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Chapter1: Welcome Home

Izaya rounded the corner as he sprinted down the street. He turned around to see his pursuers following him close behind.

He felt his heart beat loudly in his chest as another shot was fired, this time, piercing through his favorite fur jacket. He would have to make sure those men paid for it later. But right now, he needed to get away. Their shots were getting much better.

He turned back around, not really caring how close his attackers were getting, they would never catch him.

He panted heavily as he quickly turned into an alley, pressing himself hard against a wall while his pursuers ran quickly past him. He sighed in relief as he slid down onto the pavement.

"I can't keep doing this." Izaya sighed to himself. He had been running for weeks. He couldn't go out without an attempt at taking his life. It made doing his job a lot more difficult, and he didn't like it at all.

He pouted and pulled out his cell phone, and began looking through his contacts. He smiled at the familiar number and pressed 'talk'. It was about time that Izaya Orihara returned to Ikebukuro

"Please, I'll pay how much you want. Just call him off!"

The store clerk dangled up in the air, his feet kicking as if trying to reach the ground beneath him. He gazed down in horror at the monster shaking him violently, with a deranged look in his eyes, partially shielded by dark blue sunglasses, and a cigarette grinding in between his teeth.

He desperately reached out to grasp a lock of his dirty blonde hair, or to grab a handful of fabric from his unusual bartender uniform, but it all proved useless as he was tossed around like a rag doll.

The clerk turned to the debt collector pleadingly, begging for some sympathy, and breathed a sigh of relief as the man nodded to the monster, signaling him to let the man down.

The beast threw down his cigarette as the man scrambled to find his wallet, and turned to the debt collector. "This is the last job of the night right?" He asked, lighting another cigarette.

The debt collector shrugged. "I guess. Why? Where are you going?"

The monster shrugged. "Shinra invited me over. He said it was important, that he needed me right away."

The debt collector shrugged, signaling that it was okay for Shizuo to leave. He waved as the beast turned to leave. "Be careful Shizuo," he warned to the blonde, not that he needed it, and returned back to the clerk who had returned with the money.

The blonde grinned and made his way out of the store.

Shizuo Heiwajima loved his life in Ikebukuro. Though his job as a body guard for the debt collector, Tom didn't pay much more than the rent for his tiny apartment across town and a pack of cigarettes a day, it was something he enjoyed.

Usually, all of his anger was spent on a certain flea but now that the informant in question had decided to leave Ikebukuro, his job was his one way to relieve his stress, and to be honest, he preferred it a LOT more than dealing with the informant.

Shizuo made his way through town with an unusual smile on his face. The town was so much quieter without Izaya there to involve everyone in his sick games. It put Shizuo in a MUCH better mood. He grinned as crowds of people parted on the streets, in fear of bumping into the temperamental ex bartender, not that he minded. He preferred the people of Ikebukuro to give him his space. This was one of the reasons he couldn't stand the flea. His lack of respect for Shizuo's personal space drove him insane.

Shizuo looked up as he arrived at his old friend's apartment, and made his way inside. He couldn't help but smile at the thought of his oldest friend's goofy smile. He imagined him up in his apartment with what Shizuo assumed was his new girlfriend Celty - since the underground doctor had been in an uncharacteristically good mood - arguing through the PDA about something the doctor had done wrong.

The ex-bartender knocked hard on the door as he reached his apartment, and waited for the doctor to answer.

"Shizuo?" The doctor asked, as he peaked through a small crack in the door with his thick brimmed glasses. "Before you come in, I have to make sure you don't have any weapons on you."

Shizuo raised a brow; it wasn't like he ever needed to use a weapon before. "You're starting to annoy me Shinra, let me in, or I'm leaving."

Shinra sighed, looking behind him quickly, then back at the body guard before sighing. "Please don't be angry, and hear me out before you go berserk."

Now he was beginning to get worried.

Shizuo narrowed his eyes and kicked the door down, sending Shinra flying into a nearby table. He growled, scanning the room, noting a seemingly shocked – since she had no head it was hard to tell – Celty, before his eyes landed on a raven haired figure on the sofa giggling softly at the violent display.

Shizuo narrowed his eyes on the crimson eyed informant, it was just his luck. Izaya Orihara was back. The informant smiled up at him almost giddily, only enraging the blonde further.

Shizuo moved forward to attack, or at least scream, but was shocked as the raven haired informant leaped towards him with tears burning in his crimson orbs. "Shizu-chan~!" He cooed through teary eyes, "I missed you so much!"

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