A/N: Short story one-shot. Fiona has bad dreams and Van is there to comfort her.

Bad Dreams – Zoids Fic

Ever since Van had awakened her from that pod, Fiona had had the most horrid nightmares. Flashbacks of memories from her past plagued her nightly, and she would often wake up in a cold sweat. Now that Van had joined the Guardian Force to make something of himself, she found herself more and more alone at night, wishing she had his familiar strong arms to wrap around her and protect her.

The latest dream had started out like every other dream. She had been running from the DeathSaurer as the zoid fired its charged particle beam at the buildings around it, forcing Fiona to listen to the agonizing screams of the innocent victims, whose lives were being taken by the destruction of the monster. As she ran, she could hear the great beast gaining on her, mocking her, enjoying in the way her body shook with fear and terror. Van wasn't around to save her. Neither were any of her friends. It was just Fiona all alone…again. She felt the tears sliding down her face as she had ran. As she had fallen to her knees, Fiona had looked behind her and let out a scream as the zoid fired its charged particle beam at her.

Fiona had woken up shaking and crying. Hugging her knees to her chest, she had sobbed against her knees. She was still alive and the Death Saurer hadn't killed her. She was still alive.

Suddenly, Fiona felt a pair of familiar and strong arms wrap around her and pull her to his chest. Fiona didn't even look up to see who it was; she knew his smell…his touch…his gentleness. Instead she crawled into his lap, lowered her body against his, and cried into his chest.

She didn't even need to ask how he had known that she would be in the cockpit of their Liger, waiting for him to finish training. She didn't need to ask why he had gone out of his way to check on her and make sure she was okay in the middle of the night. There was a silent understanding between them.

He didn't scold her. He didn't yell at her or mock her for being so weak over a nightmare. How could he? He had his fair share of nightmares, too. Only his were of a different scary ending. Looking down at her, he smiled to himself. He loved her. He just held her and stroked her back and head gently, whispering soothing words to her occasionally. He held her until she drifted off to a gentle sleep, and even after she was dreaming peacefully, he didn't let go. He just smiled down at her, and held her close to him as he began to hum quietly, making him fall asleep as well after a long day of endless training.

Sure he was a member of the Guardian Force, and even though the job did keep him away from her, when he did have time to spare – or when he forcefully made time – it was devoted to the love of his life…especially when she needed him.