Author's Note: Hey guys! Sorry if it's been a while, been busy. Anyway, this chapter has a lot more character in it :) so i hope you guys enjoy it. Unfortunately due to confusion and the timeline of how I want this to go... i'm going to have to postpone a villain i really wanted to put in until the 2nd book (which is not far off guys.) So, without further ado. Chapter 14! EXCELSIOR!

Chapter 14: Remember This!

::Cross-Species Detected. Directive… Exterminate::

"Well that doesn't sound too good." Peter said. At the three machines all locked onto him, he started to run. It was clear that they were only after him, so he had to get them away from civilians. He jumped behind the nearby bookcases and immediately ripped his clothes off and pulled his mask on. The bookshelf fell with the barrage of what Spidey assumed to by plasma fire from the way that the wood melted behind him.

"That doesn't look good for my skin. Probably should avoid that." Spidey said before zipping out of cover. The three robots were in the center of the library and immediately turned in synchronization toward him.

Hmm, that impressive. But they don't seem to be finished yet. Not polished, not designed for all terrain. If they wanna catch me, they're gotta do better than…. THAT!?

Peter's thoughts were interrupted once three Gatling Guns sprouted from each of them. They let loose an immense amount of gunfire, shattering the walls Spidey had been on. They had an arsenal, but they were way too robotic to stop Spider-Man. He dashed behind one of them, hopped on its head, and the two other robots aimed right at him.

"That's right, come and get me." He said. they fired right after he zipped out of the way and instantly hit one another instead. The bullets seemed to just ping off the metal, but it did scramble their scanners. Spidey zipped to the rooftop and watched them as they searched for him.

"Where there's a will…" Spidey said before shooting a load of webbing into all three of the robot's cannons. Their scanners documented the fluid as a cross species and charged their plasma weapons. Spidey just continued to unleashed his webbing at them, clogging up any dangerous holes he could find. All of their weapons were clogged up. 3…2…1…

::Error. Weapons system jammed:: The plasma cannons went off and would've melted the webbing away if Spidey hadn't kept on holding down his shooters. Once he was out of webbing, and once the plasma guns fired, the entire robot simply exploded.

Spidey jumped down from the ceiling and examined the chunks of debris left over from his robotic attackers. They looked like a pretty crappy design, but effective. Most of the metal had melted away or was too badly damaged to get anything out of. But then Spidey got lucky with an engraving.

"Ah, why evil criminal masterminds decide to engrave their weapons of mass nothingness with their names I have no idea. Wait a second…" Spidey brought the piece of metal to his face and squinted his eyes to try and get a better look from the black ash. The logo said Oscorp.

"What the hell? Why is Oscorp designing robots to… kill me?" Spidey asked himself. Immediately his thoughts went to Harry. What if they tried to hurt him, or what if he had something to do with it? No… no he couldn't have. But that thought escaped him, not he was just worried about getting back to Gwen and making sure she was alright.

+S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier+

"Any idea who he is?" Hawkeye asked Director Fury. He sighed and brought up a hologram computer. He opened the file labeled Wolverine and instantly a line a violence photos and footage moved across the screen. This guy has been alive ever since old American wars. He's migrated from country to country, killing just about anyone who gets in his way. He had no regard for his own life or the life of others. Well… not exactly.

"Do I still need to answer your question?" Fury said with a raised brow. Hawkeye didn't answer, only watching the footage with a straight face. Then a familiar red, white, and blue came across the corner with a pissed off look on his face.

"So, Shield is torturing people now!? What the hell Fury?"


"First you send Hawkeye, and assassins, to do what an arbiter should have done. I thought we were trying to make peace with people like us, not kick ass first and ask questions later!"


"All that blood, all that blood is on your hands-"

"that is not his blood, Rogers. That's the blood of men and women he has killed without any hesitation or remorse!" Fury shouted. He had slammed his fist on the railing in front of them, and Wolverine looked up at them with a scowl on his face. Captain America looked down at him and then walked away. Dr. Banner came around the corner with his research papers, but the Captain just ignored him.

"Whoa… what was that all about? And what's with the monkey in the cage down there?" Bruce asked. Fury and Hawkeye glared at him, and he raised his hands in surrender. Before any of them could react, an alarm began to sound all throughout the aircraft. Fury got onto his communicator.

"What the hell is going on out there!?" Fury shouted.

"Sir, we've got a cloaked aircraft requesting permission to land. We denied them entry, but…

+Cloaked Aircraft+

"You are being tracked right now, if you do not leave this air space immediately, you will be shot down" came the voice from the comm unit. Flying the cloaked craft was a beast with blue fur all over his body. His eyes had a golden yellow hue to them, and even though he looked like a beast, his intellect was better than most men.

"They're not going to let me land." Beast called out to his crew. The man sitting beside him had a grin on his face. He looked down at the large base in the sky through his red visor and quickly unbuckled his seatbelt. His name was Scott Summer… also known as Cyclopes.

"Then we're just gonna have to invite ourselves in." Scott said. He walked down the hull, spotting the three others that were with him and Beast. There was Nightcrawler, the teleporting mutant with an impressive skill in stealth attacks for reasons that should be clear. Then there was Bobby, also known as Ice Man. He had the power to create, control, and literally shield himself in the strongest forms of ice. Lastly, and the main reason they were on this mission, was Rogue. She was no older than 19, and she was beautiful. She had dark brown hair with a white streak going through the front. She was a special case. Her ability was to take the powers of other mutants and use them as her own through the simple action of touching them. This was her gift… as well as her curse.

"We're at the point of no return. Be ready for anything, but most of all… be ready to get one hell of a lecture from the professor when we get back to school." Scott said. Rogue smiled, and they all got up from their seats.

"Let's do this…" Rogue said. The doors of the aircraft opened and Cyclopes Rogue, Ice Man, and Nightcrawler all linked hands. A second passed, and they vanished in a flash of blue smoke. Instantly they arrived on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and Beast made sure to fly out in time. Cyclopes led the team inside, making sure to be careful to watch his corners.

"What the hell do these guys want with Logan anyway?" Bobby asked Cyclopes. A guard came out with his gun ready to fir, but Cyclopes was faster. He shot a fast red laser out of his visor and it knocked the guard far off of the base and sent him hurling towards the ground.

"Who knows. You know how he gets into trouble." Cyclopes said. Rogue and Nightcrawler followed close behind them, watching their backs. The doors were all sealed shut, but it was nothing for Cyclopes. He shot a constant stream at the doors side, forcing it to fall back. He glared at Nightcrawler, and he was immediately teleporting through the building, taking down any guard that got in his way and searching for where these people were keeping Logan.

He searched and searched and eventually came by the cell he was in. He looked up and saw the members of Shield staring at them. Then he saw a man dressed in red, white, and blue as well as a golden haired warrior carrying a large hammer. Before they could get to him, Nightcrawler teleported into the cell, unlocked Logan's chains, and brought him back out of the room. Fury fired through the glass and right at where they were, but all that was left was a puff of blue smoke.

"You're coming back with us, Logan. You've got some explaining to do!" Cyclopes shouted as Logan rubbed his wrists. He grunted and started to walk away.

"You're not the boss of me, bub. I don't answer to you. I don't answer to anyone else but me." Logan said. Rogue, Bobby, and Nightcrawler looked around, not sure what to do. More guards were bound to come soon.

"You do when you become a wanted criminal for murder! What the hell were you thinking!"

"I'm not part of your little boy band, kid! I'm my own man with my own reasons. MY OWN MISSION!" Logan said.

"DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME!" Cyclopes shouted.

"Fuck off." Was Logan's reply. That's when he felt the heat blast through his body and force him across the room. Rogue ran forward, but Nightcrawler grabbed her and Bobby.

"You guys get out of here and lay low. I'll deal with all of this." Cyclopes said. Nightcrawler teleported Rogue and Bobby out of there before they could argue, and now it was just Logan and Scott. Logan stood up and his skin generated back onto his body. Scott calibrated his visor to let out more power.

"You're gonna regret that, bub. Let's see how good your eyes work when I cut them out of that pretty face of yours!" Logan shouted. He threw his arms out and allowed his claws to rip from his fists. Blood dripped across the Adamantium metal as he ran at Scott. Before he reached him, Cyclopes let out a strong blast that scrapped against Wolverine's claws. When he stopped, Wolverine's claws glowed red from the heat. He smiled.

"I'm gonna cut through you like but- OOF" suddenly, Thor's hammer sped across Wolverine's face, knocking him through three walls. Standing there was Thor, and beside him was Captain America and Hawkeye, both standing at the ready.

"We interrupting something, sunshine?" Hawkeye asked. Cyclopes ignored them and walked into the holes in the wall. Thor grabbed him by the shoulder and shook his head.

"This is not your fight, one eyed man." Thor said. Cyclopes knocked his hand away and grunted.

"He's part of our team, he's OUR responsibility. Let me handle this." Cyclopes said. That's when Director Nick Fury came around the corner, pistol in hand, and scowl on his face.

"Well you're not doing a very good job at keeping your dog on a leach. We found him bedraggled in the blood of other men and women. And you're saying it's your responsibility!" Fury shouted. They all kept going back and forth, each of them having their own argument. That's when Tony Stark came around the corner.

"Hey, what's up guys." He said as he walked in through the holes. He went right beside Wolverine, went into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of milk, then walked right back out.

"Have a good weekend guys." He said walking away. Be flipped open his phone a trailed down his contacts before he suddenly felt a giant headache. He turned and everyone else did as well. Everyone except for Nick Fury and Cyclopes. Then he heard the voice.

"Stop this mindless fighting right now! Nicholas Fury, my name is Professor Charles Xavier. I had the headmaster of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Logan is under my protection. Please, if you allow me and audience with you and the Avengers, I will explain the situation and answer all of your questions. Now, if you'd please… land your home and invite me inside. Xavier said. The headache in everyone had vanished and the argument had stopped. Fury glanced over to the now crouching Logan who seemed calm now and then to Cyclopes.

"You get one chance. Strap him up and make sure he doesn't lay a hand on any more people." Fury said. He holstered his pistol and made his way back to the command center to bring the Shield Helicarrier down.