Dear Fanfiction,

So, in case you all haven't noticed, I wear other things than my 'Death to Barbie' shirt.

Like, hmm, my Huntress uniform, perhaps?

Or maybe on the days I'm allowed to be out of uniform, my Camp shirt?

I'm flattered that you all consider me to have another shirt than my orange Camp one, but honestly! Why does everything I wear have to be jeans and my 'Death to Barbie' shirt?

That needs to be washed sometime, you know!
At least Camp has an endless supply of clean Camp shirts.

Then when you wash one, you can wear another.

But sadly, our Camp shirt is not my 'Death to Barbie' shirt.
So we don't have an endless supply.
So please, make me wear something else before I run you through with an arrow.

Begging you to change her shirt design, Thalia.

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