?: Oh, hi there!

Geo: Um... hi.

?: Don't tell me... is this the first time you're using your personal view too?

Geo: Yes... wait. "Too?"

?: Yeah, I just got my Star Carrier a week ago. So, shall we?

Geo: Sure. (the two Display their Personal Views)

?: Geo... Stellar... Nice to meet you!

Geo: Thanks! (Looks at his acquaintance's Personal View) And you must be... Zak Saturday am I right?

Zak: Yup. Hey take a look at the picture I mailed to be used in my SC. It came out well, right? Though I think my mom did a better job with her picture.

Geo: Uh...

Zak: Let me tell you a secret. Do you know how many guys fell in love with her when they saw her Personal View photo?

Geo: (shocked) Fell... in love!?

Zak: Ha-ha. Just kidding! Anyway, I hope we can be good friends, Geo.

Geo: (with his newfound optimism in friendship.) You know what? I hope so too.

At that moment Zak's SC began to beep, signaling he got an e-mail.

Zak: Huh? (Reads a email) Darn! I have to get going. See ya' soon Geo! (leaves area)

Geo, walks back to the center of the park.

Geo: I'm starting to get the hang of this Star Carrier.

Mega: Hey, kid!

Geo: What?

Mega: I was just wondering about something. What is that strange floating object in the sky?

Geo: In the sky? (Looks up at the sky, toward what looked like a blimp) Oh, that! That's an Advert Ship.

Mega: What the heck is that? Some kinda weapon?

Geo: See? You're back to thinking about violent things again. Advert Ships are used for promoting things. It's like... playing a commercial in the sky. Companies can reach a ton of people that way.

Mega: Promotion, huh? So, what's it a commercial for?

Geo: Um, let's see... (Reading adver ship holoscreen) It says, "The latest, greatest horror film... Ghost Crisis! In theaters now!" (spooked a little) A g-ghost story...

Mega: You're not scared, are you? You're really something, you know?

Geo: (Angry) I'm not scared! There's not a single rational basis for the existence of ghosts. That's why they're not scary!

Mega: That right, kid? You trying to convince me or yourself? (Looks at the Advert Ship) Hey... Something's up with that Advert Ship...

Geo: (Looks back up) Huh? What do you mean?

Mega: Its movements seem kind of shaky.


Geo: What the...?

Then he ship started to yank itself really fast in random directions.

Mega: Is that thing stable?

The ship makes one last move towards the spot where it originally was and then... it stopped.

Geo: It stopped!

The ship suddenly starts falling out of the sky... and right towards Geo!

Mega: It's gonna hit us!

Geo: Yi-owwwww! (Runs out of the way!)

CRASH! The ship crashed where Geo was just a split-second ago.

Geo: (Relieved) That was a close one!

?:Oh gosh, what was that?

A few people began to gather around the ship... shocked to see it out of the air.

Geo: A crowd's forming...

Mega: We should take a closer look ourselves. Maybe this'll finally add some excitement to our lives.

Geo: This isn't "excitement".

Mega: Don't tell me you're not interested. You love tinkering with machines and gadgets whenever you can.

Geo: Yeah... I'm kinda interested. It's not everyday you get to see an Advert Ship up close. Alright! Let's check it out!

Geo then walks up to the ship, and examines it, the ships audio still saying saying, "Get ready for this year's horrors masterpiece...Ghost Crisis! Now playing in theaters everywhere!"

?: Geo!

Geo: Huh?

Geo turns around to see Zak.

Zak: Are you okay? I saw the crash.

Geo: Yeah I'm fine.

Zak: Good, I mean (looking to the Ad. Ship) they said it would be sunny today. They didn't say anything about it raining Advert Ships!

The two decided to examine the various parts of the adver ship together.

After they were done...

Geo: That Advert Ship is really something... It's got all theses devices and mechanisms programed specifically to keep it in the air, as well as a neural device to allow the autopilot to work flawlessly. And not only that, its basic center of gravity is perfect!

Zak: I don't think could tell all that by simply looking at it.

Geo: But... Why did it crash? And should we just stand here and do nothing about it?

Zak: You know, maybe we should just leave it be Geo. A repair crew will probably be here any minute to clean up this mess.

Geo: (Looks at the ship) ...What's that?

(Zzrakkk) "The latest,greatest (Zzrakkk) horror film... Ghost (Zzrakkk) Crisis! (Bzzurk)

Elderly woman: What in the world?

Young man: The soundtrack is making a weird noise.

Now... (Zrrakkk) in... (Zrrakkk) theaters... (Zrrakkk!) (Bzzurkk!)


There was a dead silence that lasted a few seconds and then...




Teen: Aargh! Wh-what is that noise?




Elderly Woman: It's like cats fighting! No! More like nails on a chalkboard!




Young man: This... pain... is.. Stop it! Ughhh...

The crowd then scatted, running as far away from the ship as possible leaving only Geo and Zak.




Geo: Aaaaaaaagh! This is so painful... Can't... describe it!




Zak: Aaaaargh!

Zak couldn't take any more of this so he runs off but only to a safe distance somewhere behind the Big Wave card shop.

Zak: (Looks at Geo) (To himself) Come on Geo... snap out of it...

Geo then takes two steps back.

Geo: I can't take it! Yarrrrrgh!

Mega: Hey, kid!

Geo: Yarrrrrgh!

Mega: Listen to me, Geo!

Geo: Wh-what?

Mega: Put on your Visualizer!

Geo: Huh? Right...OK. (Puts on Visualizer to see three oh-so-common EM Bodies) Ahh! Those.. are...

Mega: EM viruses. They must have made the Advert Ship crash, meaning they're the ones behind this horrible racket. Ha-ha! Just thinking about fighting this battle gives me goose bumps!

Geo: I'd like to avoid danger if I can.

Mega: Don't you chicken out on me!

Geo: I'm not! I just don't like fighting as much as you do.

Mega: I'm getting fidgety. Let's do this already! Harsh words aren't going to take care of those viruses for us!

Geo: ... I get it already. I'll pulse in.

Mega: Um, are you sure you still remember how to pulse in, kid?

Geo: Of course I do! First,we need to find a wavehole. (Looks towards all directions and sees one by his house nearby.) Over there!

Mega: A wavehole is place of spacial distortion. Stand on it, say the access code, and then we'll merge into MegaMan! And we'll be in the Wave World to boot.

Geo: Don't worry I haven't forgotten that!

Mega: OK, but I want to remind you a few things all the same. Remember you can only see waveholes with your Visualizer got it?

Geo: I haven't forgot that either, thanks though...

Mega: Let's go!

Geo then heads over to where the wavehole was and stands directly on top of it.

Unfortunately for him, Zak was following him.

Zak: (From behind where Geo was standing.) Geo...?

Geo: (Holding his SC in front of him) EM Wave Change! Geo Stellar! On! The! AIR!

The next thing Zak knew, Geo was gone! Just... POOF Gone!

Zak: What the...? Geo? (Zak then walks to where his new friend once was and looks to see his Visualizer on the ground.) What kind of shades are these?

He picks them up... and puts them on!

Zak: Whoa!

Zak was seeing several roadways in the sky an well as several creatures on it and on the ground.

Zak: What the-!? Is... this.. the Wave World dad told me about? (Zak then looks toward the park to see an unusual EM body) Who is that? (Zak then goes as close to the park as he can and gets a closer look at the person.)

He was wearing some sort of navy blue getup that had some odd-looking features. He was wearing these sky blue, metallic boots that went up to his knees, metallic shoulder pads that wear of the same color, a helmet that had some kind of insignia on the forehead area right above the visor on his eyes. The weirdest feature was his hands his left hand had a gauntlet that went up almost to his elbow, but the other-one had this weird head-like structure on it. It's forehead had the same odd symbol that was on the kid's head. And there was a weird green energy homing out of the behind it. Then Zak saw a shooting star shaped badge on his getup... then... it clicked...


Zak: (To himself) Geo!? How is that possible?! (He then follows Geo to... … the park. Zak just had to grit his teeth and resist the noise.)

Mega: OK, let's go!

Geo/MegaMan: Yeah! (he walks up toward the viruses but then stops) Hold up a sec. It's been a while since I fought off any, virus attacks. … … I should probably sit this one out.

Mega: Aw, c'mon kid! I'm all pumped up for this fight. (It's true; Geo's body felt like it could start moving on it's own) And we are going, even if I have to drag you!

Geo: OK, OK. Just give me a sec to get to my senses… … … … Alright, here we go. Wave Battle! Ride On!

Zak was able to watch the whole thing from a safe distance.

(I'm not good with the play by play when it comes to fights, so please, bear with me!)

The three viruses were called Mettenas. They were common, weak, but armed with pickaxes. The first one leaped into the air with its pickaxe aiming it at MegaMan. However MegaMan seemed to have it covered.

Geo/MegaMan: Mega Buster! Charge! (The green energy came out from behind the head and went into the mouth of the head-like hand and into its "mouth," leaving a green orb of EM Energy there.)Fire!

The Green orb was shot out at the Virus. It was able to deal enough damage to take out the virus, which then disappeared in a swirl of transparent data.

The Second Virus was hitting it's pickaxe at the ground... the pickaxe was emitting a blast of pressurized air at MegaMan. The superhero, so to speak, was able to dodge it with ease. He then took out a card.

MegaMan: Engage! Blade mode: Basic Sword!

Then MegaMan's "hand" became some kind of energy sword. He took a swing at the virus. It was a hit! The Virus Was Deleted!

Zak: Whoa... cool.

MegaMan: one more to go!

The third was making it special Air Blasts rapidly... and in frustration too. MegaMan was barely able to dodge all of them, but he did.

MegaMan: Mega Buster! Air Spread mode! (The "hand" Went Back to normal) but instead of green energy it was emitting cyan energy. He took a shot at the last virus... and fired.)

Direct Hit! Virus Busting complete!

Then, the noise the Advert Ship was emitting began to fade away, as if it never happened.

MegaMan: That takes care of all of them!

Mega: (It was a little bit of a shock for Zak to see the odd hand emit a voice and talked to MegaMan through it.) Aah! It feels good to flex the old muscles again.

MegaMan: Geez... you seem to be forgetting whose muscles you're flexing.

Mega: What's wrong kid? I'm trying to pay you a compliment here.

MegaMan: I don't really need a compliment for fighting. If I had my way, I'd try to avoid any fighting. That just seems better to me...

Mega: Hmph! You still don't get it, do you kid? Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore; the noise is gone. Pulse out and see if everything's okay.

MegaMan: Alright I'll just pulse out where I pulsed in... (Geo headed back to the wavehole, but so was Zak.)

Zak just needed more answers to this. He managed to catch up to Geo, or rather MegaMan.

The Geo closed his eyes as he pulsed out... and wished they stayed closed; when he opened them again, he saw Zak... wearing his Visualizer.

Geo: (in pure shock at its fullest) uhh...

Zak: (With a wide smirk on his face) I. Saw. Everything… … … … …

Chapter End … … … … … REVIEW!