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falls right into place, you're all that it takes

The first time Steve Rogers, or better known with his prestigious title, Captain America and the infamous SHIELD agent, Agent Maria Hill kissed, it wasn't exactly planned.

Steve Rogers blamed it on their situation.

The building were in chaos, as he wouldn't expected anything less. SHIELD agents were scattered everywhere: blasting and swinging their guns towards the enemy, aiming to kill them on the spot. People were screaming as loud as they could, but all of them seemed faint and far away in his ear.

Captain America was wounded, and there was nothing he could do to lessen the pain. Yes, he heals faster than any normal human being would, but that didn't mean it didn't effect him any less worse. He hadn't given up, of course because he's the goddamn Captain America, and wouldn't it seemed wrong to just gave up? So, Steve didn't.

He fought, bled and he killed.

But dammit, did it hurt!

Stark noticed his wounds, examined it for a second through his Iron Man's suit. "You got a serious one there, Cap. The good news is, you'd live. The bad news is, you can't move a lot. But that's okay, just sit tight and try to survive. It couldn't be that hard," and that's when Agent Maria Hill came, shooting once before settling down beside them, taking cover. She was swift and quick, efficient and smart, and thank God; still alive.

Both men looked at her as she tried to regain her breath: dodging bullets could sure tire a woman out, huh. Steve however was more concern when his eyes were trained on the torn uniform, particularly her left bleeding arm. Her skin contrasted against the red liquid that appeared to be gushing out non-stop. Steve slightly cringe - but only slightly - he had to remind himself that this scene was fine: that this woman next to him was independent enough to carry such an injury, and unfortunately this was nearly frequent. Women nowadays weren't shield, weren't pushed behind when the men fight - they'd fight along, refuse to be rescued.

Steve honestly didn't know whether to wrong them, or let the situation be.

She looked at them, recognition dawn over her face and she nodded her head, her gun stayed tightly to her chest, "Sir," she acknowledged. Agent Hill didn't seem to realize, or if she did she didn't bother, of the blood trailing her arm.

Agent Hill was a respected agent, that he knew. It had been more than just an occasion that caught them together in a discussion. She was sharp and straight to the point, once a great companion to late Agent Coulson: well, if you would get over her tough demeanor and actually consider her as a companion. She's also nearly fearless, especially against Fury - but that man trusted her the most - and did her job without any hesitation. Steve also knew Agent Hill didn't favor the Avengers; she frowned, scoffed and scowled at them (a lot), but she respected them, and that's always good.

Tony nodded back at her, returning the acknowledgement. "Agent Hill, you got yourself a nasty injury there," he commented, gesturing the large bloody gap on her arm with his chin. Steve couldn't look away, and mentally kicked himself for that - wasn't it rude to stare at one's injury for more than a few seconds?

Agent Hill looked at her arm, just a glance, barely an emotion beats across her face. She shrugs it away like it's everyday's news. Steve felt a frown threatened to show itself on his face, but he managed to keep a straight-expression. "I'll get it check soon." She responded, sliding down against the wall and held her gun in position. Then slowly, a hush against the wind, she whispers mockingly, "If I live."

"You will," Stark told her, his voice was sure, no such doubt smearing his words. He geared up his armor and stood up, looking down at Steve and Agent Hill, both of them stared at him back. "Agent Hill, if you would be kind enough to stay with Cap as he isn't doing too well right at the moment. I have to save lives. Well, see you two lovebirds later!"

"But-," Agent Hill wasn't fast enough when the moment she spoke, was the same moment Stark had flew away.

She huffed, but said nothing more, sliding back down against the wall. For a short moment, they both didn't say anything. There's an awkwardness Steve refused to describe. He looked at her first, before her eyes came to meet with his about a second later. She's frowning up at him, almost in an angry manner - probably dissatisfied with the fact she had to babysit him.

He brushed that expression away though when he realized she had a small cut on the bridge of her nose and just under her eyes. Steve shivered at the thought of her being blind if the blade, or whatever that caused the cuts, have strike right on the eye. Agent Hill was too good to lose an eye, to lose her whole career.

Her voice brought him back to the world - where chaos still ensued - and it was steady and firm, "Are you alright, Captain?"

He managed a smile - just a small quirk of the lips, "I can manage. How about you, Agent Hill?"

She nodded her head, looking at her arms. She lifted her shoulder and gazed around, her eyes are sharp for any sign of an attack. "I will be fine, sir. I am well-trained," she wasn't hesitate to tell him that, gripping on her gun tighter in her palm. It made Steve wonders, what had happened to the women who always depended on men for support? That was how it was back then, back in his days. Not that he would object to the circumstances at hand, because frankly, he thinks it's better- it means women are not looked down just because they're women... but he has to wonder, what had made a young woman such as Agent Hill or Agent Romanoff to join these dangerous field of works?

Steve gritted his teeth, his blue eyes trained on the young agent next to him. He wondered of her past, what had happened. What had pushed her to put where she was on that moment? To shaped her into this independent woman and being trained to stand each punch or kicks they received? Slowly, he voiced out, "Agent Hill, may I ask you something?"

She seemed hesitant, probably because is Captain America seriously asking me a question in the middle of a battle? "Sure, sir. Ask ahead," she had given her permission, and he smiled- he thought she would say something like that.

"What happened?" It was simple, it was short. He didn't blame her when she made a scrunched-up face, confused written all over her face. Her expression turned pointed, much more edgy. Her teeth sinks into her bottom lips; she's thinking. What is he trying to say, she might be wondering. He almost laugh, but gladly he didn't. Mostly because of the pain searing throughout his body and the fact it's not exactly an appropriate place to burst out laughing all so suddenly.

She looked hard into his eyes, "What do you mean, Captain?"

"I meant," he said, taking a deep breath. He closed his eyes for a second to take his mind of the pain for a second and opened it to a curious face of non other than Agent Hill. Calmly, he continued, "What happened to you that made you join SHIELD, or even the police force?"

She took a moment to answer, her eyes blinked a few times. He can see she's struggling whether to answer, or to just pretend and say it was nothing. But as she lifted her chin up and met his gaze, he felt as though she can't lie to him, not when he's looking right through her instead of at her. So, it was low, but she confessed, "I don't know. I just... The thought of joining the police force, it made me think of stronger people. A person that is tough on the outside as well in the inside. Mentally, physically. I wanted that. I wanted to feel safe, secure... from ones who wished to hurt me."

Swallowing, she whispered the last part, holding the gun so tightly, her knuckles turned white. "My father."

Guilt washed over him, he heard of the story about Agent Hill's father. He didn't remember when he heard it, but it ticked his heart and he knew he pushed the wrong button. Just when he was about to apologize, Agent Maria seemed to snapped and shifted her position, firing her gun repeatedly. It lasted for five minutes, but the ringing banged his ear for at least 20 good minutes. As soon as she's done shooting, she sat back down, breathing hard. "Are you okay, sir?"

"I'm fine," he said, leaning his head against the wall.

She closed her eyes and nodded her head. "That's good."

He turned his head to her, a few strain of her dark hair fell down from her bun and rested messily on her shoulder. He didn't have the energy, but had he had those energy, he would have brushed that strain of hair behind her ears. Just so he could look at her better. If he's going to black out, his mind had chanted, her face might as well be the last thing he saw.

Just as if queue, she turned to him. Her expression, from hard and harsh turned into worried when she saw him. He must have been looking at her in a funny way to make her react like that, he thought quietly. The world was getting blurry and he tried to focus, to wake up. He wanted to slap himself, but the energy was ultimately drained from his body. There was nothing he could do. "Captain," he heard her voice, so firm yet so worried. She held him, her grip was strong on his shoulders. "Captain, wake up. Please. Stark would be here soon and- please, don't black out on me!"

He blinked. Really, he tried to follow her orders. But he's so weak, he could feel it.

"Captain, don't do this to me-," and then, it happened in a blink of an eye, she was staring with her eyes swimming with worries at him and the next, she's glancing to the side and she gasps loudly, her face drowning in fear. That's what really woke him up. In a split second, his eyes focus to what she gasped. A rock- a large rock, coming at them, aiming to kill them. He knew he had no power, he couldn't stand up. So he did the only he could think of, shielding Agent Hill with his body. It was a reflect, a quick one when he threw himself at her, wrapping his arms around her. It was only a second, but he could feel she responded to his touch. Her head against his chest and she's holding onto his suit. His cheek pressed up against her head.

That was it. That was the end, for him. But, his heart stopped, it had been worth it.

One, two, three-

A growl and a bunch of little rocks flew around them. He held her tighter for a moment, before releasing her and spin around. His blue eyes was glad to find Hulk standing there with an angry sets of eye looking back at him. Hulk had saved them, had saved her. He nodded his head to the green monster, thanking him silently and Hulk only reply with a grunt and maybe a small shrug, it was nothing. Steve, although tired, sat up and looked around, noticing all the enemy had been defeated. Agents everywhere was leaning up against the wall, catching up their breaths and some were helping other agents to safety.

"We made it," he heard a raspy voice and he looked down, to the lady he just now protected. "We're alive."

He smiled widely at her.

Agent Hill was breathing hard, but a large smile appeared on her lips. She was skeptical for a while, is this real? Am I really alive? But it rested on him, and her eyes, that was just rough and harsh a minute ago, turned into something else... something he wasn't accustomed to, yet he could really find it comfortable if it continues. Something churned in his stomach, but it's not because of his wound. Suddenly, he didn't saw it coming, her hands pushed his face towards her and their lips were pressed together. To say he was surprised is an understatement, he was beyond that. But after a couple of seconds, her scents came swirling in his mouth and it felt so right to be this way.

He opened his mouth to hers and they began to fight for dominance. She was a tease, and frankly it frustrates the hell out of him. His hands held her firmly yet gently on her hips, to keep her where she was. He did not want this go away just yet, no sir. Maybe it's because it had been a very long time since he kissed a girl that made him act the way he was acting, but Agent Maria Hill's appearance wasn't exactly helping with his situation either.

"Okay, as much as I love to see you two swallow each other out, we really need to get Cap to a medic. You too apparently, Agent Hill." That voice definitely brought them both back on earth. Tony. They broke apart, she pulled away first and he inwardly groan at the lost of contact although his hands were still on her hips. They looked at the Iron Man as he only smirked at them in reply.

Agent Hill backed away and panic rose in her eyes, "I was - um - yes. I -uh - maybe you should, uh go. I, well I, I apologize."

"Hill stammering? I didn't knew you had it in you, Rogers." Tony shouts in triumph. Steve scowls and Hill hides her face.

"Honestly though, America's Little Angel didn't mind, now did he? Look at him, he's blushing!" He said in a mocking tone and Steve could only rolled his eyes at his Avengers member. He stood up, it was a hard effort since the pain had started their effect on him again, but he did. He swallowed nervously and looked towards the SHIELD agent as her eyes only trained the other way, her fingers playing with her injured arm. Steve offered her his hand, "Agent Hill."

She looked up and for a moment, he could tell she's confused by his gesture.

He nodded his head, assuring her to take his hand. She was convinced when she took it. When their skin came in contact, he had to purse his lips from pulling her close to him and resume kissing her. She stood up, brushing off small particles of rocks that managed to fall on her suits. She stuttered ever so slightly in her words, probably realizing her action wasn't exactly the right thing to do, and he just had to smile at that. "Thank you, um, for saving my life." She hesitated, "And - the kiss."

"That's alright," he chuckles lowly, embarrassment slowly creeping up to his face. "I have to admit, I quite enjoy it."

She snapped her head at him, shocked covering her eyes, probably over his statement. She opened her mouth, but no such words came out from her mouth managed to come out. Stark scoffed, "Don't worry, Agent Hill. I would totally let you two rent a room in the tower - I promise I wouldn't let JARVIS record it to humiliate you in the future whatsoever. But seriously, Captain America's sex-tape - it would go viral in seconds."

Hill glared at the cheeky billionaire, but didn't object to his idea.

Steve sighed at Stark, but smiled casually at her behavior. Even when she was caught in the most awkward situation, she managed to keep her professionalism. But he couldn't possibly miss the doubt as it passed her face for a second. A doubt of them ever see each other again just like they have seen one another a second ago. Confidently, with the hopes of convincing her, he says loud enough for her to hear, "I'll see you later, Agent Hill."

She blinked at him, taking it all in and just before she's lost from his view, a small smile came on her lips, "I'll see you later, Captain."

And even though he blamed on their near-death situation, Steve Rogers wouldn't change a single thing about it.

"...I was praying that you and me might end up together...," -A Drop in the Ocean, by Ron Pope.