Disclaimer: I don't own Glee obviously if I did than Finn would have been crying at the alter while Quinn screws Rachel into the ground. Ha. Okay warning this idea been rolling around my head for a while now. There will be a lot of smut and BDSM and g!p and so I have a thing for three ways. Can you blame me? Fapezberry is fucking hot. So if it's not your cup of tea continue on to a different store I won't be offended. Promise. This story is extremely AU. Starts off with Finn dumping Quinn right after the 'pilot'. Another thing I should mention Quinn never gets pregnant and the Unholy Trinity haven't joined Glee yet. Okay on with the show.

Chapter One: Please

Quinn Fabray is fucking tired of one Rachel Berry. Everywhere she turns there she is with that stupid smile those stupid big doe eyes begging to be friends. The bitch steals her boyfriend now she wants to bake cookies scoffs. I really want to teach a lesson one where she finally learns you never fuck with the head cheerio, Quinn smirks deviously. Oh yes, she will learn.

After a grueling practice all Quinn wanted to a nice hot shower and go home, but apparently Rachel freaking Berry had other plans. "Excuse me Quinn, I realize you're probably tired after a long practice but I must speak to you."

Quinn groans banging her head repeatedly against her locker, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Yo Q do you want me to throw man hands out," Santana cracks her knuckles.

Rachel takes a step back, "There's really no need for violence Santana."

Santana gives her an evil smirk, "But the thing is Hobbit I like to use violence," backing her up against the lockers.

Quinn walks up next to her smirking, "Speak Treasure Trail before I let Santana have her way with you."

Flushing, "Well I uh I wanted to apologize for Finn's behavior earlier in the hallway," she swallows thickly. "I never meant…"

"Never meant to what Hobbit, steal my boyfriend?" Quinn sneers.

"Yes I mean no," Rachel stutters, "It was never my intent…"

Quinn hisses, "Shut the fuck up! You're giving me a headache Berry."

Rachel shuts her mouth with a sharp snap.

Quinn looks at Santana who smirks they're thinking the same thing. They haven't had any fun since Britt decided she didn't want to play anymore because she wanted to try and have a normal relationship. The HBICs were upset but they would never deny the girl anything they do love her in their own way.

Quinn takes a quick look around, the other cheerios have already left and Coach Sylvester never stays this late so the coast is clear.

Quinn leans in and purrs, "Do you want to make it up to me Berry?"

Rachel swallows, "Y-y-yes."

Santana purrs, "Bend over her lap."

Rachel's mouth drops open. Out of everything they could've said she never expected that, "Excuse me?"

Quinn breaths in her ear, "Bend over my lap Berry. Simple."

Santana runs a finger across her jaw gripping it firmly pulling her face next to hers, "You've been such a bad girl stealing things that don't belong to you. So you have to be punished."

"If this is some kind of joke it's not funny," Rachel tries to sound strong but it ends in a whisper.

Quinn gaze hardens, "Who says we're joking Berry? Are you joking San?"

"Nope," Santana make the 'p' pop. "Q, I'm serious. Bend over and take your punishment Berry. Unless…"

Rachel shakes in fear and maybe even a little arousal, "W-w-what?" She can't think straight with them crowding her.

Quinn strokes her face, "Unless you're really not sorry at all."

Rachel whimpers she doesn't know what's wrong with her. She should be running screaming out the room threatening to press charges on the girls. She should be calling the ACLU. She should be going to principal Figgins. So why the hell hasn't she moved?

"Tick tock Berry we don't have all day. I have other more important things I could be doing than standing here with you," Quinn says.

"If we leave Berry than no forgiveness for you chica," Santana tells her.

"Oh," Rachel clears her throat. "Okay," she whispers.

Cupping her ear Santana says, "I didn't hear you. Berry speak up."

Clearing her throat again she repeats louder, "Okay I'll do it."

"Do what? Berry, be more specific," snaps Quinn.

"I'll take my punishment," she whimpers.

Santana moves grips her face again turning to look at her, "Punishment for what? We asked for specifics Berry."

Rachel whimpers, "For stealing what doesn't belong to me?"

Quinn claps, "It's about time." She moves to sit on the bench and pats her legs, "Hop on Berry like I said we don't have all day."

Santana backs away from her smiling devilishly she's going to enjoy the show. The Latina wonders how submissive the girl is and how far they can push her before she runs away.

Rachel swallows moving to Quinn at a slow pace, but the blonde was not having it, "Faster Hobbit!" Rachel rushes forward, taking a deep breathe she before she moves to lie on the HBIC's lap.

"Wait!" Santana yells, "Panties off."

"But," Rachel starts.

"Panties off or go home Berry. It's our rules. You follow them, but if you can't handle them than leave," snaps Santana.

Blushing she reaches under her shirt and pulls her panties down.

Santana whistles, "Clean shaven Berry I'm surprised," sitting across from Quinn.

Rachel blushes redder, "It's better for ballet."

"I don't really care Berry. You're taking up too much of my time. Go faster! Put your hands behind your back and don't move them," Rachel quickly lays over the girl's lap. Quinn flips her skirt up lays her palms on her butt cheeks and grips her wrist lightly, "So how many do you think S? 10 for stealing what doesn't belong to her?"

"Right and 10 for making us repeat our orders. 10 for disobedience. Does that sound fair," Santana questions her.

Rachel whimpers, "Yes Santana."

"Tkks, another 10 for not answering with our proper titles," scoffs Quinn.

"But I," Rachel stops, yelping at the sudden sting on her back side.

"Another 10 for talking back. Berry, you keep this up and we'll be here all night," Quinn says. "Since I'm nice I'll help you out this one time. So pay attention, when we you ask you a question the correct way to respond will be to say 'Yes Ms. Q this girl' and repeat question. For instance Santana ask you if you the amount was fair. The correct why to respond would have been 'yes Ms. S this girl thinks that it is a fair amount'. Do you think you can comprehend that Berry?"

Rachel swallows, "Yes Ms. Q this girl comprehends the proper way to answer you."

Quinn looks at Santana and smirks, "Better Berry. Much better."

Rachel felt an odd swell of pride with the complement. What the hell is happening to me?

"Now let's get on with it. That's a total of 50 spanks. You will count each one after each one you say thank you Ms. Q. Example." Swatttt!

Rachel yelps, "ONE THANK YOU MS. Q!"

"Nice. If you miss one or forget to thank me, we'll start over until you get it right."

"After Q is done it's my turn Berry. The same number. The way, do you understand?"

Rachel wants to protest but decides it was better not to, "Yes Ms. S this girl understands."

"Good. Let's begin."

Rachel tense expecting a hard smack but Quinn slapped her lightly, "Two thank you Ms. Q."

"Tkks wrong Berry. The first one was an example," Quinn scolds. "Berry did not you not understand what I just explained? If you're not going to pay attention and do this correctly we might as well stop. Because we have better things to do then stare at you flat ass," Quinn hisses.

Rachel starts crying, "Please Ms. Q this girl is sorry and promises to do better!"

Looking over to her smirking partner, "Hmmmm what do you think San? Should we try it again?"

Santana glance down at the girl, who hasn't moved a muscle at all, "I guess we can give it one more shot. But no more screw ups Berry! This is your last chance so get it right."

"Yes Ms. S this girl understands! Thank you," Rachel sniffs relieved that she had another opportunity.

Smackkkk, "HMMM ONE THANK YOU MS. Q." A harder smack this time, "UHHH TWO THANK YOU MS. Q." Quinn varied her hits so Rachel wouldn't get too complacent. Quinn admires her handy work; Rachel's bottom was turning a pretty shade of pink.

Swatttt, "AWWW THIRTY ONE THANK YOU MS. Q!" Rachel was crying and squirming around now. Quinn was held her lightly enough that she could have gotten away at any time if she chose too. The HBICs were trying to ignore the arousal coursing through them. It's been so long since they played. Quinn grin widen when she felt wetness leak from Rachel onto her leg.

Smackkkk, "OW FORTY EIGHT THANK YOU MS. Q!" Smackkkk, "OHHHH FORTY NINE THANK YOU MS. Q!" Quinn gave one more hard smack Rachel cried loudly, "OW FIFTY THANK YOU MS. Q!"

Rachel sobbing squirming she wasn't sure if she could handle anymore. She still had Santana to go, but she knew there was nothing stopping her from running away. She flinches when Quinn placed her hand on her burning cheeks but Quinn starts to rub her soothingly. Rachel quieted down cooing, feeling relief on her aching back side. Quinn let go of her wrist and pushed her down so fast she barely had time to catch herself before she fell on her face.

"On your knees hands behind your back Berry," Quinn barks. Rachel quickly complies. She feels a different ache then from her bottom. She never felt so aroused before in her short life, "Head down! Don't look at us unless we tell you. This is called kneeling at attention. Berry, do you understand?"

"Yes Ms. Q this girl understands."

Quinn runs a finger down her leg collecting Rachel's wetness. She gives her finger a lick and bites her lips from moaning out loud. Santana walks up to take a taste too; her eyes roll back, "Tkks look at the mess you left Berry. You know San? I think this perv liked the spanking."

Santana grabs her by the hair forcing her head back, "Hmm I think she did. You like it Berry didn't you? Did getting your ass spanked turn you on?" Santana let go of the girl's hair forcing her head down again. She sat back down across from Quinn.

Rachel whimpers unable to lie to these girls, "Yes Ms. S this girl was turned on."

The HBICs share a triumphant look, "Disgusting Berry. Come clean your nasty juices off my leg now. Go on lick my leg clean," Rachel was at a loss, she never tasted herself before. She never wanted to but she couldn't bring herself to disobey. She leans toward Quinn's leg pokes her tongue out tentatively tasting herself on Quinn. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. So she takes another swipe closing her eyes. She tries not to moan at the taste of herself on Quinn. When she got every drop she went back to position waiting for more orders. She just hoped the girls didn't see the juices running down her leg.

"Alright Berry it's my turn," Santana pats her leg. "Come on up you go." Rachel moves to get up but Santana quickly corrects her, "No crawl Berry! Do I have to explain everything even the simplest things to you?"

Rachel drops to crawl to Santana, "No Ms. S this girl is sorry," lying across her lap, hand behind her back. Santana flips her skirt up enjoying the colors Quinn left her ass. She grips her arms bending them upward pausing to see Rachel will protest. Rachel just whimpers at the slight pain. Santana looks at Quinn and smirks.

Smackkkk, the sudden hit left her shock that she almost forgot her instructions, "Owww One thank you Ms. S!" A harder slap followed, "OWWW TWO THANK YOU MS. S!" Santana began to rain heavier blows, "UHHH THREE THANK YOU MS. S!" Unlike Quinn Santana likes to start off fast and hard then change it to slow and soft in the middle. Rachel moans, "OHHH TWENTY THANK YOU MS. S!"

Quinn was so turned on all she wanted to do was to get Rachel and grind her arousal in her face. Santana was having the same issues. She smirks because when they leave here they'll go to Quinn's home and take care of each other. She wish they could have Rachel take care of them but it's much too soon.

Rachel was a sobbing mess. This hurt so much worse than Quinn. But oh dear god she is loving this, "NUHHH FORTY SEVEN THANK YOU MS. S!" Rachel groans smearing her arousal more on the cheerleader's leg, "OHHH FORTY EIGHT THANK YOU MS. S! FUCKK FORTY NINE THANK YOU MS. S!" Rachel tenses waiting for the final blow. Santana hand poised in the hair, smug expression on her face staring at Quinn who was staring back at her with pupils blown. She waited for Rachel to relax a little when, swatttt, "OHHHH FIFTY THANK YOU MS. S!"

Santana let's go of her wrist just resting her hand on her arms. Rachel stayed sobbing unwilling to move waiting for the next order. She yelps when a cold ointment touches her aching ass. It felt so good, relieving the burn from her backside. Rachel moans at the feeling of two hands rubbing her. She gasps at a finger dipping into her center teasing her entrance. Moaning when another finger pinches her clit. Rachel closes her eyes moaning louder, she wants to beg but can't find her voice, Quinn kneels down whispering in her ear, "Hmmm someone likes this way too much."

Rachel moans at another pinch, she replies in a husky voice, "Oh yes Ms. Q this girl likes this too much."

Quinn pushes her finger further in, "Would you like us to help you and out make you cum?"

Rachel whimpers, "Yes Ms. Q this girl would like to cum."

"Tkks you forgot to say please Berry," Santana taunts. "I don't know if we should."

"Please Ms. S this girl would like to cum," Rachel pleads desperate for relief.

Quinn teases her lips and Rachel tries to open her legs wider Santana let's go of her arms and smacks her lightly, "No one said move Berry. You know Quinn; I don't think we should help her. She doesn't listen and tries to do things she isn't told to do." Rachel whimpers pathetically.

"You know I think your right San. I mean here we are trying to do her a favor and how does she thank us by continually being hard headed," Rachel whimpers loudly again afraid they were going to leave her swore and aching.

"Hmmm Berry if you're a good girl and promise to do us a favor later. Maybe we'll let you cum," Santana tells her.

"Please Ms. S this girl will be good!"

"Do you promise us to do us a favor later whenever and whatever we ask?"

"Yes Ms. Q this girl promises to do whatever favor you want! Whenever you ask!"

"Whatever we want? Whatever it may be"

"Yes Ms. Q this girl promises to do whatever you want!"

Quinn and Santana look at each other and smirk. Quinn sighs, "Fine Berry but remember you owe us. I mean we're doing you a favor. It's not like we enjoy touching you and feeling your disgusting juices." Santana bites back a laugh if only the tiny girl knew how much they were enjoying this.

"Yes Ms. Q this girl understands! Thank you! Please Ms. S this girl thanks you," Rachel babbled. She would say just about anything to get some relief at this point.

Quinn nods to her partner as she pushes two fingers in without any warning, "Fuck you're so tight Berry."

The blonde is surprised to find that the girl isn't a virgin. All that talk about waiting until she was 25 was all crap. She'll have to ask her about that next time. Quinn scissors her fingers rapidly pushing in and out. Rachel moaning trying to push back but Santana places her hand on the small of the diva's back to stops her.

Santana reaches to find her clit again, pinching hard and pulling roughly, "Dirty you dirty girl. You like this don't you?"

"Oh yes Ms. S this girl uh likes this," Rachel tossed her head back at the duel sensation. Quinn pounds her fingers in harder not caring if she's hurting the girl or not. Santana pinches her clit roughly making her squeal.

Her mouth hung open panting, eyes shut tight. She feels the pull start in her lower belly. Rachel groans harder when Quinn finds her spot.

"You're a dirty little slut aren't you Berry," Quinn purrs in her ear. Quinn's bruising pace quickens she feels the burn in her biceps.

"Oh fuck. Yes Ms. Q this uh girl is a dirty little slut," Rachel babbles. Her pussy starts squeezing Quinn's fingers making it harder for her to push in.

"That's it Berry, cum for us like a good girl," Santana tells her.

Rachel walls tried to suck in Quinn's fingers. Santana give her clit a viscous twist and that did for Rachel. Her neck staining, gasping for breath Rachel's vision blackened.

"Good girl Berry. Such a good little slut," Santana coos. Quinn pushes her fingers in and out in a gentle pace while Santana rolls her clit gently, slowly helping the withering girl ride out her orgasm.

Rachel still shaking moans over and over, "Thank you Ms. Q. This girl thanks you Ms. S." The girl jumping and twitching each time Santana touches her clit.

Rachel whimpered at the loss of the girls' fingers. Quinn stands up and licked her finger offering Santana a taste. They both have to bite back a moan again. Santana gently pushes her off. Rachel moves in the kneeling position in auto pilot while the HBICs look down at her proud that they didn't have to remind her.

Santana waves her fingers in the divas face, "You made a mess again Berry. So clean it up before you leave."

Rachel sucks in the Latina's fingers making sure to get every drop. She sucked Quinn's fingers unable to hold back her moans of delight. She made sure to lick between her fingers and palm not wanting to miss anything not willing to disappointing the girls. Rachel almost forgot to clean Santana's leg but remembered before the other girl could remind her. The HBICs look over her with smug smiles when Rachel returns to her position after she was done.

"You can leave now Berry," Quinn tells her.

Rachel moves to stand but remembers that she has to crawl to her bag. The HBICs licked their lips at the sight of the diva's swollen pink lips. Cum still leaking down her leg made the girls want to lick it all up. Rachel reached for her panties when Santana stopped her, "Nuh uh Berry those stay off."

"But Ms. S this girl has to walk home," Rachel tries to reason.

"I don't think she asked you Berry. The panties stay off. Now get your bag and crawl to the door. Only then you can stand up," snaps Quinn.

Rachel looks at her panties forlornly, "Yes Ms. Q this girl understands." Rachel places her bag on her back and crawls to the door. Once outside she runs to the bathroom to clean up before her walk home. She just hopes that it's not windy outside.

The tiny diva walks home sure that every car that passes can tell she doesn't have any underwear on. She walks swiftly with one hand firmly holding down her skirt. She doesn't know what came over why she let those two girls treat her the way they did and why she liked it so much.

Inside the locker room the two HBICs share a passionate kiss. They grind their hips together moaning into each other's mouth. Their tongues battling for dominance. Quinn sucks on Santana's tongue as she tweaks Quinn's hard nipple.

"Fuck Q I need you so bad right now," Santana moans into Quinn's neck.

"I know baby. I'm so fucking hot right now," Quinn pulls Santana's hair exposing her neck. She sucks and licks the pulse point.

"Shit, let's go home baby," Santana pulls back. The duo gather their belongings and Rachel's panties. The girls rush to Quinn's car pulling out of the school parking lot in neck breaking speed.

Quinn screeches to a halt in her drive way. Santana stands in back of her reaching inside her spankies massaging her hard cock. Quinn's eyes cross making it so hard to unlock the damn door. Once inside Quinn's house Santana slams her against the door kissing her lips with bruising force. She bits her lip hard enough to draw blood. She moves her hand as best she could inside Quinn's spankies.

"Bitch," Quinn sneers slamming her against the opposite wall pulling Santana's hand abruptly away from her throbbing cock. The blonde bite the brunette's neck sucking leaving a mark. She reaches under her thighs and lifts her up. The Latina wraps her legs around the blonde's waist. She pushes down grinding their hard centers together.

Quinn silently thanks crazy Sue Sylvester's work out routines while she walks upstairs carrying Santana. She kicks her door close. Quinn leans her up against the wall kneading her firm back side grinding into her throbbing arousal.

Santana throws her head back hitting the wall, "Oh fuck Q."

Quinn smirks, "Almost there baby."

She leans away unzipping the Latina's cheerios top flinging it across the room. The blonde shoves her tongue in down her throat. Quinn walks her to the bed and tosses her down in the center. Quinn removes their socks and shoes before she crawls up biting and licking up her thigh pushing the cheerio skirt out of her way. She sucks the Latina's arousal through her spankies. Santana moans gripping blonde hair pushing her harder into her hardness.

Quinn pulls down Santana's underwear eyeing the big thick cock in front of her. She teasing licks the pre cum weeping from the tiny hole. She engulfs the hardness working it down her throat bobbing her head up and down hand stroking the Latina's length. She moans in delight at the Latina's taste.

Santana moans, "Oh fuck baby I love your mouth."

Quinn's eyes turn up smirking as best she could with a full mouth. Quinn moans when she feels her hit the back of her throat. Controlling her gag reflexes swallows more of Santana down in her throat. She watches the Latina with hooded eyes. Santana bits her lips when Quinn starts humming around her cock the vibration felt down to her base, hands trying to guide her faster. Quinn pulls away with a loud pop flipping her on too all fours startling Santana with the sudden move.

Quinn pushes her head down forcing her forehead to touch the bed. Quinn pulls down her own underwear then reaches across to the nightstand for the lube. Since she was still using one hand to hold Santana's head down, she opens the bottle with her mouth. Quinn pours a generous amount on her throbbing hard on and tosses the bottle carelessly on the bed. She works her cock in lazy strokes knowing how desperate is at this point.

Santana turns her head whining, "Fuck Q! Hurry up and fuck me already" thrusting herself back into Quinn.

Quinn smirks slapping Santana's ass hard enough to sting, "I'm in charge right now."

Santana yelps, "Oh you fucking bitch!"

Quinn smirks she uses her fingers to stretch Santana's tight opening. Santana gasps at the sudden intrusion. She works her finger in and out slow loving the affect it has on the girl. She eases in another finger opening and closing while she pushes in and out slow teasing her girl. Santana moans pushing back as best she could. Her hands gripping the sheets below her.

When Quinn was sure her girl was ready Quinn eases her hard cock fully into the Latina in one hard thrust. She moves her hips in circles stretching her hole further. Quinn uses long slow thrusts going into Santana.

Santana moans, "Go faster baby."

"How bad do you want it baby," teasing the withering girl.

Santana pushes back trying to get her to go harder, "So bad."

The sounds of skin slapping against skin echo the room as Quinn gives her a hard thrust, "Are you mine?"

The mewing Latina cries, "Always."

Quinn slowly builds up her pace moaning, "Fuck San, you're so damn tight."

"Oh fuck Q, you feel so good," she moans when Quinn quickens her pace with bruising force. She pounds like a jack hammer slapping against her butt.

She forces Santana's head harder into the bed straining her neck. Santana arches her back further taking Quinn in deeper. The bed slams rhythmically into the wall with every bruising thrust. Santana pushes back meeting every thrust moaning louder. Quinn tightens her hand leaving bruises, gripping Santana's hips for leverage pounding faster harder. She hits the other girl's spot over and over again.

"Fuck. Oh fuck. Oh god," Santana moans her hands ripping the sheets. Her anal walls tightening choking Quinn's cock. Quinn grabs Santana's pony straining her neck back, forcing her up pounding faster and harder allowing her to find a new angle to hit her spot.

Santana's mouth hangs open moaning, "Oh fuck baby. Harder please!"

Quinn grunts feeling her abs burn. Forcing herself the thrust harder. Santana grunts with every hit struggling to hold back her own orgasm. She tightens her inner muscles, "Oh god baby."

Quinn vision becomes blurry she can't hold back anymore. She feels the pull in her belly and her cock twitching as she explodes into her girl.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk," Quinn grunts. She feels her dick tightening and thick ropes of cum shooting into her girl's anus. Quinn's body shutters with jerky movements as she rides out her orgasm.

Quinn falls on her back forcing Santana's face down into the bed again. Quinn leans forward kissing the brunette's sweaty neck. Santana moans when Quinn's cock twitches inside her. Santana didn't cum yet so she's still painfully hard. Quinn pulls out savoring the feeling of Santana's wall gripping her trying to keep her inside. Her now flaccid cock hangs between her legs as she pulls herself back to her knees. Quinn stared admiring as her cum leaked out the battered hole.

In a quick unexpected move Santana has Quinn on her back legs spread, "My turn babe."

Santana smirks as she strips herself and Quinn completely. Santana takes a nipple it in her mouth rolling the hard nub with her tongue massaging the other breast with her hand. Quinn pushes her chest closer to the girl's mouth. She jumps when Santana bites down hard. She feels her soft cock stirring between them. Santana moans into the girl's breast feeling a hand gripping her hair. Her hard cock rubbing in between her girl's cheeks. The hole tightening at the light teasing.

Santana pulls back to resting her weight on her knees. She spreads Quinn's legs wider staring at her beautiful girlfriend. Quinn panting stares at her waiting for her next move. The short brunette gives her a flirty smile and leans forward keeping her legs spread wide. Santana blows hot breathe into the hole watching it pulse. She turns her eyes to watch Quinn as she swipes her tongue across her hole. The blonde's mouth hangs open legs straining to close. The Latina winks and forces her tongue to go as far as it can go inside the tight whole.

Quinn moans watching as her girlfriend bob her head tongue stiffens piercing her hole. She tries to move her hips but Santana pulls her tongue away biting her inner thigh hard. Quinn gets the message she lays back and enjoys the thorough rimming. Santana feels her jaw start to ache. She pulls back the blonde grunts in annoyance and her inner walls protest trying to suck her back in. She lets go of Quinn's legs smirking when the stay in position.

The shorter girl grabs the discarded lube. Quinn watches open mouth panting as Santana slowly rubs her cock. Santana slowly jerks her length moaning loud with every thrust. She twist her hand with every downward thrust watching as Quinn lick her lips. Quinn's cock jumping and twitching in time with her.

She pulls Quinn's legs over her shoulder. One hand spreading her open she eases one finger in twisting with every thrust. Quinn moans when she feels a second finger ease into her. Santana's fingers lube her tight puckered hole. Quinn's moves her hips up meeting the Latina's hand. When she was sure the hole was thoroughly ready she uses one hand to guide her cock in. Santana eases the head in and goes no further. She smiles at Quinn's grunt of annoyance. She brings the tip out and pushes it back in.

"Please baby," Quinn pleads.

Santana smirks, "Please what baby?"

"Please love me," Quinn moans.

Santana smiles, "I already do."

Quinn moans louder, "Fuck me baby!"

Santana smirks with one hard thrust she's all the way in. She knows that her girl like it hard and fast. Quinn arches her back hips move up to meeting her. She pounds harder going faster grunting. Quinn's legs jump on her shoulder with every thrust.

Quinn arches her head back moaning loud. Santana leans forward folding the girl into a small package kissing her arms on either side of her head. Quinn's eyes cross when Santana's cock hits her at a different angle. Quinn unable to move lays back and enjoys the pounding she's receiving.

Santana's abs burning with the effort she grunts in her ear, "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh fuck baby your so fucking tight."

Quinn gasps, "Oh god baby. I love you cock." Her hands move to the Latina's ass gripping pulling her closer. Quinn's cock harden painfully again still lube moves easily, rubbing between their bodies.

Santana arms shake as she pounds faster harder kissing her girl forcing her tongue in Quinn's mouth. When she feels Quinn's walls tightening she angles her hips and hit that spot with every thrust. Quinn grip tightens pull her closer her wall trying to suck her further inside.

She moans sudden and loud in her ear, "Santana!" Her hot cum shooting all over their bellies.

Santana movements became jerky struggling to hold back not wanting this to end. The closer she gets the faster she moves wheezing, "Oh fuck oh fuck Quinnnnnnnn!" Thick endless hot ropes of cum shot into her ass. Her walls tighten greedy milking every last drop.

She falls forward her face in Quinn's neck panting harshly. She still gives little thrusts not wanting this feeling to end. The Latina's jerky movements die down their cocks still twitching at every heartbeat. Quinn is so glad she's so flexible or else this position would hurt. Santana kisses Quinn's neck softly pulling her soft cock out of her girl's tight ass. The brunette kneels back smirking as she sees her cum leaking out of the battered hole. Santana leans down and licks Quinn's belly clean moan at the taste of her salty cum.

She flips on her back panting Quinn finally lets her legs move into a more nature position. The blonde starts laughing without warning.

Santana feels to satisfied to be upset, "What's funny babe?"

Quinn giggles, "Who would have thought that Rachel Berry would have turn us on so much."

Santana laughs, "Hell yeah the little bitch is hot underneath those ugly clothes."

A curious Santana asks, "How long to do you think it'll take for her come crawling back for more? I say give her a week."

Quinn hums, "She's not a virgin."

"Well yeah we fucked her in the locker room."

Quinn gives her belly a weak slap, "No I mean she wasn't a virgin."

Santana turns and props herself on her hand, "Really? So all that crap about waiting until she's 25 was bogus."

"Looks like." Quinn moans cock twitching, "God I just wanted to bend her over and bury my cock deep inside of her."

Santana's cock twitches at the thought, "So did I. If we play our cards right we'll have a new pet to play with."

Quinn smiles at that, "I think she's a natural submissive more than Britt ever was. The little bitch is waiting for someone to dominate her."

Santana hmms sleepily, Quinn drags her underneath the covers. They never did get their shower. She shrugs laying her head on her girlfriend's shoulder. Still thinking about the smaller brunette smiling as she drifts off.

It's not something she ever considered, allowing herself to be spanked. Her limited sexual experience consisted of one drunken night this summer during a party at Noah's house. It was a mistake she regrets but she at the time was having a bad day. Her fathers left again on a business trip and instead of taking her with them they left a 15 year old girl to fend for herself. She's known Noah all her life they attend temple together well at least when their parents remember to attend.

So yes she never thought about it before, being spank. She overly spoiled and her fathers never punished her. Her swore ass mocks her on how much she enjoyed being punishes now. The things she allowed the girls to do she's shocked at her wanton behavior. But oh dear god she wanted more. She wanted to throw herself down and beg for more. Rachel whimpers when she feels new wetness leak down her leg. The diva heard the rumors which speculate that the Unholy Trinity sleep with each other after practice. She also heard the rumors where the two HBICs have cocks. She can't be 100% but she swears she felt something twitch under her belly. Please, she was too busy getting her ass tanned to really investigate.

It's not like they've known she existed before. She never been a bleep on their radar before this year but she's known them her whole school career. They shared classes since kinder but being the daughter of two gay men guaranteed that you'll be a social outcast. Add in the fact that she dresses different and voices her opinions loudly so it doesn't exactly endear her to the masses.

Her sweet handsome idiotic Finn could be considered her first real friend. He would never do anything like that. She's sure of it. He's not even technically her boyfriend yet or at all. She's not sure what she wants now. It's not like she wants to go another round with the HBICs but maybe, no she will not submit to that kind of humiliation again. So why does her heart clinch at the loss?

She's sure that the HBICs are probably laughing their asses off at her right now. Laughing at the poor pathetic Rachel Berry so desperate for attention let them spank her and finger fuck her in the locker room. Then she lick her own cum off of them. She has to bite back a moan at that thought.

Rachel sighs in relief when her house comes into view. She rushes to the door actually hoping her father's aren't home yet. She won't be able to explain the tears on her face or the fact she probably smells like a whore house. Her father's car aren't in the driveway but that doesn't mean they didn't park in the garage.

She opens the door cautiously, "Dad? Papa, are you home?" She calls in a voice she doesn't recognize. When no one answers she sags against the door in relief.

Rachel rushes upstairs into her room locking the door behind her. The tiny diva opens her closet door to look into the floor length mirror. The diva lifts her skirt up and inspects the damage to her back side. A fierce angry red and a little bruised but not all that bad. She feared it would have been worse. The ointment they applied must have helped but Rachel knows that she is going to be swore in the morning. Rachel whimpers at the thought of sitting in those hard, unyielding desks all day. She looks closer seeing a faint hand print two actually. Rachel whimpers when she remembers how it got there.

Fuck I'm sick. I need help, she thinks dropping her skirt. The brunette walks to the bathroom to take a shower. Stripping she groans in pain when the coarse material of her skirt brushes her bruised and battered back side. She stands under the spray resting her butt against the cool tiles. Hissing she feels a surge of arousal goes through her.

"Fuck," she whispers. She wet again. A hand drifts lower as images of long slim fingers work in and out of hot pussy. Nimble fingers playing roughly with her clit.

"Oh god," she moans.

Rachel works her two fingers in and out of like Quinn did. The other hand playing with her clit just like Santana. Trembling legs barely hold her up as pounds her fingers in and out. The sounds wet skin echoes through the shower. Rachel moans picturing Quinn's devilish hazel eyes staring daring her to run. Feeling Santana's hot breath on her neck smirking daring her deny she enjoyed this treatment.

Her palm slapping against her clit she pounds her pussy faster feeling Quinn's hands slapping her ass. Her other hand moves to play with her breast kneading and massaging rolling her nipples. Her hips canting in time with her thrusting fingers hearing Santana's mocking voice.

"Oh god. Oh fuck hmmm," she scissors her fingers open and close in and out. Tasting herself on Quinn's leg. Licking her wetness off Santana's leg.

She the pull in her lower abdomen and her movements become jerky. She lowers her hand again twisting her clit viciously like Santana. She aches her neck water spraying on her face into her open mouth.

"Oh fuck," her screams end in a long drawn out moan. Standing shuttering and shaking she slowed her movements until she stops. Sliding down Rachel until she sit on the tub floor. She shutters when she pulls her fingers out. Rachel stares at them for a moment then licks them clean before the water washes away her juices. She moans wantonly at the taste.

She sits panting gasping for breath waiting for heart to slow down. She's never came this hard before from self-stimulation. In fact she never came with Noah and giving herself a helping hand so to speak leaves her more frustrated more often than not.

She sits in the shower until the water gets colder. She quickly washes up without even bothering to get dressed she falls exhausted in her bed. Sleeping before her head even touch the pillow. Dreaming about two girls fucking her roughly and controlling her every move