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Chapter 4: No Happy Ending for You

As Haruhi sat in the back of the car the twins had sent for her, her mind began racing about all the horrible things that could have happened to the youngest Hitachiin, Kaoru.

Hikaru said that Kaoru is severely injured and was bleeding non-stop, so he wanted me to get there as soon as possible to help treat him, but why didn't they just go to the hospital? The nurses there could, no doubt, help Kaoru way better than I can, considering they're rich bastards. Kyouya also has a bunch of private hospitals, so they should've called him instead! Hikaru didn't even tell me why Kaoru was injured! Haruhi thought, confused and annoyed.

The car stopped in front of the Hitachiin residence and before Haruhi could open the car door herself, the chaffeur had opened it for her. Haruhi bowed her thanks, before walking up to the main entrance of the Hitachiins' and rang the doorbell. "Hikaru? It's Haruhi," she called out.

In an instant, Hikaru had opened the door and stared down at the brunette for a moment, before becoming all panicky.

Of course, Haruhi could see through his act and instantly knew that he was faking it.

"Hikaru, you can't fool me," she declared, pulling on his cheeks, making him yelp. "I thought Kaoru was injured? Where is he?"

Hikaru got a bit irritated when Haruhi asked for his brother so quickly, until he remembered that he had told her Kaoru was severely injured. He was about to respond, saying that Kaoru was at a hospital now, resting peacefully, until said brother was calling out to them on top of one of the staircases.

"Haruhi? Hikaru, what is Haruhi doing here?" Kaoru asked, walking down the stairs, looking perfectly fine.

"K-Kaoru! I thought you took some sleeping pills because you wanted to get a good night's sleep! What are you doing up?!" Hikaru exclaimed, knowing he was busted.

"I decided at the last second that I didn't want to take one anymore. Hikaru, did you want me to take the sleeping pill just so you could call up Haruhi and goof off with her while I was sleeping? Why would you do that to me?" Kaoru said, getting a bit angry, clenching the fists that were at his sides.

It was Hikaru's turned to be pissed off now, hurt that his brother could assume something like that of him. "What the hell are you talking about?! Do you not trust me like I thought you did?! How could you think so lowly of me?!" he snapped back, angering his brother even more.

"What other reason would you have to invite Haruhi here while I was sleeping? The only reason I can think of right now is to mess around with her! Don't you understand?!" Kaoru yelled even louder, walking up to Hikaru to glare at him.

It was then that Hikaru backed down, his head bowed, and his bangs covering his eyes. He turned to Haruhi, who was in a silent daze at what had just transpired.

"Haruhi, I think you should go now," he whispered quietly.

Haruhi stared at them for a moment before narrowing her eyes and bonking the two on the head, forming two large lumps at where she had just hit them.

"Ow! What the heck was that for, Haruhi?!" Hikaru yelled, rubbing his head, Kaoru doing the same.

"Do you two honestly think that I would run away at a time like this? Seriously," Haruhi sighed, rubbing her temples to try and avoid the oncoming headache. "You guys are just too much sometimes."

Both brothers stared at the short-haired brunette before them, before cracking large grins and ruffling Haruhi's hair, laughing whole-heartedly. "You really know how to cheer people up, huh?" Kaoru laughed, still smiling.

Haruhi looked at them oddly before smiling a little herself, relieved that the two had somewhat calmed down; that is, until she remembered something.

"Um, Hikaru, didn't you say you were going to call Tamaki-senpai? You… didn't call him, did you? And you knew we were having dinner together, huh?"

Hikaru froze.

Kaoru didn't miss stiff stance of his older brother at the mention of the idiot blonde's name. Hikaru's eyes were narrowed, his fists clenched at his sides. That's when he remembered something.

~Earlier that day~

Tsumi wa kami ga boku wo~

Utsukushiku tsukutta koto-~

"Ugghh… Yes? What is it, Tono?" a half-asleep Kaoru asked into the receiver groggily, Hikaru slowly trying to sit up from his spot next to him.

"Kaoru! You answered! No one would answer my phone calls! Thank goodness you picked up! This is really important, you see!" Tamaki yelled loudly into to device, making Kaoru flinch.

Hikaru sighed and was about to tell his brother to hang up the phone until Tamaki continued frantically.

"Haruhi and I are going out to eat tonight, and I'm planning on telling her that my feelings for her aren't very fatherly!"

"Okay, cool. Now why are you telling us this?" Kaoru yawned, and Hikaru glared at him before snatching the phone away from him. Kaoru immediately fell back onto the thin sheets, trying to fall asleep once again.

"What do you mean why, Kaoru?! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!" Tamaki screamed, almost ripping his hair out.

"Ow! That hurt, damnit! And what the hell do you mean by, 'I'm planning on telling her that my recent feelings about her aren't very fatherly'?" he yelled into the phone angrily, his hands shaking.

"Yes! That's just exactly it! But I don't know what to wear!" Tamaki wailed helplessly. Hikaru could hear the loud noises of ruffling and thumping on the other end of the line.

Hikaru tried his hardest not to crush the phone into a million pieces as he tried to calm down. "What time are you guys going to start the dinner?" he tried to ask calmly into the phone without any venom or malice in his voice.

"Seven fifteen, Hikaru! NOW TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD WEA-" Hikaru had enough. He hung up the phone and smirked.

"I'm sorry, Tono, but you aren't going to get a happy ending that easily. I'm in love with Haruhi too and I'm willing to fight for her, whether you like it or not," he grinned evilly.

Unbeknownst to Hikaru, Kaoru had heard his little speech.


"Um… No… I didn't call him, actually," Hikaru replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, trying to look at anything but his brother and Haruhi.

Haruhi growled. "So you're telling me that you knew Tamaki-senpai and I were having dinner, yet you called me over here just for a little prank? Seriously, Hikaru? I can't believe the nerve of you!" she scolded, glaring at him.


"Forget it. I'm going to leave now. Bye," Haruhi said, already out the huge twin doors. The doors were slowly coming to a close and the twins stared at it, dumbstruck as the door slammed shut loudly.

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