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Emily looked at JJ as they sat on the couch after dinner. She loved moments like these when they would just relax and revel in each other's company. Henry was staying with Will at the moment. Emily looked at JJ. God she was so beautiful. She remembered the day JJ came and told her she loved her. That had been the best day of her life! Now they had been dating a little for 7 months.

Their last case had been very hard and had landed Emily with stitches on her arm. They were relaxing at Emily's condo. They had decided not to live together till JJ's divorce and custody battles were finalized. Damn Will for coming and spoiling their happy life again! Things had been hard for them. The attorney Emily had hired said it was going to be a tough case. In fact he had said the chances of Will getting full custody were 90%! JJ was constantly not around and her job was too dangerous. She could lose Henry. Emily knew if that happened it would kill JJ. They sat in silence. She looked again at JJ. She looked strained. Her beautiful eyes did not have the shine they always had. Emily pulled her into her arms as though to just give comfort to the blonde.

"JJ it's going to be fine. I promise. We will get through this." she said softly. When JJ did not reply she knew something was wrong. "JJ what is it? Talk to me baby" She urged softly.

JJ pulled out of Emily's embrace. She didn't know if she could say this but there was no other way. She could not think of any way out so she said softly "will called"

Emily's heart beat faster. Will called JJ and by the look on her face it was not good news. She was not sure she wanted to hear the answer to the question she was going to ask but she did anyway "what did he want? Is there something wrong with Henry?" when JJ shook her head she sighed. Henry was fine. "So what is it?"

JJ sighed. There it was. She had to tell Emily. She could do it. "He wants me back." she said softly. She looked at Emily and she was just looking at her with an unreadable expression so JJ continued. "He says we could be a family again."

Emily was shocked. Will wants JJ back! And worse still JJ sounded like she was considering it! She could not believe it. She had to ask this. "So you want to go?" she knew the answer already but she couldn't think of it. She couldn't.

"I don't know what else to do. I could lose Henry! Will is Henry's father and if I go back together with him I will not lose him."

"You have already thought about this." Emily said. It was more a statement than a question. Emily could not even look at her. She was afraid of what she would see. The silence was a confirmation to her. She felt tears about to come out of her eyes. No. she could not cry in front of JJ.

JJ looked into Emily's eyes and her heart broke. This had been so tough on her. To choose one of the two people she loved the most. She loved Emily so much but so did she love Henry. Damn you Will for making me do this. "Emily" she said softly taking Emily's hand in hers.

Emily felt JJ's hand on her. She immediately withdrew her hand. There was no need for JJ to be here anymore. She had made her decision. There was no point in prolonging it. She looked straight at JJ and said calmly "go."

"Emily" JJ started but Emily cut in "just leave JJ. There is no need to prolong this. You made your choice and I respect that." she said in a calmness that even surprised her. She stood up and walked to the door. She opened it for JJ.

JJ looked at Emily. She sounded so calm but inside she knew Emily was breaking and so was she. She wanted to take Emily In her arms and feel her for the last time but she knew it would only make things harder so she chose to say "I love you Emily." before she left. She walked to her car and as soon as she sat down she broke down.

Emily closed the door feeling numb. This could not be happening. JJ was gone. She had promised to never break her heart and she had promised to never leave her but she had. JJ had left her. she sat down on the couch and cried. Cried because life was just unfair to her. That she had lost the one person she loved the most. Cried because chances were she would never get her back. Cried because she had given her heart to JJ but she had betrayed her. Cried because she knew she would never fall in love again. Cried because the one choice JJ ever made was to break her heart!

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