August 4, 2012

Mikado was at the grocery picking up food for the party. He had spaced to actually buy anything until 10 minutes ago when he realized he was supposed to be at Masaomis in 30 minutes, now 20. He was so adorable when he was scared. That is probably evil of me to think but it was just so cute. Ugh what should I even get for the party? I don't even know how many people there is going to be. I am guessing about 20 just to be on the safe side. Masaomi loves snakes and sweets so we will be able to finish the leftovers. Mikado left the store weighted down by the bags from the store. Thank god I chose to go to the one around the corner from Masaomis house.

When he arrived at Masaomis he was almost hit but Masaomi opening the door when he was about to knock. Masaomi laughed when Mikado gave a small surprised scream when the door was opened. "Hey man I am glade to see your on time. Sorry for the mess I will straiten up before the party, don't worry." When Mikado walked in he had to stifle a laugh.

Mikado walked into the place to see only a few dirty plates in the sink, slightly messed up coach, and an out fit on his bedroom floor.Masaomis house is always so clean, yet he thinks its dirty. The dirtiest I have ever seen it was when we baked, and we made half that mess than. Actually when he lost his backup jacket and destroyed his house looking for it was the dirtiest I had seen his house. He got it back into shape before I left though. "If this is dirty to you what is my house?"

"Oh please Mikado we don't speak of such things. Besides I haven't scrubbed anything or vacuumed." Masaomi went strait to cleaning up everything. He was finished with anything out of place within minutes. He vacuumed the floor then went to scrubbing everything with a hard surface down with a tooth brush. He had gotten slightly annoyed when Mikado had set the bags down on the floor. He had immediately put them up in the fridge and pantry than continued cleaning.

"You know your cleanness obsession doesn't really match you. You seem like you would be really laid back about it but you want things clean. Like you are one of the most well groomed men in Ikebukuro." Masaomi finished his scrubbing of the bathroom before walking to the front room and answering him.

"I am not well groomed. I am naturally this beautiful. I am also not obsessive." Be stuck his chin up and started cleaning his kitchen.

Mikado was on his coach sprawled out. "Yes you are. You are scrubbing your floor down with a toothbrush. That was bought to scrub things. You are naturally okay, but you're groomed. You trim your hair monthly, shave daily, and wash your face. You also clean your earrings nightly, and if you miss them for the night you do it in the morning. As far as a guy goes that's pretty freakin' groomed." Why did I agree with him on looks.

Masaomi looked up from the floor and made a pouting face. "So? Lots of guys do that. I am clean my earrings to avoid infections that's actually really common." He went back to scrubbing.

"You do your eyebrows, and shave your legs, and arms. You put some random thing in your hair. Brush your teeth three times a day. Lets see. You also take 2 showers a day. You aren't too strict on the count but you do try to do them." Mikado shifted his position so that he was on his stomach watching Masaomi.

"How do you even know all of this? I never even told you." Masaomi had finished his floor and was using a different toothbrush to clean the counters.

"I have been your friend for a while. If I didn't notice that would be kind of sad. You also switch toothbrushes for room and place. And they're color codded." Masaomi finished the counters and table quickly and started on his walls with a scroungy. "Of coarse there is different messes in each spot. See the floor shouldn't be on the counter. I don't want toilet on my floor or sink. Or shower in my sink. It all makes very much since. I don't uses a toothbrush for the walls because its hard on the paint."

"Whatever. Its cute." Masaomi turned his head to the side before Mikado could tell that he was blushing. They didn't talk until Masaomi declared his house fit and clean. "How often do you do this?"

"Scrub everything I do weekly or when needed. I try to vacuum daily." Masaomi flopped down on the coach almost on top of Mikado. "No its all ready to get destroyed!" Masaomi exclaimed hugging Mikado. "I should go nicely set up the food." His cleaning doesn't bother me. I just think its funny and kind of cute. You'd think I have the immaculate house and that his would be the pigsty, but in reality its the opposite.

No one showed up for the party exactly on time or early. The first guest to arrive was the three girls from the week before, Mikado was surprised to say the least. "Wow you guys actually came."

"Of coarse we would come. I forgot to say but my name is Torasuri. You can call me any break down of that name really." The small one with strawberry blond hair now tied in a high pony tail with a black bow on it, gray eyes and was dressed before like a princess. She was now dressed in black skinny jean, black high top converse, a black tank top with a black lace arm less shirt over it.

"Hi I am Chouko." The girl with auburn ringlets now in piggy tails, and blue eyes. She was now in a dark blue skirt,tights underneath, and long black leather boots. She had a blue short sleeved dress shirt under a black short vest. She bowed and went inside to greet Masaomi.

"Asuka. Pleasure." Asuka was the girl with pink hair, bright green eyes, and was wearing all leather. She was in a black 8 strap vest, with fish net sleeves, and fish net finger-less gloves. She had black combat boots over her jet black skinny jeans. She walked in ant flopped on the coach.

"Are you gauging Asuka?" Mikado heard Masaomi ask her as he shut the door.

"Yeah I am only at 6 right now though. I plan to go to a 1. Not much but hey, it still sounds cool." She talked expressionlessly, like nothing really caught her interest.

"I still think its interesting Uka. I think they go nicely with your hair." Chouko talked quietly like she was shy. Gauges go nicely with spiky pink hair, with black highlights? Okay but what is a gauge?

There was a knock at the door and Mikado got it again. "Oh hi Anri."

"I'm sorry I am late." She gave a small bow before coming inside and Mikado closed the door.

"Its fine don't worry. They've only been here for a few moments." Anri nodded and went to introduce herself to the girls.

Masaomi rolled his eyes before getting up from the coach. "Mikado have I thought you nothing on girls? You should have a little more confidants and not stutter just because you have a crush on them." Today it was 'cause I didn't know what to say to her. I don't really feel like I have a crush on her anymore.

Masaomi roughly slung his arm over Mikados shoulders, Mikado hit him up side the head than answered the door again. He welcomed Dotochins group inside. After they came in everyone started to relax into each other and have more conversations. Masaomi got the door after they came in.

He opened the door and saw Ryo Takiguchi. "Hey Ryo come on in." When Mikado let him in he saw 2 girls behind him. One had shoulder length light brown hair dark brown almost black eyes. She was wearing a dark green shirt under a half zipped black hoodie, dark blue jeans, and black vans. The other girl had black curly hair that came down to the curve in her back, she had cloudy bluish gray eyes. She was wearing the same outfit as her friend but her undershirt was purple.

The girl with black hair spoke first. "Hey you invited us kind of randomly on the street but I actually am in your class so I came. I don't naturally know where you live I swear its just that you said so in a note you wrote down. Miari. Thats my name." She spoke loud enough for Mikado to hear her but she was obviously nervous. When Masaomi let her in he could see that she was blushing.

"Sorami. I actually go to Raira too but I don't have any classes with anyone here. Besides music with Miari and Ryo. " She spoke without a stutter. She was smiling but didn't seem shy in the least. She seemed like someone who you'd make friends with after a few minutes of knowing them.

Masaomi shut the door only to turn around and open it again from a knock. He let in two taller guys with black hair.

"Hi I am Nozomo. Its a pleasure meeting you all." He was wearing a brown windbreaker, blue jeans, and sneakers. He was calm and sat on the floor next to Ryo.

"Yo Yuuji in the house!" The other male wore an orange and red T-shirt,too long of jeans, bright yellow nikes. The hyper teen was the first to go to the food.

"Hey guys want to play a game?" Torasuri asked after Masaomi joined everyone. The people around the group all made some sort of yes gesture before she said what game. "Okay so we all know spin the bottle. But lets play spin the bottle with a twist." She stopped to amuse herself with pretty much everyones bemused expression.

"Okay so we will have a bowl, bag or something that the person someone spent the bottle to has to take out a peice of paper. On the paper you have a type of kiss weather that be passionate or peck. We will all put two slips of paper in. The person who draw the type of kiss doesn't tell the person what they had until after the kiss is over." Asuka finished for her.

Masaomi got up to let Shizuo in. All of the guest were terrified that he had came, but no one said anything. "Hey want to play a game? We haven't started yet." Masaomi grinned letting him in. Before he let him fully inside he let in a girl that was behind him in too.

"No. I can just watch. Games have a tendency to get on my nerves." Shizo sat down in the arm chair away from everyone else.

"Hi. I am Nao I heard the game sound cool I'll join you guys." The girl smiled. She had medium lenth wavy black hair that had blue streaks through her choppy angled bangs, underneath and a few on the sides and back, her green gray right eye were almost completely covered by her bangs. She had a long turtle neck black sweater, gray pants, and gray faux fur boots.

"Okay Masaomi do you have a bottle, a couple pieces of paper and something to but the paper into." Mikado got the paper and came back to the group first. Chouko took the paper and started neatly ripping it into smaller pieces.

"Are you having trouble finding a ?" Mikado asked, smiling when Masaomi nodded. "Probably because you throw out the trash too quickly."

"There is never a too quickly just a too late." Masaomi came over with a reusable grocery bag. Okay well I have a twister spinner." Masaomi came and sat on the floor handing Chouko a few writing utensils.

"That could work. Maybe." Torasuri answered laughing. "Okay everyone right 2 things down on a paper. Don't worry about too much about repeats its just funner with more variety."

"Oh how cute. I remember when I tried to start a game like this. Too bad no one liked the idea and it was shot down. I want to play!" They all turned around to see Izaya. "Oh hello Shizu-chan, Masaomi. Happy I came?" Izaya received a growl and a get out from both of them. "Oh that's so mean you too. I came all the way here for this. He touched his heart and sat between Chouko and Mikado.

"Why the fuck are you here you flea! Get out!" Shizuo was standing up glaring at Izaya.

"Oh how rude. I was invited and came to have a good time." Izaya smirked and put his two slips of paper in the bag. "Oh and here is a bottle." Izaya pulled out a whine bottle from inside his jackets realm. Where did that even come from in there? There isn't enough room!

"Hey if you guys are going to fight can it be outside of my house with a few blocks? I swear I didn't invite him Shizuo." Masaomi said trying to remain calm as well. "Ha. Ha. Ha. Soo let us begin the game?"

"Sure. Who goes first?" Anri asked from the other side of Mikado.

"Nose goes!" Yuuji shouted. Everyone instantly shout up their hands, even Shizuo, but Anri had been the last due to the fact that she had given the time to be surprised.

She spinned the bottle and it landed on Masaomi. Mikado felt something shoot threw his heart. Why is she going to kiss Masaomi! Masaomi picked out the card and gave a small smile. They leaned over and he quickly kissed her forehead, cheeks, and nose. "Kiss the others face?" Good it was nothing too big.

"No. Kiss their forehead, cheeks, and nose." He showed her the paper, tossed it into the bag then spun the bottle. It landed on Ryo. When Ryo picked up his card he gave a horrified look. They leaned over and started making out, when they pulled apart the where both red and out of breath. "Makeout?" Ryo showed him the paper, "I guess that was heated."

Ryo spun the bottle and got Torasori. Torasori got Erika. The chain continued. with a little too much Masaomi for Mikados likeing, until Hunter passed it to Dotachin when Dotachin spun it hit Izaya. "No chance in hell am I going to kiss him!"

"Aww but this would be the first kiss for me tonight. It hurts my feelings when you say it like that. Its not like I am ugly." Izaya looked hurt an picked up a paper. "This one isn't bad."

"Fine whatever." Dotachin leaned forward into Izaya. Izaya started trying to makeout with him, but he jumped back. "God trying to tell me the world is going to end." Dotachin stood up getting ready to leave.

"Close. Sweet." Dotachin rolled his eyes before gathering his crew and forcing them to leave. Erika gave a sharp 'no we might miss live action yaoi momments' before they had shut the door. "Oh yay now I get to spin." He spun onto Shizuo.

Shizuo picked up a piece of paper without any protest. When they kissed Mikado couldn't tell if they were fighting or kissing, with how much blood was spilt. "Mmn passonite?"

"Yeah. first person to get it right." Shizuo picked up a pencil, then snapped it.

"Welp time for you two to get out of my house. I don't want any casualties so please destroy the town surounding my house. But not my house, thank you." Masaomi showed them the door, which they left from. They heard a few screams from Shizuo, then everything was quiet. " So we going to continue?"

"Yup lets start off with Mikado since he is the only one who hasn't spun yet. Mikado spun and it fell on Masaomi for the sixth time that night. "Man you are quite the bottle magnet."

Mikado smiled not from the joke but because of the person he got, not that he knew that. When they came together there was a slight battle that Mikado won. "Heaven?" Mikado whispered before he could stop himself.

Masaomi smiled still hovering over Mikados mouth. "Close. Battle for the donience that you have to loose." Oh I I thought I had won.

"Yeah you guys are so shiped, its so close to canon." Torasuri ever politly stated.

Sorami and mirari stood up and walked to the door. "Thanks for having us. Its getting late and we don't want people to worry. They left than Anri realized she had to go as well.

"So are we going to continue this game or a different one?" Masaomi asked causally like himself.

"We actually have to go. Bye thanks for having us." Yuugi and Nozomo left.

"Lets continue I have to go in a momment." Nao said softly. Masaomi spun and got her. They got Eskimo kisses. When she spun she ended up spinning a lamp so they decided she had to makeout with it. "This was really fun. Thank you for having me. Good night. She left leaving the three girls, and Ryo.

"Okay so I have another fun game since so many people have left now. We watch you guys all kiss." Asuka said before they picked out who was going next.

"I am sorry but why would we do that." Ryo said before Masaomi or Mikado had the chance to.

"Well we could go on a triple date," Torasori suggested. "We can just pick when the time comes." The boys just nodded. Mikado really only wanted to kiss Masaomi, not that he actually amitted it to himself. As it worked out Masaomi was the one kissing both of them so Ryo and Mikado never kissed.

"Thanks guys that was nice. Its really late so we need to be going." The girls left with Ryo, leaving Masaomi by themselves.

"Well that was a weird party the time passed by so quickly! Its past midnight. Hey is it cool if I sleep here?" Mikado was already taking off his jacket.

"Yeah of coarse fill free to sleep in my bed. I am going to clean tomorrow, I am going to bed right now." Masaomi changed into pajamas and gave a pair to Mikado. He went to his bed and was soon after joined by Mikado.

"Thanks." Mikado fell asleep momments later.

Authors Note warning really long fill free to ignore it: Okay about to bash my phone with a fucking hammer it doesn't want to funtion properly any fucking way! No I wont kill it. I am going to be useing it for a while to post. I have a hard time gramor checking/spell checking, so sorry but that is going to suffer. So I am getting slightly bored so peoples if you don't want me walking on the line of MA you should probably tell me and I will make it so you can miss it, or if its disliked enough I wont do it. 3'167 words this is the longest chapter I have ever written! . I think I failed this if it was supposed to be drabbles. So all of the characters I added have a meaning for their names and I will give you those once I have a computer, or write it down. I know Dotachin is actually Kodota but I like his nick name more. You all remeber Ryo Tsaguchi? Well he is actually pretty high on my favorite characters so he got added in. Overall I am sorry for the length and ramblyness of this chapter, and the errors. Thanks for reading I have something interesting planed for next chapter.