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Friendship Issues

Lissa POV:

Streams of moonlight peeked through the many spring line windows that surrounded the gym giving off a better feel of awareness and safety in the dark. The room was spacious with high ceilings and shiny hardwood floorings. A couple of chairs were lined up against the far wall and the training equipment stood still in dark. The Fyodor gym looked luxurious, or at least just what I could see in the lighting.

What grabbed my attention the most was the second floor. It was darker and creepy, probably due to the fact that the moonlight didn't reach past the ledges so I couldn't see beyond it. Yet, I couldn't help but feel as if we were being watched.

I shook of the feeling and pay better attention to where I was walking as I followed my brother closely behind.

"Tasha," Andre called.

Tasha approached my brother in only five steps. Her pale blue eyes met his green ones, waiting for him to continue.

"Take the girls with you and start tipping the gym. The guys and I are going to tagged the walls, possibly even the locker rooms too if they're opened." he explained to her.

Tasha nodded without any questioning or disagreement. It amazes me how Tasha or any of the other royals followed my brother blindly. He could probably asked them to jump off a cliff and they would do it. He had than strong command and influence in others that I didn't like so much, not that I have anything against him. I love and adore Andre very much but…seeing him how he leads the ' Mână' (the Hand as in our secret group name) in action, he sort of disappoints me in a way. Sometimes I wished my brother wasn't the student King nor that he was part of the Mână.

"Come on ladies." Tasha gestured us to pick up the bags full of toilet paper and to followed her to the left side of the gym.

Avery, Camille, and I did what was asked. Each one of us of grabbed a black bag and carried them to what seemed to be a punching bag.

"We'll used the punching bags to tie one end of the toilet paper and attached to other equipment and we'll keep doing that until everything has been attached. Think of the toilet paper as party streamers and we're decorating." Tasha instructed happily as if she proud of her simile.

Avery scowled at Tasha, "Party streamers? Seriously, we're not supposed to make the gym look all pretty and perfect. It's supposed to be hideous. Let's just tossed the toilet paper in different directions and let it get tangled up on the equipment." she said.

"Fine, whatever. I just wanted to do this neatly so it wouldn't get too messy and we wouldn't find ourselves trap in a toilet paper web." Tasha said dryly, apparently her good mood had been ruined by Avery's complaint.

I hoped they would continue disagreeing with each other that way we wouldn't get anything done. Maybe even one of the Guardians doing a perimeter check around school will see us and end this stupid prank.

And…they didn't.

Neither one of them said nothing more. Avery snatched a toilet paper roll from the bag and marched off one direction to start her 'messy decorating'. Tasha did the same only she went the opposite direction to do some her 'decorating'.

Camille and I exchanged looks. Neither one of us were sure what happened. Avery and Tasha are supposed to be best friends as far as I remembered. Around St. Vladimir Ave and Tasha were known as the Darkette Twins because of their similarities in dark hair color, eyes, tastes, and personalities. They were inseparable, bossy, and judgy toward others but more importantly they did everything in mutual agreement. This was the first time I saw them disagree. I wondered if something happened between the two before we sneaked out of St. Vladimir or if has been going on longer.

Camille shrugged it off and grabbed a toilet paper roll. To her, it was no of concern on what was going on with Avery or Tasha. That was their business. And I should have felt the same but my inner thoughts would let me.

Just as I about to reach for a toilet paper roll I heard a splashing sound somewhere nearby like water or something had exploded. I pulled back quickly and looked around a bit startled. It was kind of hard to do in the dark and I started to wondered if I was hearing things. But n, the splashing sounds bounced off of the walls from every direction and it was loud.

I heard Avery yelping, then Camille, Tasha too, and then angry cursing from the boys. Confused, a bit frightened, confused again. I wasn't sure what was going on. I felt like a chicken running around without a head as I jerked my head in the direction of where the screaming was from each time I heard it. And no soon after I found out what was actually going on until I heard myself screaming and felt freezing water explode in the back of my neck.

I got hit with freezing water two more times, one in the face and the other on the left thigh. The water ran through my whole body making me shivered involuntarily. The rest of it was absorb in by my clothes, I was no drenched.

Blinding lights suddenly paralyzed everyone in their spots. I couldn't see anything not even my own hands that were right in front me. My vision was blurry and I felt a bit disoriented too. I had to squeezed my eyes shut in order to refocus.

I knew someone had switched the lights on, and it scared me to think it could be a Guardian. Headmistress Kirova would have a fit when she finds outs and then we would all get expelled!

Luckily that was not case. As I opened my eyes I became aware of five shadowy figures leaning around the ledges of the second floor through my peripheral vision. It took me a minute to refocus, when I did I wished I hadn't. The faces of the shadowy figures came into view. They were all junior novices whom I used to know back in grade school. Each of one them held what appeared to be water balls in their hands, waiting for some further instructions.

What struck me the most was seeing Rose among them.

I tore my gaze from her when our eyes met. I felt a little shame and guilty for being part of this and now I had been caught red handed by own best friend.

Was it betrayal? Absolutely. I could never look at Rose in the eye ever again. I should have never come here.

"Look at what we have here trespassers." a familiar yet very angry voice spoke from behind.

I turned around wide-eyed-opened when I saw Dimitri Belikov blocking the exit with his hands crossed over his chest, his jaw was clenched, and his dark brown eyes burned through Ivan's skull. He really hated Ivan…but he also looked pissed at all of us, and I wouldn't have blamed him.

In a similar posture, next to him stood four senior novices whom I knew only by name, Denis, Artur, Lev, and Tamara. They all looked just as pissed as Dimitri. And worst of all, they were blocking the exit, we couldn't even try to escape if wanted too.

Ivan smirked mockingly and took five dangerous steps toward Dimitri. I flinched for him, if he got any closer to Dimitri, the trained novice could easily strike a perfect punch.

"We're not trespassing. We came here with our school's Guardians. In case you're not aware we're supposed to choose our wanna be Guardians for your stupid field test next semester." he explained very convincing I almost believed him.

"It's late." Dimitri accused.

"For you maybe, but for us it's still early, right guys?" Ivan turned to us.

We nodded our heads in agreement. It was true, we were on nocturnal schedule it was early for us. But they were running in human schedule it was late, very late. I'm surprised that they were even up at this hour.

"It doesn't explained why you have juniors with you." Denis pointed out.

"We're shadowing them, you know show them the ropes to take over student government next year." Avery offered.

"Showing them the ropes to take over the Mână," spat the girl named Tamara.

At the word 'Mână' I felt the tension growing between Moroi and Dhampirs, they shoot each other dark glares. In my peripheral vision I could see my own classmates holding up their palms, they were ready to conjure up elemental magic in case Dimitri swung the first punch.

I panicked, I searched for my brother. Why wasn't he stopping this? Why was he letting the juniors act on anger and that couldn't be good? My eyes found Andre standing next to Avery and Adrian. His arms were crossed, his head held high, and had a self-satisfied grin in his lips. It seemed as if he was taking pleasure in Ivan's taunting on Dimitri. He was almost proud.

That send my stomach into hurled. I had never felt so disgusted and disappointed in my brother in my whole entire life. I turned to Rose for some comfort but she looked away quickly.

Was she mad at me? Disappointed? I couldn't tell.

Ivan's laugher caught my attention again. He was laughing right in front of Dimitri's face like he was daring Dimitri to actually punch him. But the tall, intimidating guy show no reaction. His face was completely blank. If he was hiding his itch to knock Ivan out, he was doing a good job.

"Mână? I have no idea what you're talking about. Is that Russian for 'stupid girl'?" Ivan taunted.

Tamara stepped forward ready to leashed out her nails at Ivan but Artur caught her arm and pulled her held back. The girl struggled in his gripped.

"You have a wild one there, Belikov. Then again all female dhampirs are wild." This time Ivan lifted his eyes to where Rose and Dimitri's sister Viktoria stood. He licked his lips seductively, insulating his lust to them.

Rose and Viktoria grimace at he in disgust.

Dimitri, however, stepped forward. He stood a couple inches away from Ivan's face as his fist rose up and this time it seemed as if he really was going to swing at Ivan.

Rose POV:

Dimitri had stepped forward, his fist was ready to sucker punch Ivan for degrading Vik. Or at least I think that what's he was doing. It couldn't have been because of me too. I had dealt with many Moroi guys like Ivan practically my whole teen years and not once has Dimitri intervened. I had to let myself think that it was all for Viktoria.

Still, I couldn't help but wish that it was for me too.

The junior Moroi had conjured elemental magic at the palm of their hands, they ready to aim a direct attack at Dimitri.

At the same time, Denis and the others got into fighting stances ready to back up Dimitri. Everyone was glaring at each other. A group fight was fast approaching. There was nothing more than I wanted to do but head downstairs and defeat Dimitri. But he ordered us to remain in the second floor no matter what happened. He believed we weren't ready for this type of confrontation despite how well our skills were.

I found myself contemplating, it's not like I was good at following orders anyway. But how pissed off Dimitri will be with me if I disobeyed?

"Hey, hey, HEY!" Adrian stepped between the two guys and pushed them apart before anyone of them tried anything else. "We're only here on a tour." he assured Dimitri.

Dimitri didn't budge though. Anger had possessed him and now he was itching to knocked down Ivan for good. He attempted to side step Adrian but Adrian wouldn't let him. He even used his hands to push Dimitri back.

Adrian looked like a hero at the moment. His hands were powerful enough to keep a deadly Dhampir from killing a Moroi. Any other one of Dimitri's friends would have had a hard time restraining him. But Adrian made it seemed so effortlessly.

That is until I saw Adrian's green eyes adjust to Dimitri's brown ones as he muttered words. Dimitri was in a trance. That sneaky idiot was using compulsion and it was working as I watched Dimitri's body relaxed.

Denis and the others also seemed to have relaxed. Everyone did. There was nothing more exhausting than preventing a fight between Ivan and Dimitri which is why they were kept away from each other in the first place. I'm surprised that Lisssa's brother didn't even stepped in to interfered, he always did.

My eyes wondered to Andre. The tall blonde guy just stood there still frowning disapprovingly at Adrian. It was really, really weird. I knew for a fact that Andre was the leader of the Mână. Lissa told me this over the summer, the royals voted for him. I knew Andre would be engaged in pulling cruel pranks on us but he wasn't the type to be engaged in physical violence. Andre believes it's beneath him that it's barbaric. He won't even let any of his group get into those sort of fights. So, why was he allowing Ivan?


I was glad Adrian intervened. He wasn't a fighter but he wasn't a peace maker either. He probably foresaw how out controlled things would get if a fight broke out and didn't stopped it. And from what I could tell, Denis and the others weren't going to stopped Dimitri either. Their eyes read 'fight…tear…punch…inflict.' I'm sure they were lusting to hurt a few Moroi if the opportunity showed.

Adrian shot Ivan a warning looking as he side step him to walk over Andre. He muttered something to Andre. Whatever it was it got Andre nodding and agreeing with Adrian. He used compulsion again! It was so wrong in many levels yet it was so right in other ways. Because I had a feeling this confrontation was over.

"Let's go." Andre finally spoke up as he instructed his group.

Confused expressions met Andre's words but not no one said anything. Ivan and the others started walking towards the exit, shooting hateful glares at us as they went.

Dimitri and the others stepped aside and let the Moroi leave without causing anymore conflict. Mason, Eddie, Meredith, and even Viktoria smiled at the Moroi, waving bye as if we had won. In a way, we did. Our gym remained unharmed. I didn't felt like a winner, though.

I stole one last glance Lissa before she left. There was some sadness, hurt, and guilt in her eyes. That made me feel even more guilt and shame for betraying our friendship like this. I didn't want any of this, I didn't know how to get out of it and from what I could feel in Lissa she didn't know either. This rivalry was going to tear us apart whether we like it or not.

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