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JJ woke up and looked down at the sleeping woman besides her. She smiled as she looked at Emily. She could never really take in how beautiful she was and it always awed her. She looked at the clock. 12:05 it said. She smiled and cuddled closer to her, her hand on Emily's stomach which was now had a visible bump. They had been told they were expecting twins! She had been so excited when she first went for ultra sound with Em. She had heard the babies' heart beats. She had been so excited she had actually recorded the sounds!

She was so glad to be with Emily again. She often woke up at midnight just to assure herself Em was really there. It was still hard but they were working it through. Emily had returned to building walls and pushing her out. She could not blame her. She had betrayed Emily's trust and had hurt her so bad. She knew being allowed back into her life was a huge step for Emily and she had to prove herself. She knew she would get through in time.

The hell they hadn't made love yet since she got back (it was almost 2 weeks now). They kissed and held but when it got heated Em pulled away. She understood. She knew she had to give her time and didn't push it. They were now looking for a new house since Emily's 2 bed roomed condo was going to be too small with the 2 new additions on the way. She spooned resting her head on Emily's neck.

She didn't realise her hands were moving drawing hearts on Emily's stomach but she felt Emily stir and turn to face her. She soon looked into those beautiful eyes. God! It seems the pregnancy made her even more breath-taking. "Good morning sunshine." She said looking deep into her eyes. "Hmmm nice waking up to see your eyes." said Emily smiling. They shared a long passionate kiss and just lay there cuddling. They had come back from a case and it just felt good to hold each other. They slept in separate rooms just to maintain some professionalism.

Emily was so glad to have JJ back. She knew she could not live without her. No matter what she will always love her. She could see the younger woman was trying to make everything right. She still couldn't just open up to her easily. Before what happened, she would not even try to hide anything from her but now she needed to be pushed. Even then there are some times she just couldn't talk to her. She knew it hurt JJ bad and it hurt her to see her hurt but she couldn't help it. How can you trust yourself to give back your battered heart to someone who broke it? No matter the love? She would try. For them.

"I love you Emily." Said JJ softly but Emily got the message. She leaned back and looked into JJ's eyes. They held. "I love you too Jennifer." she said and they hugged. Emily pulled back and pulled JJ for a long passionate kiss that left them both breathless. "Oh God!' JJ thought. She was going to have to take a cold shower again! They looked at each other breathing hard then Em pulled her in for another kiss. This time JJ couldn't control herself and her hands started wandering down Emily's back. Up her sensitive sides causing Em to moan. Emily's hands weren't stagnant either. They were also doing their roaming fuelling her desire further. She didn't know if there was enough cold water to be able to cool her after this.

Emily pulled back and straddled JJ. "W-What are you doing?" she asked nervously her voice husky. She didn't want Em to stop so she was not complaining. She met Em's eyes. she could barely open them. They were so heavy with desire.

"What does it look like I'm doing Miss Jareau?" said Em softly her voice sultry and her eyes dark with desire. JJ's breath caught and when Emily pulled her into a kiss she returned with all the fever and pent up passion. " .You." She said in a harsh whisper punctuating her words with a kiss. JJ groaned at the effect Em's tongue and breath were doing to her.

"are you sure?" she managed to say through gasps as Em's hands were wondering down slowly caressing her neck, her shoulders and between her breasts. It was exquisite torture. Her nipples were already hard with anticipation begging Emily's hands to touch her which Em was so happy to obey.

"I am so sure." said Emily in that same sultry voice making JJ's breath hitch. God this woman really had an effect on her. Unable to think anymore she pulled Emily down for another open heated kiss, drawing her in so close to her feeling their bodies mould as one. There was no stopping now.

JJ lay spent her breath coming in gasps as she tried to control herself. Emily was also struggling with her breath. All she could say was "wow!" having been robbed of all her vocabulary by the most intense orgasm she ever had. When they had come together, they had connected physically and emotionally. They had both come staring into each other's eyes and she had been frightened by the love she saw in Emily's eyes. it was one she had seen before Will came back. Her heart swelled. Emily was back to her!

Emily chuckled pulled JJ in for a short kiss and said "yeah. You are amazing." She said meaning it. Her heart swelled with love for this woman. She loved her so much and when they made love she just wanted her to see just shown much. When she saw JJ's tears she knew she had got the message. She pulled her into her embrace and they dozed off.

It wasn't long when they heard small feet walking into their room and JJ untangled herself to lift the little boy on the bed. "Mummy can I sleep with you and mama?" he said sleepily. It was now 5 am. "Sure baby." She said and let him smuggle in with them. They both put their arms around him and he was soon asleep. After all it was time the five of them cuddled together. They will be ok. They will be a happy family.


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