Damn Reptiles

Duo grumbled as he trudged in from the sopping mess that was a swamp, half covered in mud and completely soaked through from the rain and flopped down in the kitchen and began pulling off his boots with a grimace when he saw mud had gotten inside and pulled off his socks as well, then his pants and shirt.

"Fuck you too mother nature." He grumbled as he used a rage that had once been a towl in the dilapedated shack and wiped himself off, laying his clothes out to dry and setting his boots in the sink to drip away there, simply throwing his muddy socks into the trashcan and mourning the loss of his last pair of socks.

"Oh, hey Duo." Quatre said with a grin as he walked in, putting on the safety and tucking the gun into his pants. "I see you got caught out in the storm, I saved a blanket for you if you'd like it."

Duo smiled up at him gratefully and stood, squeezing out his braid and clenching it in the dirty towel to get out what other wetness he could and followed after the blond.

"Is Heero here yet?" He asked, having not been able to notice Heero's beloved Wing anywhere and didn't want to walk into the boys room unannounced, especially when the last time he'd done that he'd gotten a hole in his shoulder and Heero glaring at him for the next week without speaking to him.

"No, I think he got delayed, the wind is going pretty fast in other places. They claimed a hurricane is on the way." He told Duo as they walked into the only bedroom where a ratty mattress was laying on the floor covered in a nest of warm looking blankets and the brunette grinned.

"Oh Quat, I freaking love you more than you know." Duo said and flopped onto the mattress with a groan as it pulled at strained muscles and he slid under the still warm blankets and scooted over as Quatre climbed in and the two snuggled together, Quatre staying awake to listen for intruders while Duo slept.

The blond soon became rather bored but thought of things to keep his mind alert, even though he was still rather sleepy he'd gotten in a good four hours while Duo must've just finally gotten some sleep after two days.

He stared at a stain on the ceiling for a little while, trying to make out if it had any shape to it other than a circle.

A soft thump had him tensing and Duo snorted then snapped awake at the feeling of Quatre's tensness and the blond pointed towards the hall and the two slowly stood, both pulling out the weapons they'd brought with them from their gundams.

The two crept into the house, Duo going strait to the kitchen/living room area to check the parimeter while Quatre carefully opened the three other door that lead to an office, a bathroom a closet. Finding only dead leaves or a hole in the wall he tapped a wall gently in their code for clear.

"I'm clear too." Duo called after a few more moments and the two relaxed.

"Do you think it was just something falling onto the roof?" Quatre asked as he walked out into the living room and Duo shrugged.

"It might've just been the wind making a peice of this shithole fall off."

"Or that. You go get some rest, I'll just keep watch out here so I don't fall asleep."

"Alright." Duo conceeded then walked back into the bedroom, eyes flying open at the sight of a fat toad on the pillow and quickly backed out, closing the door tightly. "Er, nevermind. Not so tired after all." He said with an uneasy chuckle and walked into the livingroom where Quatre gave him a look. Duo sighed. "Can I tell you a secret man that you can't tell anyone else?"

Quatre nodded, sitting straiter. "You can tell me anything Duo, I wont give it away even if they threaten to cut out my tongue."

Duo grinned at his friends gruesome promise. "Alright! Well, I er, I'm kinda freaked out by frogs and stuff. That's why I'm out here becaus there's a frog in on the bed."

Quatre looked a bit tense. "Duo, I completely understand where your coming from. I'm not to fond of snakes." They both shuddered as they thought of the slithering demons.

"Well then! Nice to know we're two peas in a pod on that matter. I feel like some coffee, you bring in your burner and kettle?" He asked the blond hopefully and cheered at the blond's nod. "Fantastic! This days already perking up! You go get that stuff while I go get some mugs." He walked into the kitchen and began opening the cupboards while Quatre went back to the room and quickly snatched the wanted items out of the room before the toad could get any closer.

A rather qirly scream rang through the house as Duo raced past and hid behind Quatre wiping at himself and shaking.

"What is it?" Quatre asked worriedly as they edged into the living room and paused as a large corn snake slid in from the kitchen, it's black tongue tasing the air. A scream crawled up his throat and he pushed the braided teen back as they cowered, both of them praying to their gods that the snake would go back into the kitchen.

Their gods decidedly didn't like them, as the snake zeroed in on the two and the scrambled to get away, hiding in the bathroom for awhile until a dound inside the kettle made the two pause then pull back the lid, Duo drooping it with a squeak as he saw a tiny frog which hopped out and they bolted into the office accross the hall, both shrieking in fear as they nearly stepped on the dreaded snake that had been trying to figue a way into the bathroom.

The office was leaking everywhere, there even being a large hole in the cieling and soon the two were soaked.

"Do you think it's gone?" Quatre asked quietly and Duo shrugged. "You should check."

Duo glared at him fearfully. "You check. I'm not gonna let that snake bite me."

Quatre shook his head. "No way, nu uh." Quatre mumbled and the two sat shivering and wishing the snake would go away.

There were sounds of someone entering their safehouse and the two were worried for a moment until Heero's nasal baritone filled the air.

"02? 04?" He called out and the replied. They heard footsteps come towards the door, both of them panicking as the door awung open and the snake slithered in.

"Ah! Get it get it get it get it!" Quatre squaked as they crawled up onto the desk, clinging to each other.

Duo was mumbling a prayer under his breath as the snake lifted itself up and tasted the air again.

Heero gave them a look as he walked over and picked up the snake. "It's harmless you idiots."

"I don't care!"

"Snakes are satan's advocates!" The two barked at the same time and Heero stared blankly at the two before he remembered back to the months before when Duo had teased him about his fear of spiders and the nervous tick he'd obtained that night from flies.

Duo seemed to have been thinking about that as well as he was shaking his head with wide eyes.

Both bolted off screaming as Heero thrust the snake towards their faces and Heero cackled to himself, regaining his composure as he silently followed the squealing teens around the house, mostly torturing Duo.

"Okay okay! I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Duo pleaded as Heero slowly approached, the braided teen having been cornered in the pantry. "I'll never make fun of you about spiders again I'm sorry please get it away from me oh god oh god oh god!" He squealed as Heero moved it closer.

"You swear preacher boy?" Heero hissed, glaring victoriously.

"Yeah! I swear on god and all that jazz just GET IT AWAY FROM ME!" Duo whimpered.

Heero smugly stroked the snakes head before he opened a window and dropped it onto the ground outside where it slithered away.

"Um, Heero? Could you... maybe get rid of the other things too?" Duo asked quietly and the brunette rolled his eyes and helped the two.

Days later after Heero had left with Quatre Duo was climbing into his gundam, screaming and nearly falling to his death when he caught the sight of a snake on the controls of his baby, snarling when he realized it was only a rubber one and angrily chucked it from the cockpit then buckled in.

Heero was so dead.

Thank you for reading! Tell me what you think? Have any suggestions or phobia's you think would be entertaining for the other four to have feel free to tell me. (Those four being Trowa, Wu Fei, Trieze and Zechs) And I might throw in the girls as well.