Story Idea 1.

The Sangheili warrior lunged, plasma crackling from his sword and mandibles clicking in anger. Maroan met his attack and his lightsaber and the energy sword met with a sickening 'CRACK'. Both weapons were wrenched out of their grip and flew off in separate directions, the dissipating, discharged energy raising the hairs on each warrior's body. They stared at each other for an intense moment, both taken by surprise and then the Sangheili lunged. Maroan ducked and launched his fist at the other warrior's torso, but the armour completely absorbed the shot. The Sangheili swung both fists down - just as the Jedi rolled out of his path. His muscles screaming, Maroan dodged yet again, rolling across the stone floor as the warrior lashed out with his right fist, barely brushing the hem of the Jedi's cloak. Maroan, now lying on his back, facing the Sangheili, fired a pulse of force, knocking his adversary back several paces and forcing him to his knees. The Sangheili grunted; a masculine exertion of frustration and immediately began to rise and run back at Maroan. On the way, he managed to snag the sparking energy sword that had been flung away and the plasma sparked angrily as the weapon activated at his touch. Just as he was moments away from the helpless Jedi, Thane stepped from the shadows of a nearby pillar, spun to stand over Maroan and placed the flat of his hand against the oncoming blade. The Sangheili snarled in frustration and attempted to shove the deadly sword into Thane's hand, but with a slight flex of his palm, the electro-magnetically guided plasma, instantly crystallised, the flux of super-hot particles freezing for a fleeting moment and then promptly shattered, spraying white hot shards of energy scattering around the temple. The Sangheili warrior shouted in pain as a shard penetrated the shielded armour and lodged in his shoulder. Maroan cowered below Thane, covering his face with his hands to block the frozen energy. The Sangheili, true to his race, discarded the inactive blade emitter and lunged again at Thane and the Jedi protected below in a desperate attempt to reach them. Another flex of his fingers and the Sangheili was thrown halfway across the room, a crack resonating against the walls as the armour over his spine caved in as it connected with the wall. His spine punctured, the Sangheili howled in pain and anger, words deemed unnecessary and inadequate and slumped to the floor. Thane strode over, knelt over the paralysed warrior, placed his hands on his back and whispered words that sang of joining and restoring. The stiff Sangheili loosened, the pain receding and struggled to rise.

"Kill him." Maroan spat. "He defiled a temple, he initiated combat within a sacred hall, Kill him!"

The Sangheili shook himself, spat blood and spoke. "You would use this temple for futile worship to trivial gods." His slow, deep voice reverberated majestically around the silent hall. "You would hide it away; use it for purposes that do not befit its worth. Do you know of the treasure that lies beneath, the knowledge and glory that has been hidden for ages past? Do you not realise the ancient power that dwells below our very feet?"

Maroan answered, "I know of this power. It is only through this seclusion that we have managed to harness its power and preserve its sanctity!"

Thane calmly stood by the fallen Sangheili and stared back and forth, surveying the ensuing debate. He then stepped forward, cleared his throat and spoke.