"Obviously your idea of an interrogation is very different than ours," the Israeli snapped, holding her chin high. She was cocky, Tony could see that already.

He grinned. Oh yeah, this was gonna be fun. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours. We're allies, right?"

She tilted back in her chair contemplatively and put a finger to her lips in thought. Then, before he could register what she was doing, she leaned across the table and seized his neck with her cuffed hands. He felt the cold chain tight against his throat but he didn't react. Her face was right up against hers. He felt her hot breath against his cheeks and her wild mane of curls brushing against his shoulders.

"I could kill you, right now," she said in a threatening tone. He wasn't fazed.

She heard a click, and for a millisecond her eyes flicked towards his right hand, his SIG pointed at her torso. He's bluffing, she thought. He has to be. But she played his game.

"Weapons aren't usually allowed in Interrogation. But I thought I should make an exception for a Mossad officer," he said. She wasn't sure if he believed that she would fall for his nifty little interrogation technique.

A seductive smile played at her lips. "I have been told that I am exceptional," she said in a softer voice. She was playing the charm game now, too.

"Exceptional at what, exactly, Officer David?" he asked suavely.

She laughed darkly, running her tongue across her teeth. She brought her face even closer to his, rubbing her nose against his cheek. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"What if I did?" He refused to back down.

"Hmm…are you sure you can handle that?" Her lips were dangerously close now.

"I think I can," he replied. He was right when he said she was cocky. She knew her assets, and how to use them. A little too well for his liking. That was at least half of what made her so dangerous.

"Well then, Agent DiNozzo," she whispered. "That is awfully unprofessional of you."

She released her grip but he didn't move for a second. He squinted, studying her eyes. Then he sat back down, as did she. He pulled a tiny key from his inner jacket pocket and slid it across the table. "You can go," he said.

Deftly, she unlocked the cuffs and rubbed the abraded places on her wrists. She stood up to leave but stopped at the door, turned on her heels and placed both hands on the table, leaning over again. It wasn't as far this time.

"You know, Agent DiNozzo, I like a challenge," she said. "I may be exceptional, but I never said I was professional." She pressed a small white card against his chest. "I called in a favor from an old friend at the Embassero. You have three days."

She turned around and headed towards the door with a satisfied smile on her face. He looked at the card - a room number and a phone number.

"Maybe I did make an impression after all," he called out to her.

"We'll see," she replied, not looking back, closing the door behind her as an Agent came to escort her out of the building.