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Marlon/Roxie (Shizui/Homika)

An experiment, don't except anyone to read this, because I dunno if anyone likes this pairing. It might be called AcidShipping, though I'm not sure yet.

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Roxie was shocked when she first met Marlon. She was shocked at how laid-back he was! He would step on a piece of broken glass and pull it out of his flip-flop as if it were a vaccine needle! He shrugged and said 'I don't know' a lot.

He was completely opposite of her! She considered herself a cold, heartless bitch, but this man was as sweet as a slice of watermelon with a smile as warm as a fire! It irritated her that he this way.

He would laugh a lot too.

But, this was the best accidental meeting, because she had a new friend – no matter how much he irked her – someone she could be close to.

The two completed each other. She would watch him surf and he would go to her concerts. Though she didn't like surfing, she did it anyway. He was similar, he would always bring earplugs, but at least he could still hear her sing. A few times, she would let him go on stage and play the drums. He was surprisingly good. He would let her surf by herself. She was good at it.

"I love counting your freckles," he said softly to her.

"I love counting the blue things your hair," she said back to him, giggling.

Oh, how they loved each other…

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