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The dungeon was damp and cold. The sound of water drips could be heard now and then in one corner. The only lighting in the dungeon was coming from the dimly lit torch at the top of the stairs near the dungeon's door.

Inside one of the prisons, three silhouettes of people could be barely seen. Every time they move, the sound of chains echoed reminding the occupants of the room about their current states.

Suddenly, the dungeon's door was slammed open. Another two figures came down the stairs and stood in front of the prisoner's cage. Their faces could not be seen clearly as the dungeon was too dark.

"Well, well, well~ How are you, Uncle?" said one of the figures. It was the shorter one and obviously female by the sound of her voice while the taller one stood behind her in silence.

"You will not get away with this! Somebody will search for us and find out what you're doing! They will catch you!" rasped the man that was called uncle before he coughed violently.

"Father!" the two other prisoners shouted in concern.

"We'll see, Uncle. It's not like you can call anybody for help, you know, what with being chain to the wall and all~," their captor said mockingly, followed by a high pitch laugh this time.

"Why are you doing this? We're family!" One of the other two prisoners asked in dismay tone.

"No! You're not a part of this family, I never admit you as one! You and that brother of yours are just the bastard children that had been brought to this family when my idiot uncle married that whore you called mother! You don't know how happy I was when she died. Good riddance!" she sneered.

"Shut up! How dare you insult my family!" the older man in the prison shouted in anger.

"You know, Uncle… None of this will happen if you never make those bastards your heirs. You should have made me your heir, your blood related family, since you can't have a child. It's the tradition. So if you want to blame someone, blame yourself!" she hissed, eyes flashed in anger before she calmed herself and smiled sweetly at them.

"Well, I still have many things to do so I'll leave now. Enjoy your time~!"

And with that, the two mysterious figures left the dungeon with an evil cackle from the girl.

~End of Prologue~

My first fanfic. This story was originally wrote for a doujinshi I was going to make last year. But I got busy and have no time to make it so I translate the story and posted it here. I hope you guys and gals enjoy it~