Warnings: Talking about Death/sSome blanked out hard language. Usual Godchild stuff and if you don't know what that means, you shouldn't be reading this. The manga was for 17teen 16teen and up!

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Mixed thoughts on one story I have been writing for at least three years now.

...Chapter One...

XHeart of BricksX

Somewhere in the midst of East End London stood a dark grayish building that had once been an old hospital it's once fine red bricks now a dark sluggish gray with several horrid green water traces running down its exterior walls. Inside the main halway entrance a large clock hung high on the wall disturbed the deafening silence of the forlorn place, though it was hardly noticed by the one lone young man seated in front of a large nearly empty desk in one of the front rooms.

The once grand little hospital was now used as a medical research lab, for a small majority of quacks and science fanatics who didn't care to learn by the rules of socioty. Yet openly exspressed their veiws, they and practice them in secret.

Such as this was the young M.D working there late one night.

"Too much work to little time to do it in!" he sighed under his breath, as he pilled personal notes and papers into a small carrying case, he knew he'd be needing them again in the morning, so it was critical he took them with him when he left the office. Well when he got the chance to leave that is, sometimes he didn't leve until the next day.

"Excuse me… doctor before you go, may I ask you something?" asked one of the young women who occupied one of the rooms and surved as one of the nurses during the night hours. That's how they had met for the first time. It had taken him much longer then her to speak in casual conversation. he generally walked by without a word to anyone.

It was really late three in the morning and tired as he was he wasn't really in the mood for responding too her yet this time he felt compeld to listen to her question, mostly he generally he ignored those around him in order to get work done. But with her large blue eyes staring at him with intrgue, it made it somewhat hard to ignore.

Though it anoyed him he stood to listen with open ears.

"What was your question, you wanted to ask me?" he asked bluntly in a soft spoken English accent.

"Oh um...I..." the young woman blushed quickly and feared the young man's bluntness.

"Well?" he replied impatiently, his sharp tone instantly discouraged the young woman from speaking plainly as she usually did. She bit her lip, not knowing the young man found this aluring. If it had been known to her, she would have scolded him for being lecher in a Saints clothing. And not that he acted like a Saint he looked the image with a frail undertone. Added with a cold severity with convitions that didn't add up. This was a new observation for her, she had generally been the narcissist in the crowd.

"Well Sir I was wondering... if that young patent was going to wake up soon, or was there still any hope for him."

The young man cocked an eyebrow, something in his quiet manner changed instantly to that of coldness she startled as another nurse made herself seen.

"I don't know?" he said thoughts flooding towards the subject, he honestly didn't know that answer.

"I wouldn't worry myself about it if I was you, besides it isn't your place to be nosy, go home Jennifer!"

He was even grater anoyed that she didn't take to her heels and run as he thought she would, that ending the conversation. Instead she answered back.

"Bad day?" She asked pressing him on, when she oughtn't to have done so. His pale lips curled into a thin smile one that disturbed her greatly. He rose from the iron stool seated in front of the desk and strolled towards her. He towered over her, his tall frame casting a large shadow on the wall behind her abstracting her clear view of him.

"It's late." She said quickly getting the hint.

"You should stay… Since you were so curious earlier." He replied casually.

"About what… I… m-m-e-a-n it's late... I should go home as you said…" she stuttered. His arm slipped around her waist and before she could protest he had kissed and released her and was already out on the front steps before she even blinked.

End chapter one.

Any feedback is appreciated. I'm not very good at writing I get embarrassed too easy I think.

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