Ok, so this is my first Tony/Loki story but I just love this pairing so couldn't resist writing. Please leave feedback and stuff to let me know if you would read more? Thanks :} (I changed this to the prologue, chapter 1 to follow)


He reached his normal peaceful spot with a sense that something was wrong. He had been going here since he was a young boy and had found it by chance when sulking from his father. He loved it here; it was a place that no one knew about, where he could sit all by himself – just like he liked it.

That was until today. He looked around, searching for the 'wrongness' as he called it in his mind and soon found it… sat upon a log. It was a boy, who looked a few years older than himself.

Anger filled him as he stormed towards the boy, his back was facing him and the boy had no idea the rage that was about to be bestowed upon him. When he reached the log he kicked it with all his strength only to inwardly curse as pain shot through his foot and up his ankle.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He shouted.

To his surprise, the boy hardly reacted- he was unfazed really. The 'wrongness' turned his head slowly, eyebrow arched critically at him.

"I was sat in peace, thinking, until you showed your mortal face." He said in a posh British accent.

"Are you from England?"

His eyes narrowed at this strange boy. Now that he noticed it, he had long black hair that flicked out slightly and was wearing a rather strange green robe thing that looked like a costume for Halloween. Maybe it was the fashion in England.

"England!" the boy snorted in amusement but didn't continue.

"Well… If you are then you're very far from home…"

"Indeed. I am." The boy said with a sigh.

"Well, why are you here then?" He hadn't forgotten his anger; it just seemed mean to shout at a boy who seemed quite sad and alone – though his father had never had a problem with that… This boy, though, he was interesting… different.

"I just needed some time alone, peace."

"You're not unlike me then."

"Ha! You're comparing me to you, a mortal."

"What's with all this 'mortal' stuff? Are you not human?"

The boy snorted in either amusement or frustration – he couldn't tell.

Silence rang out between them and he continued to stare at the boy. He tilted his head to the side unconsciously and tapped his lip with his finger.

"Would you stop?" The boy suddenly burst out.

He jumped as he was pulled harshly from his thoughts.


The boy glared at him before looking upwards towards the tops of the trees and the clouds.

"So do you mind if I… join you?"

The boy didn't move or acknowledge that he had even spoken so he hesitated before taken a place next to him on the log and together they sat in content silence.

After a while, the boy in the green robes stood up and stretched his back with his arms raised in the air, he yawned a little and then blinked a couple times.

"Well… I best be off, this has been… err, pleasant?"

He watched mesmerised as the boy stretched and then he quickly stood from the log.


The boy began to swiftly stride away and he felt quite sad to watch him leave.


The boy stopped abruptly and turned around with that eyebrow raised again.

"What's your name?"

The boy smiled, well more like smirked but said nothing and continued walking.

"Wait! My name's Tony Stark!"

But the boy was already out of sight and Tony wasn't even sure he had heard him.