assisted her in getting up. Evey stretched, and let out another yawn before she gathered her teacup and saucer to carry them into the kitchen. She returned to the living room quickly, and took V's hand in hers.

As usual, Evey was quick to curl under the blankets, patiently waiting while V removed his boots. Once V situated himself on his side of the bed, Evey quickly nestled into the warmth of his side. After a few minutes, they were both situated comfortably; Evey curled into V, while V had his arm wound protectively around his dear Evey.

After resting in companionable silence for several minutes, V suddenly spoke.


Evey sat up to look at V, a look of concern in her eyes, "Yes, V?"

"I know that you said that your attack has not fazed you…" V began.

"It didn't, V." Evey cut him off. She was not interested in being pestered about being "Ok". She got enough of that from Finch and every other person she worked with.

"I understand that, Evey. But perhaps you wouldn't be opposed to learning some self defense. It would greatly ease my own personal worries, although I know you to be a competent woman." V added, hoping he wasn't coming off as condescending.

Evey considered this for a moment. Having some knowledge of self-defense beyond her can of pepper spray probably would serve her well in the future. At any rate, she didn't seem to have much success with the pepper spray.

"I think that's a good idea, V. I do seem to have a propensity for attracting trouble," Evey smirked.

V laughed outright, "That you do, Evey. That you do."

Evey settled herself next to V once again before smiling coyly up at him. V looked down at her, hiding a bemused smile beneath the mask. He was already anticipating her playful reply.

"Now if only I knew an incredibly skilled, fearless, self-defense instructor." She quipped, nudging V playfully.

"Oh, I'm sure with time, you'll think of someone."


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