LbN: Written for Fapezberry Week Day 5. xPosted to Tumblr

Rachel stretched and breathed a sigh of relief as her last class ended. Six hours of dance and two academic classes, and she was ready to drop. She gathered her things quickly and made it out of the building at lightning speed. She slowed down and smiled, however, when she saw one of her girlfriends waiting for her. "Hi Quinn!"

"Hey Rach," Quinn said, kissing her.


"One London Fog, just for my tiny diva. Thought I'd walk you home so we can talk."

"Uh-oh…what's Santana done now?"

"We need to host an intervention."

"Excuse me?" Rachel asked, taking a sip of her tea.

"She's gotten worse!"

"Oh, Quinn…" Rachel said, smiling. "It's harmless."

"It's unhealthy!"

"It's not like she's skipping classes to do it."

"She did today."

"What?" Rachel yelped.

"I called her at lunch to see how her day was going, and…I could hear it in the background."

"That's not alright."

"I know! That's why we're having this discussion. I tried to talk to her, but she just says it's no big deal."

Rachel huffed. "We'll talk to her when we get home."

The TV was on when they got to the house. Santana was in her Hogwarts Snuggie watching intently. She didn't even notice them come in.

Quinn shut the TV off and Rachel stood in front of her other girlfriend.

"Hey!" Santana whined.

"Santana Maribel Lopez, it's time to admit you have a problem," Rachel said.

"You two are so dramatic!"

"I understand that you like—"


"Love the Charlie's Angels movies, but skipping class to watch the all day marathon is unacceptable!"