Hold me 'till sunrise

By: SelenesLegacy

My only property is my OC's.

Hanna didn't say a word as they stepped out into Magnus's office. Anne-Britt followed them. "I've fixed a hotel room for you, miss Lindstrom. If you wish for someone to come with you, I'm sure Detective Martinsson would be glad to help." Magnus nodded. "I can stay if you wish me to."

Anne-Britt smiled, obviously relieved. "That's settled then. We don't take any chances with your security, especially since there's a chance that the killer might come for you." Hanna paled. "You think so?" Anne-Britt nodded. "That's why I came here to talk to you in the first place. Do you know a man by the name Rolf Karlsen?"

Hanna looked like she was about to faint. "Tha-That's the caretaker of the student home. He…" Her voice trailed off. "Rolf Karlsen?" Magnus looked at Anne-Britt. "Wasn't he the suspect in a murder case… around 15 years ago or something? I remember reading about it in the paper."

"Yeah, Kurt was on it. Worked his arse off to prove that Karlsen was innocent. But the thing is… We found drops of his blood at the murder scene, and we're taking him in for questioning." Anne-Britt and Magnus sighed and looked at Hanna. "Maybe I should take you to the hotel." Hanna nodded, eyes shining with tears.

They walked out to Magnus's car, and drove to the Seagull Hotel, which wasn't far off from the town centre of Ystad. The receptionist was waiting for them. "Here's the key to your room." Magnus looked at the number. 22. He smiled gratefully, and took Hanna's arm, leading her into the lift which took them to the second floor.

Hanna unlocked the door, and walked into the room. It was big enough, but with only one bed. She sat down on it, and looked out the window, the sun was shining. But she felt as if it mocked her, it was as if it knew that she should have died instead of Anna and Jerry.

She registered that the detective sat down beside her, and laid a hand on her back. "You go resting, I'll keep watch." He moved over to the cushioned chair and sat down, looking at her as she tried to sleep.

His gun was in the holster, a weary expression on his face. There was something Hanna wasn't telling him. His eyes threatened to close, but he stayed awake.

Hanna watched him as she woke up a while later. He had done exactly what he wasn't supposed to: falling asleep on duty. But she didn't blame him at all. She turned around as she felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. She pulled it out, and and answered the call.

"Hello Hanna." The voice sent chills down her spine. "What do you want?" She whispered, keeping an eye on Magnus. "Oh I merely wished to say hello, love. You know how much I've missed you." She shuddered, "No, I don't." She could practically hear the smile in his voice.

"Go look out your window." She reluctantly did as he asked, and nearly dropped the phone. He stood outside hotel, looking up at her, a dangerous smirk on his face. "Hello, little sister."

And…. Yeah, you've got the drill.