Ch.5 Cadet Carly

The drive to George Washington Academy was not nearly long enough for Carly's taste. She hadn't said a word to her father since they left Bushwell. "I know you might think this is unfair," he said. "But it is for your own good." Carly tried her hardest to stifle her tears. "But dad, I-" Colonel Shay interrupted her before she could finish.

"No buts, Carly. I already told you I don't want to hear any excuses. What you did to your teacher was absolutely unacceptable," he said. Carly nodded. "Yes, sir," she replied. She had thought that if she could just tell her father the truth, he might show some bit of leniency. But so far, everytime she tried, he had cut her off the with a "No Excuses" lecture.

"I think this will be good for you," he continued. "You will learn respect for others, and yourself," he lectured. Carly had no choice but to nod her head. "Buck up, it won't be so bad. I went through military school when I was your age," he said. Carly just stared out the window. It made sense. Her father had been career military since before her and Spencer were born.

A few minutes passed, and they arrived at their destination. The first thing Carly noticed as they pulled into the school's parking lot was a large stone tablet. It was taller than Carly, and it was in the shape of George Washington's head. Inscribed on it were the names of various people, alumni, Carly assumed. The very bottom of the tablet bore the school's name.

Carly swallowed nervously. She would much rather be at Ridgeway with her friends. They would have been planning the newest iCarly if not for this unfortunate set of circumstances. She took a deep breath, then followed her father toward the main building.

"This is jank," Sam complained. Freddie agreed. "Yeah it is," he replied. Before he could say another word, Sam beat him to the punch. "Carly's taking the rap for something that I did," she said. "I have to tell the truth."

Normally, Freddie would certainly agree with the sentiment. Sam did it, she should fess up. But he had a loyalty to Carly that was stubbornly unwavering. "Sam, you can't," he replied. Sam stared at him. "Wait, what?" she asked in disbelief. "Earlier you were hoping I'd get in trouble for it," she continued. Freddie looked right at her. They'd had their differences over the years, and Sam had been a huge thorn in Freddie's side at times, but at least toward him and Gibby, she'd finally mellowed out.

"I did, but I didn't know you'd be expelled for it," he defended. "Carly's right, you need to stay silent," Freddie advised. Sam shook her head. "But what if...what if I can't?" she asked slowly. Freddie slowly hugged the blonde. "Sam, if you get expelled, then everything Carly did will be for nothing," he reasoned.

Sam nodded. "I guess you're right," she finally said. "I just hope she gets home soon." Freddie smiled. "With Carly's record of good behavior, it shouldn't be hard," he replied with a laugh. He embraced Sam in a brief hug. "I wonder how she's doing right now," Sam mused.

Carly kept to herself as much as possible as she made her way through the girl's dormitory to her bunk. It proved to be fruitless, however, as she was a well known internet star. At first there were nothing but stares of astonishment as some of the other girls recognized their new dorm mate.

These were followed by whispers of, "Oh my god, that's Carly," that Carly tried her hardest to ignore. Finally a group of girls made their way to the empty bunk that Carly had chosen. As she began making her bunk, one of the girls tapped her on the shoulder.

Carly seemed to be lost in her thoughts, and the sudden interruption startled her slightly. She turned frantically, not knowing who to expect. She had just arrived here, for all she knew it could be one of the school's instructors wanting to chew her out for an unknown rules violation.

To Carly's surprise, a huddle of four girls stood staring at her expectantly. All four were in dress uniform. "Uh, hello," Carly said softly. The lead girl wasted no time in getting to the point of the intrusion. "Oh my god, you're Carly from iCarly," she exclaimed.

Carly smiled nervously. "Yes," she replied. "Oh my god, we love your show. You and Sam are so funny," the girl said as Carly shook her hand. "Well um, thanks," Carly replied. The girl smiled. "My name is Natalie," the girl introduced. She turned to her friends. "This is Heather," she said, indicating the girl on her right.

"And the girls behind me are Jasmine and Britney," she added, finishing the introductions. Carly smiled. Well, at least making friends seemed easy enough. "So if you're here, what happened to iCarly?" Jasmine asked. She was an African American girl of about 15.

"iCarly's taking a short break," Carly replied. The group let out a simultaneous "Aww," in response. "Hopefully we'll back soon," Carly said with a smile. The girls smiled at that. "So I have to ask you, Carly, don't you think Freddie is so dreamy?" Britney asked.

Carly seemed to be stunned for a moment at that question. "I...I don't think of Freddie that way," she finally answered. Britney seemed to stare at her. "Why not?" she asked. "You two would make a cute couple, and he is so hot."

Carly shook her head. "Freddie and I think of ourselves more as...unofficial siblings," she replied after a tense moment of silence. It was clear that this topic was making her uncomfortable. "So why are you here?" Jasmine asked. "I never thought of you as the military school type."

Carly smiled, glad at the topic change. "I'm not," she replied. "You guys have seen Sam, right?" All four girls nodded. "She pranked a teacher, and I took the blame for it so she wouldn't get in trouble." She didn't see the need to elaborate on what kind of trouble.

"So my father made me come here," Carly finished. Before the pleasantries could continue, they and everyone else in the room were interrupted by a very loud "ATTENTION!" Carly's new friends bolted to their bunks, and Carly herself nearly jumped out of her skin in fright.

She did the best to emulate the posture of everyone else in the room as the one who'd given the command entered the room. "I see we have some new faces this year," the girl said. "For those of you who don't know, my name is Tracy Douglas, Captain Douglas to you, maggots," she barked.

"And those of you who do know me, you know that I will not tolerate anything that doesn't make our flight the absolute best." She scanned the room, almost like she was looking for something wrong, someone to chew out. Her gaze immediately landed on Carly.

She crossed the room in no time, stopping in front of Carly's bunk. "Two things. One, who are you? And two, is there some reason you're out of uniform?" Carly gulped. "I'm Carly Shay, and I just-" Tracy cut her off.

"Oh, I've heard of you, you're from iCarly," she said. "Look girls, we have a minor celebrity in our flight this year," she added, before dropping the niceness in her tone. "Drop, and give me 20," she ordered.

"Wait, why?" Carly asked. Tracy glared at her. "10 for being out of uniform, and another 10 because, well, I just don't find your little show all that funny," she barked in response. Carly slowly got down and assumed the push up position. As she started, Tracy barked, "Wait, Cadet!," causing Carly to stop.

"On my count," Tracy ordered. "1," she barked after several minutes of making Carly hold position. As the sweat flowed freely, Carly bit her lip. This was going to be a long semester.