Cassidy's POV

" Don't forget to pick up the permissions slips for next months Spring Formal!"The new head of Alcott High's voice rang through the hallway. Emma, one of my best friends, taps me on the shoulder.

" Cass, guess what?" She says with excitment in her voice, I don't know how she could be so happy on a Monday.

" What?" I croak out.

" Stewart asked me to the Spring Formal!" She says to me, this isn't a suprise her and Stewart Chadwick can't stay away from eachother.

" Cool, but stay away from Queen Bee Becca." I say. We both start to giggle. Becca Chadwick, is probably the oppisite from Stewart. Speak of the devil.

" Hey Cassidy, Emma, Did you two get dates to the spring formal because if you ask me-" I'm not scared of Becca, and the best way to deal with people like this is to let them have it, but this time I don't.

" We didn't ask you, and just so you know tights and denim aren't in anymore." I say to her sharply, looking at her legs witch in deed are wearing denim and tights.

" Hey Cassidy, Hey Emma!" Emma and I spin around to see my-kind-of-big-crush ,Zach Nortan.

" Heeeeeyyyy Zach." Becca coos, honestly this girl can't get a clue.

" Oh, um Hey Becca." Zach says you can tell that he doesn't like her but when you have a crush on someone as cute as Zach, I gues you get mesmorized.

" I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to Spring Formal with me?" He says turning to me.

" Lets just bring this a little more private" I say to him, the last thing I need is for Becca to be on my case about 'stealing her crush'. We head over to my locker which is right next to his.

" I would love to go to Spring Formal with you." I say as nice as I can.

" Pick you up at 7?" He asks.

" Yes, but just one more thing." I say.

" Sure what is it, did I do something, do I look okay-" He blabs on and on

" Shut up and kiss me you idiot!" I say and crash my lips to his, this is going to be a good month, and finally a good Spring Formal.