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Goodbyes and Hellos

Emily yawned and stretched, a new day! It is so pretty! She thought as she opened the drapes. The sunrise always made her smile as she knew God has given everyone another day. "Oh no," she said, "I better get dressed I have to be at the store soon." She dressed in a hurry and grabbed a bar and juice on her way out the door. As she turned to shut the door she saw her desk. She smiled and told herself, 'I don't have time, but I'll hurry home to see if I have a letter!' Emily too had been thinking of how the letters could appear and disappear. However, now she had to hurry.

When Emily arrived at the music store she had a surprise waiting. The store manger was talking to a very sophisticated-looking man. Em recognized him; he was the conductor of the city's symphony orchestra. "Oh Emily," the manger called to her and was waving her to him. She put her things on the counter and walked over to the men. "I have someone to introduce you to. Emily, this is Gregori Nashami, the conductor of our symphony!"

Emily smiled and shook his hand, "Yes, I recognized you sir; I believe you have the most talented orchestra in the country!" Emily's smile lightened her eyes and made the wholesome beauty of her come out.

"Miss Rogers, I am so pleased to meet you. I have heard wonderful reviews on you from many people and your students who visit our concerts." He had such a warm nature about him that he put Emily at ease immediately. "I have a tremendous favor and opportunity for you. Our second flute has been involved in a car accident. She will be unable to travel with us for our short tour in Japan. I am in need of a replacement and I was hoping that you would consider joining us."

Emily was shocked, JOIN THE ORCHESTRA! What a wonderful opportunity! She was a Samurai Ranger, but yet to play in the orchestra, this was too much! She composed herself and looked at Mr. Nashami, "I am so honored. This is so unexpected and I am not sure I am the right person."

Mr. Kramer, the manager, was beaming and urging Emily to say yes. Before she knew it, she blurted out, "YES, I will be happy to be the second flute." The three people cheered and Mr. Kramer hugged Emily and told her not to worry about her job as it would be there when she got back. They would be leaving in a week and Emily had rehearsals and packing and oh everything to do.

Emily shut her apartment door behind her. She dropped her things on the couch and grabbed the phone to call Mia. She had already told her family and they were so excited for her. Mia answered on the third ring.

"Hi Sunshine!" Mia must be in a great mood today, Emily thought. Good because I am floating on Cloud 9.

"Are you sitting down? You are not going to believe what happened today." She told Mia all about it and the two almost sisters giggled and talked for hours.

As Emily was lying in bed she sat upright, THE DESK, MY LETTER! She raced out to the desk and there was a letter. Her hands trembled as she opened it and began to read. He wrote a long letter, he loved her flute playing, she never knew. She read his remembrance and how he hated having to hide the fact that he was a shadow. Shadow, that was an odd way to refer to it. He told her more of his growing up and dreams he had. She had learned more in this one letter about him then she had ever known. At the end of the letter he asked her about the desk, he wanted her to describe it to him. It was late, but she wrote back to him anyway. She told him all about the desk and how she was so drawn to it. She told him of getting the place in the orchestra and that they were going to perform in Japan on July 17 to August 27th. She too told him more of growing up and her dreams. She signed the letter Forever Yellow. She then placed it in the desk with the intention of mailing this one the next day. She slipped off to her room and dreamt of playing the flute in the orchestra and that he was there, but it didn't look like Jayden, but she knew he was her red.

Takeru stretched and rose from sleep. He smelled the breakfast Jii was preparing and it made him hungry. He washed his face and his thoughts raced to his letters. He went out and sat down to breakfast. Jii had been noticing Takeru's reactions to things lately and he asked his charge, "Lord, May I ask what your thoughts are?"

This took Takeru a little off guard. "What do you mean?" Jii shrugged his shoulders and returned to the other room. He had not thought his preoccupation was noticeable, although Jii did know him better than anyone. It was a good breakfast. Jii was really improving and if he didn't watch out he may lose Jii to a restaurant as a chef. He wanted to go to the desk, but he didn't want to be out of routine for Jii to notice.

"Lord, I am going to my class now, I will be home later." Jii then left the Shiba house. Takeru watched and as soon as the door was shut he jumped up and reached to the desk. 'It was there!' He held the note in his hand, his heart pounded and he felt such happiness. He opened the letter and the picture fell on top of the desk. He read the letter and was thrilled with the news to think that this young woman, that they had shared thoughts and dreams with was going to be close once again. Yet he stopped and felt that he and Kotoha were writing, but yet he felt this was someone other than her. He looked at the date and his heart skipped a beat when he realized she would be there very soon.

He lowered the letter and saw the picture. He picked it up and noticed it was the desk. He had forgotten her description of the desk as he was excited to learn of her being close. The desk was EXACTLY like his. He could not believe it. So it is SOMETHING with the desk and the fact that there were only two made. He asked one of the Kuroko to come in and asked them to find out information on the desk. In the mean time he reread the letter over and over and looked at the picture. Yes the desk was just like his, the carving, the details. Then he noticed a picture on the desk. He could see it, but he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a magnifying glass. He switched on the lamp and used the glass to see the picture more clearly. He was shocked to see the picture was of six people. Four guys and two girls. The guys had on green, blue, gold and RED. The girls had on pink and, and, and the other one wore YELLOW! She had yellow hair and the brightest smile he had ever seen. Her eyes sparkled and she seemed to be so happy. Could this be? Is she a yellow ranger? Is this the yellow he had thought was Kotoha? They were Americans, no doubt. He smiled, she was the most thrilling woman he had ever met, or seen. However, he felt he knew her so well, even though they only spoke words on paper. They exchanged feelings and hopes and dreams. Takeru realized he had fallen in love with her.

He sensed the Kuroko and he was handed a book on antiques and the page was marked. His desk and her desk were there. Legend had it that two lovers were held apart by their families, but these desks were made for them to exchange letters. It is said that the desks will find the persons and those people will share true love.

He made up his mind, he would go to the concert and surprise her. Only a few more days until she would be here.

Time flew for Emily. She packed, attended last minute rehearsals and the manager of the store where she bought her desk understood and just took what he had as payment for the desk. Plus Antonio said he would stay at her apartment for her and promised not to let it smell like fish. The day to leave was upon her and she closed the door to her apartment and opened another one to start this new adventure. She said goodbye to Mia and Antonio. She went through the gate and onto the plane. This was so exciting. The flight was to take eleven hours. She was too anxious to nap as the other performers were, so she opened her satchel and pulled out all of her "desk" letters as she called them. She opened each one and read them over and over. Each letter was long and it was as if she knew this man so well. She knew the words by heart, but she could almost hear a voice reading to her and she loved looking at the handwriting. She had first thought it as Jayden, but the way the words were phrased it was not Jay's style. But it seemed this man could read into her soul. She shivered, but not from a bad feeling, but a good feeling.

She hoped once she got back they would be able to resume writing and hopefully meet. Funny though he was a "red" and he called her his "Yellow." So Emily pulled out a note pad and started a letter to him that she would add onto every day and when she got back she hoped it would fit in the cubby hole! Soon the flight landed and everything was an organized mess.

The next days were rehearsals and the concert hall was huge. Emily felt a bit overwhelmed, but she was glad for the other performers as they helped her out.

Finally opening night arrived and the hall was sold out. Everyone was in their place. Emily had on a soft yellow dress and she had told herself she was going to play as if she was playing for her "red" so she would not be nervous. She told herself, you fought monsters and creepy things, so this should be easy! The curtain rose and the music filled the hall.

Takeru sat in his seat in a reserved box for the Shiba family. It helped to be the 19th head when you wanted to attend a performance that was sold out for months. The music was beautiful. He looked for the flute section and saw her. She was enchanting. She played so wonderful and he felt that she was playing for him. At one point, she looked up in the direction of the box and his heart lifted. Those sparkling eyes as he saw in the picture. He took out his program and found the list of performers. It said second flute was Lisa Collins. She didn't look like a Lisa and the name did not fit her. So he asked for the Kuroko to find her name. The man returned and on the paper was written Emily Rogers. Ah, he thought, She is an Emily. He loved the entire performance. The corners of his mouth turned up in a grin when he thought what Chiaki or Genta would say if they knew he had listened to all of it.

The last note ended and the applause filled the air. Everyone took a bow, but Takeru saw no one except for Emily. He liked her name and he hoped she would like him.

People were leaving and the hall and the stage curtain was pulled. Takeru took the bouquet of flowers from the Kuroko and dismissed him. He then went back stage. He walked and searched and finally there she was, standing as if she knew he would come.

He walked up to her, she looked at him. He had on a red shirt with his jacket and pants. "Emily," He said his voice barely audible. Her head was lowered and she then her eyes lifted to his face to meet his eyes.

It's HIM, she screamed to herself, I KNEW he was here. "Hello." she said back. Takeru handed her the flowers, a bouquet of Yellow tulips. "These are beautiful, thank you." She grinned and blushed and asked him, "You do know what yellow tulips mean, don't you?"

He smiled the beguiling smile and said, "Yeah, that is one of the reasons why I chose them."

She smiled that smile that eased his heart and the butterflies in his stomach. "However, you know, red is also a color I love." He looked at her and smiled. Emily smelled the flowers and then cocked her head to the side. "I know you are My Red, and you know I am Emily, so please tell me your name."

"Takeru, Shiba Takeru." Emily almost fainted - Shiba - same as Jayden's, was he related to him?

"Emily, if you are finished, would you have dinner with me?"

She smiled and she placed her hand in his and told him there was nothing she would rather do.

A few weeks later, Mia was visiting Antonio at Em's apartment. She was telling him about the letters Em had gotten. He laughed and told her that was just a tale. So she opened the cubby hole and there was an envelope in there! They both stooped over with wide eyes and a surprised and shocked look. With trembling hands Mia took it out.

The envelope was a perfect mixture of yellow and red, and on it was written Mia and Antonio, on the back was the Shiba crest. They opened it up and the note read:

"My wonderful friends. I am writing to say that I am staying in Japan and that Red is my favorite color. Love, Emily and Takeru."

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