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Chapter 8: I think I hate you

"Good morning Shizu-chan~"

Shizuo narrowed his eyes as the bubbly raven pounced around his kitchen, throwing random spices into a large mixing bowl.

"What are you doing?" Shizuo questioned groggily. It was his day off, he thought, rubbing his eyes drowsily and slightly annoyed that Izaya's cooking had woken him up. Shouldn't he be sleeping? He rolled his eyes.

He really hated morning people.

"Pancakes." Was Izaya's only reply

Shizuo mumbled to himself and he sat at the table to watch the raven pour the white batter into a pan. "Do you have to cook so early?" The shorter man glance towards the blonde and scowled.

"How can you possibly sleep in so late Shizu-chan?"

Shizuo waved off the raven's comment and scratched his head, letting out a yawn. He flopped down on the couch, finding himself falling back to sleep to the sound of the raven humming softly.

The blonde sighed, feeling his body relax to the sound of the raven's voice. Shizuo had to admit, it was kind of nice having someone else in the house. He was used to deafening silence; he was accustomed to waking up alone in his small apartment. The thought of having someone to share his mornings with was something he had thought of often.

He never imagined that someone would ever be the flea.

"Don't be so lazy Shizu-chan, get up."

Shizuo shot up at the kick to the side he received from the raven and growled dangerously. He wasn't ready to wake up yet. "Go away flea." He warned, waving the raven off.

Izaya pouted, shoving a plate of food in his face. "I went to all this trouble to cook for you, the least you could do is eat it." He said with a look of annoyance on his face.

"Fine, fine." Shizuo sighed, taking the plate from the raven's hand and reaching for the syrup. He drowned his own servings in syrup before passing the bottle to Izaya who curled his lips in disgust at the offer.

"I'd rather not." He said pushing the bottle away. "You should really stop eating so much sugar Shizu-chan. All those sweets will make you fat." He said, pointing his fork towards the blonde.

Shizuo pushed the fork away from him and found himself stuffing his face with his own pancakes. He almost laughed at the look of disgust on the flea's face as he ate.

"Is there a problem Iza-chan?" He muffled the words with his mouth still full of pancakes and grinned.

Izaya shrunk back at the disgusting display, and narrowed his eyes at the use of the nickname. The only people who called him Iza-chan were his sisters, and he had put a stop to that.

Shizuo grinned triumphantly as he finished his breakfast in relative silence.

At least it would be if it weren't for the cellphone that continued to go off.

After the third ring Shizuo narrowed his eyes on the raven. "Aren't you going to get that?"

"Hm? Oh that." Izaya sighed, turning the phone off. "There."

Shizuo raised a brow. "Who was that?"

"Just some old clients."

Shizuo glared at the shorter man, not believing his lie for a second. He knew the flea well enough to know when he was hiding something. And he was definitely hiding something.


It was sometime after lunch that Shizuo heard the raven arguing on the phone.

He peered out of his room to find the flea wasn't in the living room. He strained to listen to the voice that seemed to be coming from the bathroom and pressed himself against the door, careful not to make a sound.

"...do what you want."

"It's not my fault you're not very smart."

The informant giggled at whatever the man said. "I'm looking forward to it Ryota-san."

He was silent for a while after that as he listened to the other man on the phone. Either that or he had replied too quietly for him to hear.

"Don't blame me for you incompetence." He snapped suddenly, causing Shizuo to shrink back. Izaya was obviously not happy with whoever was on the other line.

Shizuo narrowed his eyes. What was he talking about?

"You really are and idiot...Oo~ I'm so excited~" He laughed deviously again. "Well I'll see you then Ryota-san~"

Shizuo furrowed his brow and pressed his ear to the door to make out anything else in the conversation, but Shizu figured - since it had gone dead silent in the room - that Izaya already hung up on the other man.

Sudden movement on the door caused Shizuo to shoot back, suddenly afraid of being caught, but the door didn't open. The blonde frowned, deciding that Izaya must be leaning against it.

Shizuo sighed, pressing his hand against the door. He wanted to knock on the door. He wanted to make sure Izaya was okay. He seemed upset when he was on the phone - whoever he was talking to obviously wasn't a friend - he wanted to find out what was wrong.

Shizuo jumped back from the door at his own thoughts. What was he thinking?

It wasn't like he was worried about the flea. There was no way.

He hated Izaya more than anyone else.

But then why did he let the man live in his house?

Why hasn't he tried to kill him yet?

Why was he worried about the flea?

Angered by his own thought's Shizuo stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him after calling out; "I'm going out Flea, don't burn down the house."


"Shizuo~ what a pleasant surprise~!"

Shizuo pushed past the underground doctor and made his way into the apartment. "Yeah whatever." He sighed, flopping down on the couch. To be honest, he didn't come over to speak to Shirna. He was more interested in having a chat with Celty.

Of course he always considered Shinra a friend, and a good one at that. But he always found comfort in talking to the Dullahan more than most. There was something about her that made her easy to talk to.

"Izaya called to tell us he would be staying with you. I was rather surprised." He said with a coy smile. "I never thought you would warm up to him so fast. If you had learned to get a long before, we could have sparred thousands of innocent vending machines~"

Shizuo narrowed his eyes. "It's only until he gets a place of his own."

Shinra shrugged. "Regardless, I never thought the day would come." He beamed waving his arms dramatically. "It's about time that my close friends get along~"

The blonde rolled his eyes, but the doctor did remind him why he was here. "Where's Celty?"

"Ah~ My darling Celty~" He beamed, a bright blush covering his face at the thought of his beloved. "You see, you've come at a bad time Shizuo. Celty is on an important job at the moment."

"Important?" Shizuo questioned.

"I'm afraid it's personal though." He shrugged. "It seems someone broke into our home a few days ago. Nothing is missing, but they did destroy our apartment." He sighed dramatically. "It took forever to clean, even with Celty's powers!" The smile returned to his face. "Anyways, it seems they were looking for something. I don't think they found it since nothing is missing. But as a scientist, I'm curious as to what they wanted so desperately. Celty is out asking around."

Shizuo nodded carefully, taking in the information. "You should be careful then unless they come back."

"Ah~ Is Shizuo worried about me?" He swooned, leaping towards the blonde. "I'm so glad~"

Shizuo narrowed his eyes. "I'm going out to look for Celty." He stood up from his seat and made his way out of the apartment.


Shizuo turned to face the doctor, whose face was suddenly serious. "Huh?"

"Take care of Izaya."

Shizuo grimaced at the name as he slammed the apartment door, but he couldn't fight the clenching in his chest at what the doctor had said.