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(Regina walks into the room towards Henry sitting on a chair, reading a book.)

Regina: Ask me about my day.

Henry: Okay. (He looks up at her.) How was your day?

Regina: Guess. (He stares at her, mouth agape.)

Regina: Come on… (She tickles him.) We'll play 20 questions

Henry: Agh! (He takes a breath then whines) You know I hate that game.

Regina: Okay 10 then. And I'll give you hints. (She sits him on her lap and hands him his fallen book.)

Henry: (He sighs then drums his fingers thoughtfully.) Is it newsworthy?

Regina: (Defensively) All my work is newsworthy!

Henry: Depends on your definition of news… (She pulls him off her lap to stare at him indignantly.)

Henry: Okay, okay. (She pulls him back onto her lap to cuddle him.) Did you do something newsworthy?

Regina: Well(Looks down disappointedly) No.

Henry: Did someone close to you do something newsworthy?

Regina: (Excitedly) Yes!

Henry: Hmm… (Speaking slowly) Well, I know Mayor Spencer has been asking for your help more since his son went into a coma…

Regina: Yes, yes, poor David. Now keep going!

Henry: (Looks at her for clues and speaking slowly while she tries to urge him on)…I suppose he… Nah…But, he could have…You have been working so hard…And he's been so distracted…He might have noticed and as reward… (She's still gesturing him to move on now by nodding frantically and squeezing him tightly.)

Henry: He would have… Given you…

Regina: His job! Argh! You took all the fun out of it!

Henry: His job! Of course. (He gives her a charming smile.) I'm sorry Mom but you were stopping the oxygen to my brain. (He kisses her cheek.) It must've been something good to have you acting like a child.

(She mock-glares at him then starts to smile before giving him a kiss.)

Henry: Congratulations Mayor Mills.