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Chapter 15: The Spider Slayers

"So you think those things were sent after you? Specifically, you? But why?" Gwen asked. She was worried, which was a good sign since it showed she still cared for Peter. If he had any doubts before, they were gone now.

"I don't know. But from fighting them, it seemed like they were just prototypes. And that means…"

"That this was all just a test for the final product… Peter… I… I think that maybe you should just lay low for a little while." Gwen said.

Lay low. I wish. I really wish that I could, Gwen. But first I need to investigate Oscorp. If they're creating weapons like this… then Mr. Osborn might be in trouble, or worse… might be in on it. Peter thought to himself.

"Alright. I'll cool off on the hero job for a bit." Peter said. he grabbed his bag and made his way to the window.

"I've got to go get some eggs for Aunt May. I'll catch you later, okay?" Peter said. Gwen nodded and then went back to working on her entrance exam/project. With college such a short while away, everyone was under stress… even Spider-Man.

As Spidey swung through the city, his communicator picked up some police radio chatter.

::Car 117 to HQ! We've got a giant Lizard right in the middle of 44th! Get some units down here!::

"Guess Oscorp will have to wait!" Spidey said. He zipped toward the rooftops and jumped from building to building until he saw a car launch into the air. His Spidey senses went off the charts, and he saw a woman inside of the car.

"Oh crap!" he shouted. Everything moved so slowly around him as he acted fast. He shot two strong lines of webbing to the corners of the next building and launched himself at the car. He twirled in through the passenger window, grabbed the lady, and tossed her in the air, making sure that she landed safely on a load of webbing.

Spidey landed right beside the Lizard and was about to let loose a punch or two, but then he spotted the three slayers from before attacking the green monster.

"Whoa, looks like you need more than just a little help!" Spidey shouted. The Lizard turned, growling at Spider-Man, but accepting his offer. Spidey jumped to the nearest attacker while Lizard rammed his massive body into the next.

Looks like these guys aren't just after me Spidey thought to himself. He dodged incoming fire and shot a few webs onto the legs of the slayer. Pulling hard on it, the robot fell from its position and crashed to the ground. Only this time the legs turned and it was attacking. Just before it reached Spidey, The Lizard bit down and tore the bot to pieces.

"Whoa. Doc, I don't think metal is really good for the stomach. I don't need you throwing up a Lizard hair ball in the streets." Spidey said. Four more Spider Slayers appeared, all too fast for Spidey to counter. Just then, something fast and gold zipped past him, and then everything went black…

"Guys. We've got trouble." Bruce Banner came into the room where the heroes and X-men were arguing.

"GUYS! The city needs our help and you're arguing like a bunch of babies!" Banner shouted. Everyone turned around, surprised and knocked out of their angered phase. Well… almost everybody.

"Who do you think you are, bub! You think I'm afraid of you!" Wolverine shouted as he stomped towards him.

"Not me. But keep pissing me off and you'll find out who you should be afraid of."

"ENOUGH!" Nick Fury shouted. He brought up the holographic computer on his wrist and clicked away at the security footage of what was going on in the city. The Lizard was down and the silver Spider Slayers were fanning out.

"We've got to get down there." Captain America said. Thor pulled up his hammer and started walking out with the Captain. Cyclopes grabbed Wolverine and followed them.

"We'll help."

"Not so fast." Fury interrupted. But Wolverine intervened

"Look bub, you want to keep on this badass charade of yours, that's fine. But there are innocent people being hurt down there, and we've got to stop that from happening!"

"Innocent? You've been killing innocent people! That's why you're here!"

"They weren't innocent… They were working for the Weapon X facility. You wanna torture me, fine. But right now, the city needs us." Wolverine said. Before Fury could say anything else, he ripped through the side of the Helicarrier and fell through the sky. Everyone else got in one of the jets and flew down to the City below.

Wolverine crashed into the ground and there was nothing but bones left. That's when she started to slowly regenerate his muscles, skin, and everything else back. Luckily, his pants and parts of his shirt remained intact, although they were covered in his blood. The S.H.I.E.L.D jet came down, and Thor, Captain America, and Cyclopes came out ready to fight.

"Got any other amazing friends to help?" Cyclopes asked. Thor looked up at Stark Tower's flashing lights and loud music as if called on cue. An instant later, Iron Man rocketed from the roof of his tower and sped towards his fellow Avengers.

"Started the party without me, huh?" Stark said as he landed right beside Wolverine. He brought his arms up and aimed his cannons at the slayers.

"Nice of you to join us, Stark." Captain America said as he pulled his shield in front of him. Cyclopes helped Wolverine up and he growled as he let his claws rip form his fists.

"Let's take these guys out." Wolverine said. They all ran forward and attacked. Wolverine cut through the metal like it was nothing, Thor shocked and smashed through the slayers that got in his way, Cyclopes shot his lasers, completely destroying those in his path, and Iron Man quickly dispersed those that tried to attack him. But as more and more were taken out, it seemed as though more and more were simply appearing out of nowhere.

Iron Man shot his cannons onto Captain America's shield and let the lasers fry the three slayers around them. A few tried to escape, but Wolverine took care of that as he leapt through the air and sliced them in half.

"Logan, look out!" Cyclopes shouted. A slayer rammed four of it's eight arms into Logan's chest, forcing him to scream in pain. Cyclopes shot it back, and Logan fell and grumbled as his wounds healed quickly. Then he turned around, outraged.

"I'm gonna slice you all up, one by one!" he shouted. Now some more slayers arrived, but this time they were flying and firing even more dangerous weapons at the heroes. Thor took to the skies with Iron Man and worked on taking them out while the Captain, Cyclopes, and Wolverine worked on the ground bots.

"Where are these guys coming from anyway!?" Captain America shouted. That's when a disorientated, grouched voice responded after a series of loud roars.

"Oscorp…" The Lizard walked in front of Captain America and growled. Before the Captain could respond, Lizard jumped into the air and latched onto one of the flying slayers.

"Looks like we've got some friends in high places." The Captain said. Just then, a barrage of arrows filled the air, hitting the nearby slayers.

"Yeah, you do." It was Hawkeye and coming from behind him was Ice-Man and Colossus, also from the x-men. Ice man took to the skies, using his powers to stop the slayers in their tracks and watched as they shattered once they hit the ground. Colossus stuck to the ground troops, doing what he was best at, breaking them into bits with his bare hands. Hawkeye worked with both air and ground, using his bow and arrow to take out the slayers. The numbers were down to merely a small group, and the odds were of course in the heroes favors. But that's when they heard the beeping coming from the slayers.

"Wait a second…" Cyclopes looked closer and saw the red glow from their eyes.

"They're gonna blow! Get out of here, now!" he shouted. Iron Man grabbed Logan and Cyclopes while Thor grabbed Hawkeye and Colossus. Ice-Man slid along with them, but the Lizard was already nowhere to be found. A few seconds passed, and then the explosion came. It would've taken out the entire block, but something compressed the explosion into a small, contained bubble on energy. That's when Professor Xavier and Nick Fury showed themselves.

"It seems as though someone is out to get mutants. Or, more specifically, cross-species. This Lizard fellow, I entered his mind and saw what he saw. It seems as though a fellow hero has been taken by these things. Another cross-species. Spider-Man." Xavier said.

"Spider-Man? What would they want with him?" Captain America asked.

"Who knows, but they're probably not looking for a friendly tea party. Look at the ruble from the wrecked bots. This is Oscorp technology, some of the best in the business. We find Norman Osborn, we find Spider-Man. Let's go!" Iron Man said.

"Wait a second, we have no proof that Oscorp is behind this!" Captain America said. Iron Man held up the hunk of metal with Oscorp's name on it.

"How is this not proof enough?"

"I am with the man of iron. The name is on the enemy, it must mean they were sent by them. We must attack at once and rescue the Spider-Man." Thor said. Captain America nodded, but Nick Fury disagreed.

"Well we can't just march in on a star company. We'd need characters of stealth, which none of you guys seem to have." Fury said. That's when Logan stepped up.

"Speak for yourself, bub. I've got this in the bag." Logan said. Fury looked over to Cyclopes who was shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, he was a solider."

"He's also a mad man." Fury responded.

"Aaaaaand he's also gone." Tony added. Everyone looked around, and sure enough, Logan was nowhere to be found.

"What were you thinking, Smythe!? What the hell were you thinking!?" Norman screamed out. Smythe didn't even bother to look Norman in the eyes, he just continued to type away at his computer. Norman wasn't having it, he immediately pushed all of Smythe's equipment on the floor. This set him off, and Smythe grabbed him by the shirt.

"You put this entire company at risk, do you know that!? You were given one job, one! To bring in Spider-Man for EXAMINATION!"

"I know!"

"Then why did you send the machines to kill him! Those were lethal weapons, Smythe! You could have killed-"

"You think I take orders from you, Osborn!? I don't! You're just a piece in a game that's far too large for your own head." Smythe said. He pushed Norman away from him and out of the office. Norman intended on following him, but then the doors locked in front of him. Then he heard screams and called for help from the other end.

"What in god's name is going on?" Norman asked himself. That's when he heard the low beeping from underneath the desk Smythe was working on. The timer was already on 59 seconds…

"Logan, what's going on?" Xavier's voice echoed in Logan's head. Logan watched from the air vents as the soldiers in full armor stormed through the Oscorp Building.

Things aren't looking so hot up here! Logan thought to Xavier. He sliced through the vent and landed right on top of the soldier that was about the stab an innocent scientist. Logan made sure he never saw the light of day again, but when he rammed his claws into the soldier's back, he didn't feel flesh… just metal and wires.

Logan felt a few bullets go through his back, but he ignored them and went charging towards the next group of attackers. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. In the distance, Logan could hear beeping as well as a cry for help.




"Long Live Praxis" Smythe whispered. And then Oscorp Tower was ignited in flames and explosions.