I've been watching the Level Up episodes, and thought of a possible storyline to go with for Angie and Wyatt. This chapter takes place during the "Wanted" prequel episode. This will be going through the episodes I see that could possibly be tweaked in a certain way to fit my idea. I hope you all enjoy and leave your reviews.

Wyatt was fixing the secret photo he had taken earlier that day, adding a border before he got ready to post it. Angie looked over at him, curious as to what he was doing. "Hey, what's got you so busy on your little computer there?" She said, trying to peer over his shoulder to gaze at his illuminated screen. Wyatt pulled his laptop back towards him, a light blush forming on his face from embarrassment. "N-nothing, just a little project." Angie gave her devious smirk and advanced even further. "Now, I know that's not true, you know you're a bad liar right?" She exclaimed, she was now close enough that she could lean her head over the screen and find out, but stopped for some reason.

Curious, Wyatt tilted his head and asked, "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Smirking again, Angie backed up back into her seat. "Oh, nothing, just a little surprised that those guys don't want to hang with you. You're cool, in a nerdy sort of way. Oh, by the way, that's a very cute border." She said the last part with a big smile on her face. "What the- How the-" Wyatt stammered. "There's a mirror behind you genius." Angie uttered. "Oh, probably should have thought about that." Wyatt replied.

"Wait, you said you think I'm cool?" "In a nerdy way, I said." They exchanged some conversation. "Wow, that's probably the first time I've ever heard that." Wyatt muttered, but meant to only whisper. He didn't like to talk about his self-confidence and depression issues. Angie turned her head at his remark, staring straight at him. "Now, I hardly believe that." "Well believe it, because it's true." Wyatt replied, a little bit of twinge in his voice from the memories.

"That's their loss then, Wyatt. Not yours." Angie exclaimed, then got up and sat next to Wyatt, sharing the small sofa. "You're a wonderful person, and anyone that can have you as a friend is very lucky." She said, staring at him. "R-really? You think so?" He replied, his light blush from before starting to darken as he realized just how close she was and her focused gaze on him. "Of course, in fact, I think that of you and I's friendship." She said, almost whispering the last part and a light blush forming on her face. Wyatt was blown away, he had never seen this side of Angie before. She had always been the strong, forceful type. Never this kind of innocent, shy person.

"I always thought that I was the lucky one, you've been a really great friend to me Angie. I don't really say this a lot, but even when the guys give me a hard time, you're always there to pick me up, dust me off and build me back up. My self-confidence has boosted so much since I've been friends with you. Thanks Angie." He said, his face a bit pink and his head pointed downwards. "Thanks Wyatt, the same to you, but am I really just a friend to you?" She questioned, pulling his face up to stare back at her, her devious smirk on her face once again.

"Umm, well y-yeah, I mean that's all you think about me, r-right?" Wyatt stammered again, his face getting even pinker and starting to sweat a bit. "Well, not exactly. I always found you to be kind of nerdy and awkward, but I'm starting to like that." Angie whispered, looking a bit embarrassed, shocking Wyatt. "R-really? But, you're way too out of my league." Wyatt said, turning his head away. "Don't you say that. Just because you are a nerd doesn't mean you're not a great guy. You're sweet, kind, charming at times, and goofy, but I love that about you Wyatt." Angie murmured, placing her tan hand once again his pasty face and pulling it back to look at her. "And that's why I have no problem doing what I'm about to do right now." She said, before leaning and planting her hot pink lips on his. Wyatt's eyes shot open wide, full of surprise, but soon closed, succumbing to the kiss and bringing the small girl close to him and laying back on the couch. After about a minute, they both ended the kiss, gasping for air. "That was... amazing Angie. I never knew you thought of me like that. Secretly, I kind of had a bit of a crush on you as well." Wyatt said, his face dazed and overcome by the emotion of love that was flooding his thoughts.

"Of course, I knew you did. Also, you're not so bad there yourself, Mr. I've never had a girlfriend. How are you so good at kissing?" She asked, gazing into his brown eyes, which she found dreamy. "Well, I watch a lot of movies and shows and play a lot of games, so I kind of picked up from that a bit. Why? Was I that good?" Wyatt replied. "Very, hey, are you hungry?" Angie questioned, rubbing his stomach since she was still on top of him. "Not really, are you?" He replied again. "Well yeah, kind of. I haven't eaten anything in like 7 hours." She said, rubbing her own stomach this time as it grumbled a bit. "Well, then I will go and get you something, do you want a burger from Baer's Super Star Diner? If I hurry, I can still get you a Star Burger to go before they close." He answered, a smile on his face. "Aww, you'd do that for me? Thanks Wyatt, you're the best." Angie replied to him, pinching his cheek. Wyatt smiled, got up, laid her down on the seat next to him, grabbed his bag and headed out the door, briskly jogging down the street.

I think I'll end it here for now, let me know if you guys want me to continue this because I have an idea on how to play this out. Thanks, The Duke