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Chapter 5: Bella's P.O.V.

As we sat down in the living room, I took a look around. The living room was very open and grand. There's aren't many internal walls, I thought to myself. If you go to the left there is a central staircase,I saw to the right a grand piano. Then a dining room and a kitchen.

"So Marie, how do you know Carlisle? You never told us you knew him." Emmett said, pulling Rose along to the love seat. Everyone's eye's on me; just waiting for me to answer.

"I'll wait till Carlisle comes home, then I will tell how I know him." I said. I don't want to answer the same questions over again. No need for that now.

"Maire, how long are you staying in town?" Rose asked.

"Don't worry girl, I'm staying till the wind takes me elsewhere." I answered.

"So, darling how do you know Rose and Emmett?" Asked Jasper Whitlock/Hale, also known as Major and the God of War.

"Well Major, I was their wedding planner in 1935. They could tell I wasn't human. Cause of my still heart and what not. We've been the best of friends ever since ." I said, with my accent coming out thick.

I didn't think Jasper's eyes could have gotten any bigger, but they did. My smirk got bigger and bigger. Noticing what he has on for the first time made my mouth water. A tight fitting t-shirt that said, "I heart cowgirls" with dark jeans,and cowboy boots. His honey, blond hair getting in his eyes every now and then. He really is hot. I haven't really focused on guys, cause i'm too busy looking for my dad. Now my brain's saying, what now?

"But your heart is beating! How is it possible that your still alive? What are you? I can't read your mind!" Edward said with a scowl on his face. Like the rest of them has the supernatural beauty. He has the same eye color, but with copper colored hair; it looks like a penny. Everyone's eyes were on me, except Rose and Emmett.

"I'm a supernatural being and that's all you need to know for right now." I asked everyone as honestly as I could.

"Maire would you like a tour of the house, while we're waiting for Carlisle to get home?" Asked Esme. I wonder if my mom would have been as caring as her. Also if my mom would have looked like her too. The heart shaped face, and the kind eyes.

"Yes I would like that very much." She nodded her head for me to follow her and I did. Turning back to her kids she said, "Would you guys mind going to the stare and getting a few things." They nodded their heads and left; leaving me and Esme alone in this big, huge house.

If I thought the outside was beautiful, then I don't know the meaning of the world beautiful. She showed me the kitchen, the second floor; which includes Rose and Emmett's room. Then at the end of the hall is Jasper's room and his study room. Moving around the central stairs clockwise is the third floor; which is where Edward and Alice's room is. Next to Carlisle's office, her study and Carlisle's personal library. At the top of the floor is her and Carlisle's room. Then my eyes found two doors across from their room.

"Whose rooms are these?" She giggled, "It's your sister and your room." She said.

"Sweetheart you can put down your shield. I have a pretty good idea how you are. Your Isabella Marie Cullen aren't you?" Well the cat's out of the bag now. I could feel my shield coming down and my hair turning blond and my eyes turning blue.

"You look just like your father. He has never forgotten you, Bella, or your sister. His going to be so happy that you're here. He had me build these rooms just in case you and Amy were alive. The only ones who knew are me, Edward and maybe Alice. I take it you haven't told Rose and Emmett who you really are." Esme said.

"No." I whispered, knowing she could hear me.

"And now they're going to hate me cause I didn't tell them." Sinking down to the floor crying like a baby. Just then two cold, strong arms pick me up like I weighed nothing.

"Shh, shh sweetheart it's ok. They will understand. I know they will." Just then we heard a car pulling into the driveway. I got up and wiped the tears off the chaos that walked through the door.

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