Skullboys Present: Walker

"Get lost, losers!"

A voice could be heard from inside a warehouse. If one dares to look inside, one would notice all the bodies all over the floor, moaning in pain and grabbing certain parts of their body. There was only one person standing in the middle.

Him, and the guy that was trying to hit him from behind.

He tried to hit the attacker hard with lead pipe in hand, if not for the fact that his jacket suddenly came to life and shot out a tentacle to grab the attacker.

"You missed one." Said not the wearer of the jacket, but the jacket itself.

"Glad you had my back then." The person can now be clearly seen. He looked like a high schooler in your typical school uniform. The noticeable features on him were his bleached, spiky hair, brown eyes, white skin, and black biker jacket.

"Can I eat him, it's been a while since my last feeding." The jacket then revealed an eye that seemed to stare at the punk that tried to knock out his wearer.

"W-w-w-w-what the hell? What the freakin' hell is goin' on with your jacket?" Said attacker was looking at the jacket and its wearer, obviously afraid.

"What's the matter? Haven't seen a parasite before?"

"P-p-parasite? Are you freakin' kidding me?"

The teen then looked at the back of his jacket "And to answer your question, Stalker, no, you can't feed on him."

"Dammit!" the biker jacket, now known as the parasite Stalker, cursed, "I know you don't want to actually kill anyone, but I'm starving here!"

"I thought my energy was enough for you."

"No offense, Walker, but your energy tastes like crap. Though, I wouldn't find it surprising considering all the crap you've done."

"Hey, that was totally uncalled for, you one-eyed freak!" The teen, now known as Walker, yelled.

"Now, THAT was uncalled for, you bleached-haired weirdo!" Stalker's eyes sprouted out and got quite close to his host's face as he yelled.

"Who ya callin' a weirdo, freak!"

"Who ya callin' a freak, weirdo!"

At this point, they were just staring each other down with their foreheads pushing one another, if parasites have foreheads. The attacker, who is now ready to wet his pants, was trembling at the scene. "Can I go now?"

His only response was being flung across the room into a stack of crates.

"Are we done here, Walker?"

"Yeah, we're done. Damn thugs were annoying as hell." Walker took one final look at the mess he made and started to walk out. "At least we got what we came for."

"Yeah, blockheads were actually dumb enough to spill the beans." Both he Walker looked up at the moon "The location…"

"…of the Skullgirl."

Author's Note: So, what do you think? There's going to be more. The characters are basically going to be somewhat male counterparts of the female cast, only in a different way.