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Taichi peered into the sleeping face of Arata when he awoke at… 5:00 AM, according to Arata's bedside clock anyway, the brunette slid his index finger across the boy's cheek and fiddled with his black hair. He pulled back quickly when Arata stirred and rolled onto his side taking the bed sheets with him, there was barely enough room in the bed for Arata let alone both of them so, Taichi got up and trudged to the bathroom replaying the events of last night in his mind like a record on repeat.

The feel of his hands searching his skin hungrily, his strong steady kisses that seemed to last an eternity and his deep blue eyes like the ocean depths framed by hair cloaked in darkness. Wow, Taichi thought, I'm thinking in rhyme now. After he had finished in the bathroom he quickly gathered his things and scribbled a hasty note, which he left on floor for Arata to find.

Taichi took one last look at the raven head's sleeping form and forced himself to leave the suffocating room, his heart gave quick irregular beats when he paused at the kitchen and scribbled a thank you not for Arata's parents for having him round. It's like the house was finding excuses for him to stay that moment longer to bask in the warmth of this family home, the feeling was nice, not like the cold lonely feeling he felt at home with his family.

It's members always finding some way to degrade his life in any way shape or form he hated it, but what could he do, they were his family after all. Taichi took out his phone and typed a quick text to his mother while he walked back to the train station.

I'm sorry. Taichi

That's a lie, he thought as he walked back past the once glimmering fields of water now stagnant with the darkness of early dawn, he couldn't stay here any longer he had to get away, if he stayed any longer than his feelings for Arata might grow and he was afraid. Afraid that he wouldn't be able to control his emotions, afraid of what his family would think if they ever found out and afraid of what Chihaya would think of him.

But every time he thought of those deep blue eyes behind frames of silver his heart beat unnaturally with a pulsing dark rhythm, something that felt beyond his control, single tear slid down his face as he walked now beneath the overbearing branches of the sakura tree's hanging across the Asuwa River. Their blooms shedding petals like tears in the early morning breeze, Taichi shook his head and ran a calloused hand through his messy bed hair, I will not cry.

The steps leading up to the platform felt like he was hiking a mountain and all too soon the level surface of the station laid beneath his heavy feet as he trudged over to the waiting ticket vender, the machine heartlessly ate his money and spat out a train ticket back to his horrible life in the Mashima Residence. He could just imagine his mother's gloating face and his sisters harsh words as he watched the train in the distance rumble towards the peaceful station.

Its industrial colours of grey, silver and black streaked unnaturally against the thriving nature, its cold metal surface bringing with it the awful anticipation of leaving this wonderful place and also leaving Arata. His heart skipped another beat at the thought of his name and the strong images of their private moment flashed into his head and inevitably his imagination kicked in throwing up images of what could have been had the moment gone further, his mind feeling overwhelmed was glad when the train pulled in distracting him long enough to board the impatient locomotive and take a seat.

Just as Taichi sat down his phone buzzed angrily in his pocket alerting him to a new message.

We will talk more when you get home; me and your father want a word with you. Mom

Taichi felt a shiver travel up his spine as the train started up and began to head back the way it had come and as if on cue he turned his light brown eyes to the window and felt them widen considerably. There on his bicycle like the last time he had visited was Arata shouting at the window of the train, and once again Taichi stood and waved his hands madly but this time he let the tears fall freely from his eyes. His heart began to pound again painfully against his ribcage as he realised that with distance his feelings would not be suffocated but would be allowed to grow unchecked until his whole being belonged to the young man trying to keep up with his departing tears.

Arata had to stop riding or he would have gone off into the winding river, tears spilled from his eyes as he retrieved Taichi's letter from his pocket and read it again.

I love you… and that's why I have to leave you…

Arata carefully folded the page and held it to his chest as he cried unable to stop his heart from sending a thrumming sensation throughout his exhausted body, he had tried he really had tried to make it to the train station on time but once again he was late, he was too damn late. Why can I never be there for my friends, He thought gripping the handles of his bike, his tears continued to flow until even then he couldn't cry anymore.

The sakura tree's loomed up in front of him and beckoned the shell-shocked boy into their wavering shadows, the sun rose over the horizon slowly bringing a pale yellow light to the landscape before him, pausing to take a break his phone began to buzz relentlessly. Unable to take the vibrations any longer, Arata opened and read the offending message with tear filled eyes.

I'll be back, I promise. Taichi.

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