Dawn's Hearthome Adventure!


Dawn, after parting ways with Ash, Brock and Pikachu is now heading for Hearthome City for her modeling opportunity for her and Buneary. But at Hearthome City she'll do more than just model. Plus Misty, Paul, Kenny, Tracey and Brock all return in this fanfic (Some only minor though). There is no Ikarshipping in this! But there is a bit of Penguinshipping, and Orangeshipping… (This takes place before the episode 'Dawn's New Journey'.)

Chapter 1 – Water Types Just Wanna Have Fun!

I rush down the stairs to my living room and kitchen where my mum awaits, with Glameow and Piplup staring at the Bacon on the table. She chucks the scrambled eggs onto my plate hot off the pan, it's steaming.

"Here you go honey, fresh eggs and bacon," my mum told me, a twinkle in her eyes; I could tell that she was sad that I was leaving today.

"Mum, its ok. I'll call you when I get there," I informed her but she never listens.

"Yeah, I know Dawn dear, I'm just sad that we only got 5 days together before you're off on yet another journey…" my mum Johanna muttered and then a tear rolled down the side of her cheek and glistened when it hit my plate. She's always so dramatic, but yet when I say the phrase,

"No need to worry!" She just replies with,

"You know when you say that is when I worry the most!"

"Mum, my boat leaves in an hour, Piplup, finish your breakfast and then we better go," I said to my penguin Pokemon, my number one partner. I then ran upstairs with the piece of bacon in my hand, leaving Piplup the scrambled eggs. I run into my room and grab my bag, chucking all five other Pokeballs into it. I then put on my Poketch, a Pokemon watch, and run back down to find that Piplup already gobbled up his eggs, typically Piplup!

"Piplup!" it screams at me, and then we wish my mum and Glameow goodbye, my mum not saying a word. Just a kiss on the forehead and then a wave of the hand. I was off, on another adventure…

I reached the port in no time; Mrs. Appleberry gave me a ride in her car. She may be a big lady but she's so sweet. I see my ship standing there.

"This is it Piplup," I say to my blue Pokemon.

"Lup…" he mumbles, because the last time we were here we had to wish Ash and Brock farewell.

"Buneary, spotlight!" I scream and then a white light blinds me and Piplup as Buneary forms itself.

"Bun-eary," Buneary said as it came over and jumped onto my shoulder; Piplup was annoyed because normally he was the only one out. We boarded the ship and got our room – No. 107.

"Piplup!" it yelled as it jumped on the bed, like a little kid.

"Now come on guys, let's go to the buffet!" I say to them and we ran to but there was a red head eating all the ice cream, but she was wearing a swimsuit. It was dark blue on top and got lighter as it went down, and she wore a jacket that was sort of a turquoise color, with a navy blue rim. Her hair style short and a bit scruffy yet not tied up, let down to her shoulders.

"Get off my ice cream!" I yell and tackle her to the ground.

"Ow! You son of a bit…" she shouted but then stopped and looked at me, like she knows me. "Are you Deidre, no? D-D-Dawn! Are you Dawn?"

"Yes, who are you?" I ask, confused.

"Hi, I'm Misty. The Cerulean City Gym Leader!" she announced and stood proud, her Oshawott bouncing around next to her and her Azurill sat on the table.

"Wait! Ash traveled with a Misty!" I scream just realizing who it was.

"Tracey told me about you," she replied and smiled, how does she know Tracey?

"Why did you come to Sinnoh?" I question and she looks like she is going to tell a long story…

"Well, it started two weeks ago…" she began, zoning into her thoughts, me coming with her.

Misty's memory of the past week:

"We're back!" Daisy called she entered the room. Dam, I liked being alone without my three annoying sisters coming back.

"Hey…" I mutter, gritting my teeth.

"Did you miss us?" Violet asks. I muttered no, but I had to say yes.

"I suppose," I end up saying.

"Suppose? I guess you don't deserve your present then," Lily said and started stroming to her room.

"What present?" I question and Daisy looks at me.

"We thought that maybe you deserve a holiday. You have a month off," Daisy told me and I was just shocked at how nice my sisters were being, they were nice. To me!

"Start packing," Violet informed me.

"Your month starts now!" Lily yelled and slammed her door to her room, I really pushed her buttons. Or was it something else? I ran up to my room and grabbed my Pokeballs. Starmie, Corsola, Politoed, Psyduck, Gyarados and Azurill jumped into my arms. I ran out the doors and starting to head off to Mt. Moon when I was stopped by Daisy and Violet.

"Wait Misty!" Violet cried and I turned around.

"What?" I asked, walking back up to them.

"We need some of your pokeballs," Daisy told me.

"I already left you Luvdisc, Goldeen and Staryu. What else do you want?" I question.

"We need two more," Daisy said. Me, annoyed hands them my Starmie and Politoed.

"Want my Psyduck too?" I ask but they just shake their heads and run inside. Typical!

"Azurill!" my Azurill screamed as we set off to Mt. Moon, this was going to be a blast! We spent the night in the forest waiting for the next day to come. We were filled with excitement.

I was wrong, it's not a blast. It's been three days and I haven't gotten to Pewter City yet. I'm stuck on Mt. Moon; we never got this lost when I was with Ash and Brock. I actually wanted to see how Brock was, and then got to Pallet to see Ash but if I'm going to be stuck here forever then there's no point. The sun just set and the sky is filled with a pink glow. I'm nearly out of food; I just want some of Brock's cooking again…

"Azu…" my Azurill groaned as another night came, the moon appeared full, bright and beautiful. A Clefairy bounced past me, and it occurred that on a full moon the Clefairy dance around the Moon Rock, a site I've got to see!

"Let's follow it Azurill!" I scream and starting to stalk it, all the way to the top of the mountain. Near the top was a cave that lead to the Moon Rock. I saw Cleffa, Clefairy and Clefable bounces and twirling around it. It cheered me and Azurill up. Then the Moon Rock suddenly lit up and a beam of light shot out the cave, we followed and at that moment it created a path of light to Pewter City, it sensed our sadness. How could a rock have such power? We didn't know but we ran for our lives to Pewter City and thanked the Moon Rock for its help. Although it could have been the Pokemon that did that and now I feel guilty that I forgot to thank them. We ran onto the cliff of Pewter City, we looked down at it but a little way round stood a man proud to be home, he looked down at his lovely little city that he lead for Pokemon. Brock stood there and I was thrilled to see him…

"Brock!" I yell running up to him giving him a hug.

"Misty?" he asks. "Wow, long time no see. You've really changed yourself. The hair and clothes are way different."

"Yeah, I guess you could say I redesigned myself," I say with I smile on my face, I'm so happy to know that he's back in town. "Tell me all about your journey at the Pokemon Centre."

"Don't be silly, stay at my place," Brock told me and I was so happy that I'd get his cooking, well maybe in the morning since it was already 9:30, a bit late for dinner.

"Let's go!" I scream eager to get some rest.

Morning arose and so did I, out of my bed. I walk out to smell the waft of Brock's cooking flooding my nostrils. Banana fritters, yum! Brock explained to me about his journey, with Dawn and Ash around Sinnoh and he explained Dawn's personality and looks, I already know Ash's though. He told me that he spent two days on the ship back to Kanto, and then came to Pewter late last night because he really wanted to see his family, but his mum and dad left to go on holiday to Johto and stay in Golenrod City. Forest was good, and so was his Graveler. I walked out towards the Pokemon Centre because I wanted to heal my Pokemon but I ran into someone…

"Misty? How've you been?" Tracey asked.

"Tracey?" I scream in shock. But he was holding something…

Next time Tracey has a present to give Misty, and after her story ends Dawn gets a surprise when she reaches Hearthome City, it's time for the spotlight to be hers! Stay Tuned!